[Odin Quest] What's the update on Dec 18th PST

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What’s the update?
1. Christmas Event Season 1 launches!
a) Firework will drop in Dungeon by chance
b) Christmas Twisted Egg will drop in Dungeon by chance
c) Bountiful Rewards will be sent to players who login for the first time
d) Santa Claus will appear in Frozen Forest on the hour.
e) Reindeer Race will be released
f) Medgate will be decorated with Christmas items
2. Monsters Attack will open
3. Treasure Hunting Rank VI will be listed

Dear players,

The maintenance will be performed Dec 18th, 2012 PST. If in the case that the maintenance has not been finished on time, the opening of the servers would be delayed. It is advised that players should be aware of the official game time of the maintenance, and if possible inform others on this matter, to prevent unnecessary loss of data in game. Odin Quest would like to thank all players for their continuous support and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this matter.

1:00 – 3:00 on Dec 18th, 2012 PST

Thank you!

Odin Quest Team

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Just as an FYI, your “Monster Attack” event is absolute f-en retarded.

Anyone who can’t make the event is basically screwed for the PetComp. All the money that we’ve spent on upgrading our pets so that we stand a chance if flushed down the drain because you limit the event to a specific server time.