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When your character reaches Level 20, the “Souls” button will unlock on your Hot Key Bar, allowing you to access the Soul System.

You must spend a required sum of Coins to draw Souls.
Souls may be equipped to greatly boost your abilities and attributes. You will find it easier to defeat powerful monsters and fearsome Bosses with the help of Souls. They can also give you the edge in the Arena where you fight for honor and prizes.

a. Basics of Equipping Souls
Click and drag Souls from the right panel and drop them into opened slots on the left panel. Doing so equips the Soul and grants you the benefits stated in the Soul’s description.

Basics of Leveling Souls
In order to increase the Level of a Soul, select a Soul from the right panel that you wish to convert into EXP, and drag it to the Soul that you wish to level. A message will pop out indicating the amount of EXP the Soul will receive. The message will read “[XXX] received YYY Experience”. Click “Confirm” and the dragged Soul will be consumed by the target Soul as EXP. Click “Cancel” to cancel this action.

c. “Binding” Souls
At the top of the interface, there is a “Lock” button. Click this button to change the cursor. Clicking any Souls on the right panel while the cursor is like this will Lock or Unlock a Soul when you click on it. Locked Souls cannot be converted into EXP for other Souls.
d. “Fusing” Souls
“Fusion” allows you to convert multiple Souls into EXP for a single Soul.
Drag the Soul you wish to level into the slot left of the “Fuse” button. Click “Fuse” and all the Unlocked Souls in your collection will be converted into EXP for the Soul you selected.
Important Reminder: Fusion cannot be reversed. If there are Souls you don’t want to lose, it is best that you Lock them to avoid accidentally converting them into EXP.

e. Collected Soul Storage
There are a total of 20 slots on the right panel for you to store your collected Souls. 5 of the 20 slots are opened by default. The remaining 15 are locked. The more slots you unlock, the more convenient it will be for you to manage your Souls.

f. Opening Slots for Soul Storage
Click the Locked slot you wish to open and a message will pop up. Click “Confirm” to accept the condition and the slot will be opened for use.
To open multiple slots at once, click the Locked slot at the end to get the option to open all of them. Click “Confirm” to open them for use.


a) Identifying the quality of Souls based on their color.
The names of the Souls indicate its properties but they also possess different degrees of power. You can tell how powerful a Soul is by its color. The colors available in ascending order are: Grey, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Red.

b) The different degrees of Soul Quality and their properties.
Grey: Cannot be equipped. Can only be sold.
Green: Can be equipped. Can absorb other Souls to increase in Level. Can also be sold.
Blue: Can be equipped. Can absorb other Souls to increase in Level. Can also be sold.
Purple: Can be equipped. Can absorb other Souls to increase in Level. Can also be sold.
Orange: Can be equipped. Can absorb other Souls to increase in Level. Can also be sold.
Red: Cannot be equipped. Can only be converted into Experience to be absorbed by other Souls or sold.

c) How much experience Souls are worth
Newly drawn Souls start out at Level 1.
Below is the amount of Soul Experience they are worth absorbed by other Souls.
Green: 20 Experience
Blue: 40 Experience
Purple: 80 Experience
Orange: 200 Experience
Red: 500 Experience

a. Names of Souls in each Color Type
[Grey]: Jinxed, Cursed, Wretched, Restless, Defeated, Damned
[Green]: ATK, MATK, Max HP, Max MP, HEAL
[Purple]: ATK, DEF, MATK, MDEF, Max HP, Max MP, HP Regen, MP Regen, CRIT%, HIT, EVA, CRIT DMG, DMG RED, HEAL
[Orange]: ATK, DEF, MATK, MDEF, Max HP, Max MP, HP Regen, MP Regen, CRIT%, HIT, EVA, CRIT DMG, DMG RED, HEAL
[Red]: EXP

Types of Souls and their Effects
The highest Level for Souls is Level 10. How much of a boost the Souls will grant depends on their Quality and Levels. The greater the Quality and Level the more significant the effect.
ATK: Increases your Physical Attack.
DEF: Increases your Physical Defense.
MATK: Increases your Magic Attack.
MDEF: Increases your Magic Defense.
Max HP: Increases your Hit Points.
MAX MP: Increases your Magic Points.
HP Regen: Increases your HP Regeneration.
MP Regen: Increases your MP Regeneration.
CRIT%: Increases your Critical Rate.
EXP: Increases Soul Experience by 500.
HIT: Increases your Hit Rate.
EVA: Increases your Evasion.
CRIT DMG: Increases your Critical Damage.
DMG RED: Reduces the damage you receive.
HEAL: Increases the effectiveness of recovery effects you receive. (HP Elixir is not affected)

c. Slots for equipping Souls
You can equip up to a maximum of 8 Souls. The slots are opened for use at the following Levels.
1st Slot: Level 20
2nd Slot: Level 30
3rd Slot: Level 50
4th Slot: Level 70

a) Soul Drawing Interface
You can access this menu by pressing “E”. You can draw new Souls to use on this interface.

Above: Soul Drawing Interface

b) Basics of Drawing Souls
At the bottom of the interface are five circular buttons, each representing a different stage. Click on any highlighted circle to draw a Soul.

*Reminder: Each time you draw a Soul, there is a random chance to unlock the next stage. There is also a random chance you might be sent all the way back to the first stage on the left end.

c) The different qualities of Souls you can draw from the 5 stages.
Stage: The quality of Souls you can draw from this stage.
Stage 1: Grey, Green
Stage 2: Grey, Green, Blue
Stage 3: Grey, Green, Blue
Stage 4: Green, Blue, Purple
Stage 5: Blue, Purple, Orange, Red

d) Cost of drawing a Soul from each stage
Stage: The amount of coins it costs to draw a Soul from this Stage
Stage 1: 5,000 Coins
Stage 2: 7,000 Coins
Stage 3: 10,000 Coins
Stage 4: 15,000 Coins
Stage 5: 20,000 Coins

e) Auto-Functions: Draw Max, Collect All, and Sell All
There are three functions you can use while drawing Souls to speed up the process, making it more convenient for you to use this system. Each auto-function is designed to simplify drawing of Souls, especially if you intend to draw a lot of them at one go.

A. Draw Max
Once you reach Level 35, the Draw Max auto-function is unlocked. Click this button on the interface to automatically begin drawing as many Souls as your current Coin supply allows. This will save you the hassle of repeatedly clicking on the various drawing stages.
*Reminder! Keep an eye on the Coins you have left while this is going on.
*Please note: This auto-function will stop once you unlock the 5th stage. You get to enjoy the thrill of drawing the most powerful Souls for yourself!

B. Collect All
Click this to collect all usable Souls you have drawn into the Soul Storage interface where you can equip your Souls.
*Please note: Grey Souls cannot be equipped and therefore, cannot be collected.
*Remember! If you are unable to collect any more Souls, check your Soup Storage interface to see if you still have empty slots available to contain the Souls. Make room for more if there’s none left and use this auto-function again.

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a question, the heal soul work for the knight skill “charge”? 55-60 you can use a runestone and the skill say it heal 10%.. if i use the lvl5 purple heal soul (other 10%) the skill gona heal me the 20%? or it doesnt work? thx for the info :)

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For the heal soul it can only be used by Priests. For example,
if a priest heals you 1000 HP, then you have a heal soul that gives 10%,
then you will get 1100 HP from the priest.

I hope this answers your question. Just post any additional questions you have
and we will gladly respond to it.

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I’m not seeing this effect for the heal soul. I’m a priest and i heal myself with soul and without. there is no difference that i can tell. Or is it that as a priest you are just SOL?

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I’m sorry to hear that. It would be better if you can submit a screenshot
and send a report at help.wings.kg@igg.com.

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The heal soul affects how much you get healed by effects other that potions. With a heal soul equipped I heal myself for 4900, but I only heal my pet for 4500, if I remove the soul, my pet and my own heals are 4500.