[Odin Quest] Christmas Events

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1,Challenge Dungeons for Special Items to Obtain Bountiful Exp
Now it’s the best time to obtain Exp item and upgrade you characters.

1. During the event, player can challenge all dungeons and defeat all kinds of monsters to obtain special items of Mini Firework or Color Firework by chance, and purchase discounted Dragon Firework in Shop from 12:00 to 23:59 per day. By using these special items, players will obtain bountiful Exp.
2. Except for scenes of dungeons, test and Buffet, players of lv25 or higher can use these special items to obtain great deal of Exp.
3. Players can obtain Exp bonus when you are in the scene in which other players are using these Fireworks.
4. Each player can only use 20 Fireworks to obtain Exp and obtain Exp bonus from others’ using Fireworks per day.
5. Please note players can only obtain Exp by using these Fireworks during the event.

2, Claim Talisman from Santa Claus to Exchange for Awesome Rewards
Merry Christmas! Santa Claus will present gifts on Odin Quest. Claim enough items as soon as possible to exchange those bountiful rewards now!

1. Santa Claus will appear at random point in Lv 30 Frozen Forest at the hour per day and stay for 20 minutes;
2. Lv30 or higher players will claim 1 New Year Talisman after chatting to Santa Claus once. One player can only claim 8 ones per day.
3. After collecting enough Talismans, players can exchange with them for bountiful rewards.

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This event sucks.

Pretty sure the “emergency maintenance” lowered the drop rate for anything decent from the “Christmas Eggs” too. It’s Halloween minus the purple accessories. So…what’s the point? 2 days to get one level 4 stone, when the cashers get 60…yeah, that’s totally not broken or anything.

That is all.