[Chronicles of Blood] December 18th – Bloodred week I has begun!

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Children of the night,

Bloodred Week I has begin. You can now travel to the new limited portal region Silverlight Lake and check out what is going on there. You will encounter new enemies there and maybe will be able to snatch a few pieces of loot from them. The items that drop there will increase your physical setup.

PvP: As usual you will get double VP for the duration of BRW1. Check out the Battlemaster’s for the new „Death wardstone“.

Presents: You can expect to receive a few presents on December 24th.

New proc: We know that a lot of players are frustrated to be „deathtouched“ in PvP. „Invincible“ has a chance to negate all „deathtouch“ and similar effects such as „shatter“ and whatever may come in the future.

Buff all: Facebook players can now buff all their guild mates with one click.

Donations: As usual you will receive +10% more Blood Diamonds on your donations. There is a new squirrel included in all packages, the „Soul slasher“.
We offer special deals on the powerful servants „Warlock“ and „Vampire lover“.

New items:
Donators also may look at three new items: „Ace of spades“ and „Joker cards“ as well as an awesome coffin called „Regeneration chamber“.

2013: A lot, beginning with R11 in hopefully late January. Then we still have body modifications, titles, and a crazy idea about a raid team of 4 vampires. We will also release CoB on the platform Friendster.

Merry Xmas and a happy 2013!