[Dragon's Call] Xmas 2nd Super Spree - Making Christmas wishes

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Event Duration:

(EST time)December 16th 00:01AM –December 26th 11:59PM

How to enter:

Reply for this post

Event Content:

When the event begins, our officials will provide a list of Christmas gifts for players to choose from. After selecting one special gift, post the gift on this thread and Santa Claus will choose 10 luck players and reward them with their dream gifts.
When the event ends, Santa Claus will reply to the lucky players’ posts and say: Congratulations! Your dream has come true!!!Make sure if you post on this thread to watch it to see if you won!

h4.Event Rules:

You can make only 1 wish each post with 2 gifts in it.

For example, you can give a wish with 2 gifts like:

I want A and B
I hope my dream will come true.

Each account can make several wishes in different posts. However, only one wish will be selected to be given the gifts.

3. Posts unrelated to this event will be deleted.

4. DC team reserves the right to final interpretation of all event rules and rewards.

Christmas Gifts as following:

VIP 5 Day
Exp Blessing
3 hours
Instance times *3
Lustrous Lucy Gem *1