[Lost Magic] Why is the game so slow?

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Just started a new game and reached the first fight with someone at a bar. I didn’t really see him during the fight because it loaded so slow, that I closed the browser (Firefox, up-to-date) and launched it again. Now I’m obviously at a screen after the fight, because the girl told me to get my reward, though 3-5 minutes have passed the full screen hasn’t loaded yet. It’s a nightmare to play, no one can play like this. Other games work fine ATM, so it’s not my internet connection.

I have restarted numerous times now – it doesn’t help.

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Out of my own experience, this game (and a few others too btw) tends to have a little trouble sometimes when using firefox caused by the way firefox handles it’s flash-plugincontainer.
I switched to GoogleChrome, and now no more problem loading or reconnecting.