[WarMage Battlegrounds] Release Notes for 1.13 (locked)

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Burst is excited to announce its latest update to WarMage Battlegrounds. Highlights include Daily Free Trials, new Battle Units, Valreth’s Keep, and more!

New Features & Content

  • New Feature: Daily Free Trials are now available! Every 24 hours, a different set of three Battle Units and one Spell become available as free trials in the Store. Click on the Store icon and select the Daily Free Trial tab. Rent each of the Battle Units and the Spell for FREE and be sure to add them to your battle configurations. Free trials expire 24 hours after rental. Daily Free Trials update each night at 12AM Eastern/9PM Pacific.
  • New Battleground: Rumors have spread that the Evil WarMage, Valreth, has locked himself in his Keep in Noralan. Venture there, if you dare, and destroy Valreth’s Keep!
  • New Battle Unit: The Human Earthmage, summoner of the Stone Golem, is now available in the Store.
  • New Enemy: Wyvern Riders have been encountered fighting alongside the Orc and other Goblins.
  • New Spell: Summon Wyvern Rider is now available in the Store.
  • New Artifact Type: Two blue slots have been added to the WarMage Information Panel. Artifacts equipped in these slots have a chance of providing their benefit each turn.
  • New Artifact: The Legendary Ring of Flame has been added to the Store and loot drops. This legendary ring has a chance each turn of providing a 50% Fire Magic boost and a 200% increase in Fire Magic damage against Demons.

Store Updates

  • Daily Rentals have been replaced with the new Daily Free Trials feature.
  • Ephemeral Artifacts have been removed from the Store and are available via loot rewards only.

Battleground Updates

  • see next post for a complete list Battleground updates

Battle Unit Updates

  • It is now possible for friendly units to cross hexes containing Faery.
  • Demon: Abaddon now has unique art.
  • Human: Warrior Sword Strike now does 10-30 damage and earned 5-10 morale. Warrior Exceptional Sword Strike costs 36 morale and does 85-110 damage.
  • Undead: Bowmancer, Cremator, Decayed, Graveborn, Shambler, and Skullcrusher now all have unique art.

Spell Updates

  • Purify Air is now 90 mana, up from 60.
  • All spells now have individual casting audio.

Other Updates

  • In-Game Leaderboards have been updated to provide additional options. Leaderboards on the website will be update in a future release.
  • Morale changes are now indicated in the Combat Log Details.
  • Morale changes are visually displayed as floating hex that enters/leaves the morale counter.
  • Morale is no longer a 1:1 ratio.
  • Ephemeral Loot Artifacts are now stackable.
  • The health and positive/negative effect display (HUD) on Battle Units and Structures has been updated.
  • The hex of the unit whose turn it is now lights up.
  • Improved display of hex tooltips and examine window.
  • Filters and search options have been added for Achievements and Bounties.
  • Improved Combat Log Details for Lifesteal abilities.
  • Ignoring players no longer prevents you from facing them in Ranked Battles however you will not be able to see their chat. You will not be matched with players on your Ignore List for unranked play.


  • The Demoralize debuff from Undead Battle Units is now properly listed as a negative effect instead of a positive effect.
  • Meteor Strike now has the correct description in the Store.
  • Rare Air Magic Pendant is now properly listed as having a 10% bonus.
  • Legendary Dwarf Shield Artifact is now properly listed as benefiting Dwarves.
  • The Create Portal spell should now be stable.
  • Fixed an issue with WarMages not being marked as in Lobby when a ranked match ends during Placement phase.
  • Fixed a bug with Survival providing credit for an additional wave completed on surrender.
  • Fixed a minor display error with the Ranked Battle Queue.
  • The Battle Configuration Selection window now properly positions in smaller browser window sizes.
  • Fixed a bug with the Lifesteal ability healing incorrect amounts.
  • The Combat Log Details for knockback abilities that hit multiple targets now correctly states that the knockback applied only to those that were actually moved.
  • Units with teleport movement now face in the direction they are teleporting.
  • Hex Effects that are on a battleground by default, such as Blizzard, will no longer cause the game to seemingly break when players or AI WarMages attempt to move into them.
  • Hex Effects that are suppose to clear when activated, such as the Dwarf Miner’s traps, no longer remove themselves if a unit crosses their hex without activating it.
  • Flying units now correctly activate hex effects they would otherwise ignore if they land on them.
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Battleground Updates

Battleground Mode

  • Daily Bounties for destroying Valreth’s Keep have been added for Difficult and Extreme.
  • Achievements for destroying Valreth’s Keep have been added for Easy, Standard, Difficult, and Extreme.
  • An Achievement has been added for defeating Valreth as an AI WarMage in an unranked battle for the first time.
  • Johnstown Creek, Julia’s Mill, and Mukalian Island are now available for 2-player (1v1) battles.
  • Middle Pools, a new battleground, is now the default battleground selected when choosing CREATE BATTLE.
  • Callion, Luksaw, and Taragon are now available for 4-player (2v2) battles.
  • Fuget, a 4-player Cut-Throat (1v1v1v1) battleground, is now available.
  • New Tristin and Orchard, two new 3-player Cut Throat (1v1v1) battlegrounds, are now available.

Defend Mode

  • Easy and Standard Defend now have Daily Bounties.
  • It is now possible to discover loot rewards in Standard Defend mode.

Explore Mode

  • Easy and Standard Explore now have Daily Bounties.
  • It is now possible to discover loot rewards in Standard Explore mode.