[Odin Quest] Monster Attack

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Event Duration:
0:00 Dec 18 – 22:59 Dec 24, 2012 PST

Event Site:
All servers

Event Details:
Monster will attack your main city- Medgate? Are you strong enough to defeat those fury monsters which wanna destroy your city? Dare you challenge in MonsterAttack to show your strength and protect your shared home? Only the most powerful player can survive in Monster Attack and deserves the best rewards! Arm yourself and fight for your home now!

1. During the event, every 11:00 and 22:00 (server time), players can challenge by clicking button of Attack in the upper right corner of MI.
2. There are 12 waves of monsters in total and latter monsters will be harder to than those before. Boss will appear in every 3 waves of monsters on randomly in refresh points showed in picture below.
3. There are 3 levels of Monster Attack of Lv40-60, Lv60-Lv80 and Lv80+. The hard level is determined by current world level of players.
4. Players can leave the dungeon and join dungeon of other lines.
5. The whole dungeon will last for 15min.
6. Only lv40+ players can join Monster Attack and there is no time-limit of challenge.
7. Players can challenge the dungeon in Single mode and Team mode. Mount can be used in this dungeon also.
8. When HP of all Statues becomes 0, challenges are failed. Prompt of “Monsters conquer the city and challenge failed” will appear and players will leave the dungeon.
9. Items will drop after monsters and Boss have been defeated. All players can pick up items dropped from Monsters but items dropped from Boss can only be picked up by the one who gives the first attack to the BOSS.
10. Collect [I], [II], [III], [IV], [V], [VI], [VII] and [VIII] to exchange for special rewards or use that to obtain 1000 Char Exp.