[Miscrits] VI, something we want in Kong

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OK, so the Devs are planning to get VI in Kong… That’s extremely great news.
Most players here with high ranks 200+, like me are also discussing about this. And we want the Devs to know, that majority of us here in Kong, if ever we want VI to be another Area expansion. Not a different game like in FB.

Hoping for the Devs considerations.

Can we have some comments about this from the Devs?
Thanks a lot!

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Actually if would be like on FaceBack I’d say that the game would be more challenging. To just get there with the lvl 30 crits and start to bang everything would be kinda easy, isn’t it?
Well, sorry for posting my opinion here but since I am not one of those 200+ “like you” who discuss this subject….

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Some might agree with you, & you’re welcome for that opinion…
But is it really our destiny here in Kong that our Miscrit version is just the little shadow of the one in that social network? Unless your mindset is like that, then a “period” to that.

But if not, lets not stop hoping for a change & a difference, We’re in Kong not in that social network! We must have something different than their version. (Aside from the good chat community, cool & awesome players! A difference in gameplay…)

I’m sure a difference like that will make the game more challenging & fun!
As for the stronger Crits we have when we enter VI, the Devs can always power up the wilds there, a little stronger than those in the Sunfall Shores or can even have 2 or 3 spawns.

But then again, it’s up for the Devs, either way we love/like this game so we’ll still be here whatever they throw at us.
Just a suggestion, nothing more.

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Kong is not Facebook.
Kong’s Miscrits should not evolve as a Facebook’s Miscrits clone.

When I play on Kong, I do not seek for social stuffs. Fighting against other players in the arena is cool, I appreciate this interaction with other players, but I don’t want to have to recruit trainers in my friend, recruit new players, visit neighbors, etc…

VI should be an extension on Kong’s Miscrits, not a different game, I think almost everyone will agree.
And VI should offer some challenging battles, yes. With a good regenerating-while-hitting level 30 miscrits (like Tuskerfly), the game became annoying. That’s only fight, fight, fight, using the same miscrit, the same move, grrr.

So please, let us embark for Volcano Island, new miscrits to capture, and new challenges requiring more tactic!

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just an observation, but there are quite a few miscrits from Volcano Island and its areas ( i.e. Narlope from Monk’s Mountain) that are in the game in the mansion as well as prizes in the arena. I don’t think they would make a seperate game for volcano island, because some parts of Volcano Island are already here