[Iron Grip: Marauders] Game jam for a good cause

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Wake up, it’s your turn to help the babies of the world! As you’ve already seen on the blog, last weekend the ISOTX team did a 48 hour game jam and we made it! You can play Record Request here: http://seriousrequest.3fm.nl/game

The money we collect with this game goes to the Red Cross, which is fighting to lower the mortality rate of babies in this world. If you’ve got something to spare, please play our game and donate!
If you finish the game you automatically get the option to donate, but you can also donate from the main menu.

It was all Legolas’ idea. Every year 3FM, a Dutch public radio station, organizes 3FM Serious Request. Three DJs of the station lock themselves in a house made of glass to raise money for the Red Cross. For six days they go without food and only drink special smoothies. Inspired by the sacrifice the DJs make each year, Legolas wanted to do something as well. He decided on a 48 hour game and the radio station loved it!

Serious Request was first held in 2004 and inspired many similar initiatives all over the world.