[Castlot] [Activity] New Year Blessing, no World Ending

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Time flies so fast and here we are, welcoming a brand new year again. We are grateful to have you all here with us and sharing your happiness of becoming a brave, smart warrior in Castlot! We’d like to invite you to join us and share your New Year blessings, feelings, even new plans for 2013 on Facebook and on Kongregate. 5 Lucky players will be rewarded with

one EXP Fruit Card + 20 Magic Potions


Time: 21:00 Dec 18 ~ 21:00 Dec 23, 2012 (Server Time)

Server: All servers


1.Post your blessings, feelings, or new plans in this special thread on KGG, or post them on Castlot fan page on Facebook. DO NOT forget to provide your Server and in-game name.

2. Make your comments as eye-catching as possible. At the end of this event, 5 lucky players will be selected randomly and rewarded with one EXP Fruit card + 20 Magic Potion each.

3. Castlot Team reserves the right to interpret this event.

How to Post

1. Go to Facebook in HERE and post your comments.
2. Post your comments in this particular thread on Kongregate.
3. Be aware that Server and Nickname are required.
For example:
Server: S3
Nickname: XXX
Your blessings, feelings, or New Year resolutions: XXX


One EXP Fruit card for each eligible player (An EXP Fruit can add 1,000 EXP to a card.)

20 Magic Potions

Rewards Delivery

Rewards will be delivered to eligible players via in-game mails within 2 days after this event ends. Please check out the list of lucky players and remember to claim your rewards.

Castlot Team