[Dragon's Call] Xmas 4th Super Spree-The Gift from Santa Claus

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o-ho-ho-ho, it’s the festive month. This Christmas, get ready for some awesome bouts of speed-leveling, for we’re holding a hot favorite event to thank the DC players for your unwavering support.

Event Time: (EST time) Dec 19th 21:00PM – Dec 25th 21:00 PM, 2012
(GMT+8) Dec 20th 10:00AM – Dec 26th 10:00 AM, 2012

Event Server: All Servers

I. The Gift from Santa Claus

During the event time, all of you will receive EXTRA 30% exp after every combat. Plus blessed by Goddes of War, VIP bonus Exp and Exp Blessing buy from Gift page, players online can expect a generous boost to their EXP.

II. Xmas Package

a) Xmas Exp Blessing Package

1-Day VIP and 4-hours ExpBlessing included.
List Price: 47 DG
Price: 30 DG

b) Xmas Crystal Package

Energy Crystal *60
VIP * 1 day
List Price: 67 DG
Price: 47DG

Note: Auto-fight won’t have extra EXP.