[RichState] Build Your Snowman & Get Christmas Card!

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Event Duration: After the routine maintenance on Dec. 19, 2012 PST to Dec. 26, 2012 23:00 PST.

There are so many interesting things to do during Christmas, and building a snowman will surely leave a happy memory. Come on! Have fun with your friends!

1. During the event, you can get scores according to the Gold Value of Junior Exploration Ticket, Intermediate Exploration Ticket and Advanced Exploration Ticket used in Desert Exploration(1 Gold= 1 Point).

2. There is a score accumulation which sums up all the scores of every driver from the same server. Once the Server Accumulation reaches 15000, the snowman can be built up.

3. The driver, who has contributed the most, can enjoy the right to get double rewards during the CC Race, as well as all the members of the same guild, till the end of the event.

4. The driver that does the last contribution during the snowman building can receive a surprising Christmas gift: Intermediate Exploration Ticket x10.

5. After building the snowman, all the players of the server can get a Christmas Card and enjoy a privilege to get Double Store Points till the end of the event.

You can open the Christmas Card to get Diamond Contract x10, Store Ticket Gift Box x4, Superior Luxury Coupon x10, Junior Exploration Ticket x5.

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Richstate Team
December 20, 2012