[Galaxy Life] Galaxy Life version 0.71.10 Release Notes

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NEW GAME UPDATE! Few small but key changes to our favorite Galaxy!


  • Added target spotter in the main HUD.
  • Game performance greatly improved especially in Firefox.
  • “Coming soon” is not shown in training buildings anymore.


  • Wrong alliances logo on the war bar.
  • The ‘An ion storm…’ popup message wasn’t clear enough.
  • Doen’t increment two times the amount of an item in the inventory star.
  • Doomsday – Wind Golem didn’t make damage.
  • Some security fixes.
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did this latest update also involve updating the flash player? im running mac os 10.5.8 and cant use flash 11….. just wondering as i havent been able to properly load the game since this last update and it seems like other players are having the same problem….

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same problem
game can’t load
just white screen
wtf ???
& my friends say we are under attack !!!

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can’t load my game to

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mine worked but is a troll screen so yours are white,trollers hitjacek the screen and did not work,WINDOWS XP,7,8 AND VISTA REQUIRED!