[Backyard Monsters] Recruiting †‡† The Exalted Crusaders [TEC] †‡† Level 38+ (locked)

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  • No Trolling/Spamming. You will represent us, you will have bearing.

  • No Cheating! Hacking or use of Scripts is not tolerated.

  • We will help any of our members in need.

  • We will not attack our own members

  • We will treat everyone with respect. Have tact.

  • No double-posting

  • Violators of these rules will be delt with accordingly.

Must meet the following:

  • Level 38+ or recommended by a member (Other Req. still apply)
  • Active player (In game and forums)
  • Have a decent base for TH level
  • Always willing to improve
  • Work with other members, we are a team

If you find that you meet the requirements and still wish to join, copy and paste the application below and fill in the blanks.

Exalted Crusaders Application:

Current level:
Picture of Yard[Optional]:
Daily Activity[In hours]:
Status [Jumper, Empire Builder, MR1, or?]:
Alliance History/References/Other Information:

After you post your application on the forum, any members can use there allotted votes to vote yes or no to an applicant. These votes will be considered when a senior ranking member or leader accepts/rejects an applicant, if the votes do not exceed 20 for/against the applicant. However members ranked co-leader and above can refuse any member regardless of the number of positive votes they receive.

Using correct grammer, punctuation, spelling, and attitude look great and can tremendously help your application, and get you accepted. Alternatively, it can lower you’re chances significantly if you do not attain any of these qualities.

For Crusader Members ONLY. Billet application: [Note. Officer ranks and above do not rate any extra votes from billets. There rank already includes these requirements for the most part.]

Billet Requested:
Reason (Why do you want it?):
What have you done to earn it?:

Everyone can vote. You will rate more votes as you progress up through our alliance. You can be promoted to gain billets that entitle you to leadership roles in the alliance at earlier stages and ultimately can progress you through to higher tiers of our rankings.

Rankings List

Leader General (GEN) (12 Votes):

Has many responsibilities, from getting to know members, monitoring other alliance’s status, managing wars, keeping up with the BYM community and this thread. It is an administrative position that only the most active and dedicated players will achieve.

Co-Leader Major, Lt. Colonel, Colonel (MAJ, LTC, COL) (9-11 Votes):

Assists the leader and helps manage the alliance. Has access to most aspects of the administrative part of our alliance. Members in this position are very experienced players with a lot to offer younger members. They uphold leadership traits and keep a leaders mindset at all times.

Officer Lieutenant, Captain (LT, CPT) (7-8 Votes):

Officers are experienced players in the game. They are active on the forums and helpful to other members. Members in this position have the ability to vote on anything happening inside the alliance and are seen as model players outside of it.

Senior Crusader Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant (CPL, SGT, SSGT) (4-6 Votes):

These players are experienced members who have proven to be above what is expected of them as Members. They are active on the forums, have more voting ability and power, and helpful to the community outside of our alliance.

Crusaders Private First Class, Lance Corporal (PFC, LCPL) (2-3 Votes):

Standard rank for members that have been accepted into the alliance, are helpful, work well, and actively know what is going on in the alliance.

Jr. Crusader Private (PVT) (1 Vote):

A Member accepted under condition’s only meeting the minimum requirements. Must be willing to improve and accept constructive criticism. Members at this rank that are active generally are promoted quickly.

Waiting List Recruit (RCT):

A applicant that shows promise but doesn’t meet the requirements. Typically invited by a member to join the alliance. Held at this level till he/she meets the requirements.



Billet: job; position; appointment.

Our members who hold one of these additional jobs have more responsibilities in the alliance. Currently we only have 2 billets available for our members. Along with these extra responsibilities these members also gain more votes along with having a more prominent role in the alliance than casual members.

This addition was created to keep members that wish to be promoted involved with the alliance with a specific title or specialty that isn’t expected of them at lower ranks. A Billet can be held by any member that can meet the requirements of said billet.

(Officer and above rank do no rate more votes from a billet they acquire.)

Scribes (+1 Votes) SC

These members are part of a lower tier administrative position of the alliance. They are helpful to the Leader/Co-leaders more than anything.

  • Very active and monitors the Forums
  • Keeps track of Alliance events
  • Chatzy Administrator
  • Keeps track of Members on waiting list.
  • Always trying to Improve the alliance with ideas, events, creating new additions, and various other ways.

Crusader Vet (+2 Votes) CV

These members are experienced war fighters and can effectively dispatch large empires and could probably level an ultra with 19 tactically inserted pokeys (without hacking). Good source of information and considered veterans on attacking, defending, jumping, and yard design.

  • They are experienced Jumpers.
  • Very knowledgeable of BYM game-play/tactics.
  • Epic yard design.
  • Involved with the BYM community, forums, chatzy, public chat. Very Helpful members.
  • Just plain enjoy jumping and fighting!

Map Team Leader (+1 Votes) TL

These members are responsible for all our our allies and members in the same map as them. They are set as the Leader of our TEC controlled maps or settlements. It is there job to pass on information to there senior members and keep the map under our control.

  • Designated leader of a certain map.
  • Aware of known enemies or potential threats in there map.
  • Responsible for recruitment, member status, and dominating there TEC controlled map.
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GEN Kalashnikov (Level 51)(12 Votes)



CPT Kingblood97 (Level 56)(8 Votes)
LT Dreadfiend999 (Level 45)(7 Votes)

Senior Crusaders

SSGT gam3freakn1 (Level 45)(6 Votes)
SGT EpicWinner69 (Level 53)(5 Votes)
SGT Dlowden (Level 47)(5 Votes)
CPL Gogo1267896 (Level 46)(4 Votes)
CPL dfjashdfjkg (Level 46)(4 Votes)
CPL oblivion070 (Level 44)(4 Votes)
CPL kura666 (Level 44)(4 Votes)


LCPL Blayk3 (Level 42)(3 Votes)
PFC Edwardback (Level 41)(2 Votes)
PFC DEEMONMON (Level 42)(2 Votes)
PFC sivior00000 (Level 42)(2 Votes)
PFC fear16 (Level 39)(2 Votes)
PFC awesome22220 (Level 44)(2 Votes)
PFC ethanbobjack (Level 48)(2 Votes)
PFC Nanno_C /accounts/Nanno_C (Level 45)(2 Votes)
PFC Mooskoop (Level 41)(2 Votes)
PFC G3rry (Level 47)(2 Votes)
PFC ninjaboyAlex (Level 38)(2 Votes)
PFC thunderwarrior12 (Level 38)(2 Votes)

Jr. Crusaders

PVT chum111 (Level 33)(1 Vote)
PVT Crankdat  (Level 39)(1 Vote)
PVT firebend77 (Level 37)(1 Vote)
PVT zooq (Level 36)(1 Vote)
PVT Chained_Soul (level 35)(1 Vote)
PVT JessicaS58 (Level 35)(1 Vote)

Retired Crusaders

GEN JesusChryslr (Level 49)
PFC iamyurhusband (Level 47)(2 Votes)
PFC jedinkel11 (Level 49)(9 Votes)

Waiting List


Total Members: 26

Wait Listed: 0

Crusader Settlements

Maps that we own for our empire builders.

Settlement 1

Map Team Leader: Kalashnikov

  • Kalashnikov
  • JesusChryslr
  • Dreadfiend999
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The Dragon Knights TDK:

The Tartarus Revival TTR:

The Exorsus Gaming Group eXo:

At War!!

The Flames of Avarice! FOA:

Teutoburg Forest TF:

New Aether Union AU:

Current War(s)


Crusaders Hit List

We will show No Mercy.

  • Chocogamer, talked trash on the TDK forum, was beaten down again and again, then recycled.

\±/ Official Declaration of Peace! \±/

The Exalted Crusaders request (peace/to be allies/to be friends) with (Name)!

|¤| Official Declaration of War! |¤|

We will lay waste upon (Name). Brick and mortar will become rubble as we tear through your lands. We will leave nothing but the smell of scorched flesh and sheer terror in our wake. You will feel the wrath of the Exalted Crusaders!

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The Dragon Knights [TDK] For being supportive, giving creative advice, and being helpful that eventually lead to the alliance being created.

Spyder and eXorsus [eXo] For having created the How to Create a Successful alliance thread. It was extremely useful and proved to be very informative and helped in the process of creating this alliance.

Other Useful Info with links!

Yard Design:

New Base Design Index

The Defending Guide – Apprehension, Analysis, Application

Alliance Info:

Everything you need to know about an Alliance

Comprehensive Alliance Thread

Forum Information:

How to use this forum

Kongregate Forum Textile Formatting

Attacking Guides:

Ultimate Crusading Guide (Jumping)


General Information

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I wish you the best of luck with this, Kalash :) You definitely have what it takes to make this succeed.

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Yay! I finally get to post on the first page of an alliance that looks like it’s going to do well. I think JC was wrong about you not being able to lead, kalashnikov, but we shall see. Hope this does good. :)

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Im grateful for your confidence, It really means a lot. :)
I’d especially like to thank GreenBeret92: You caused me to realize that I was being an idiot, and you helped form me into what I am today. Thank you :)

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Resize the pictures. The scroll is annoying

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Originally posted by Spyder:

Resize the pictures. The scroll is annoying

You ninja’d me, Im working on that now. :)
EDIT: Better?

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Originally posted by kalashnikov:

Im grateful for your confidence, It really means a lot. :)
I’d especially like to thank GreenBeret92: You caused me to realize that I was being an idiot, and you helped form me into what I am today. Thank you :)

I still don’t claim any credit for that :P You’ve shaped yourself into the respected person you’ve become on here through your own actions and the changes you decided to make.

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Your “Sepukku” comment really got me thinking for the first time though. You give yourself too little credit. :P

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level 33
fomor level 4
i will be an empire builder
pretty active check my yard every few hours

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Accepted as a junior member. I’ve talked with Jedinkel in chat, and he approves. Welcome to TECR, chum :)

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Good luck kalash, I hope it works out. Just some small things: The memberslist f.e., contains member(s) of TDK, and exo. You will need to update it :). I myself would suggest removing all names. Some of the older members might have gone inactive etc

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D: OH… Didn’t realize that…. My bad… derp. I took a bunch of finals today, my brain’s lagging a bit right now.
Edit: Must… sleep… I’ll do it tomorrow when I get up :)

EDIT2: alright, I’ve seen that lxjx is now in TDK, and I applaud him for his choice. :)

  • I don’t see any eXo members… correct me if Im wrong please.
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Sorry for not mentioning earlier but I am not in TEC anymore.

Please take me off the member list.

Thanks. :D

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Originally posted by Jorn:

The whole colony 2 won’t join this alliance anymore…
I think you shouldn’t put people on the list that applied for TEC when JC was still leading it…

Also kalashnikov is a hacker, he told me to look at his housings one day, cause he hacked the game and could put a lots more daves in his housings as possible..
I don’t think hackers should be in an alliance and definitly not (re-)create an own alliance…

I confronted him in chat today, now he keeps twisting his story that it were his alts, and later it wasn’t even him, it was his friend…. yeah right..

<sarcasm>yes, that’s totally what I said</sarcasm>
  • You’ve twisted my words to make me look bad, because of your dislike for me
  • You’ve tried to blackmail me into saying that I am something that I am not, in chat
  • You’ve been kicked out of the original TEC, for cussing JC and I out
  • I told you to look at my housings, because there was a zaff sitting outside…and it looked like a lot of monsters… not because I “hacked”

OSM: thanks for telling me, I’ve removed you from the members list.

  • You all can think what you like, but just know that Jorn is incorrect.
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Originally posted by Jorn:

I wasn’t kicked out of TEC, I left it myself when JC made you leader.
Also the whole colony 2 was about to leave TEC, but they didn’t got the chance because JC was smart enough to close the alliance..

Now that you re-open it after hacking the game, I am telling people that you are a hacker beacuse “I don’t think hackers should be in an alliance and definitly not (re-)create an own alliance…”

I don’t have a print screen from him telling me he had about 200 daves in his housings with Kalashnikov. But he did tell me that with Kalashnikov, and not with one of his alts.
Here is my last conversation with kalashnikov in chat:
I underlined the things I told in my previous post wich are the words that I would have “twisted”


So… you’re telling me that you could judge that there were exactly 200 daves in my housings… Did you by any chance… I don’t know, take a screen shot of that?

EDIT: Anyway, Im going to be gone for most of the day today, so…. have fun destroying my reputation, I guess. :)

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There can be disagreement to a guild recruitment thread – but keep it clean gentlemen. :)

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I have been told, that kala hacks as well. That he has 200 maxed out ultras or some random stuff.

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killhim is wrong. kalash does not hack and if he has that much ultras he probably earned them.

Originally posted by killhim340:

I have been told, that kala hacks as well. That he has 200 maxed out ultras or some random stuff.

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Yes, awesomejunk, there is a wait list. It’s right below Junior Members, & above Retired Members.

EDIT: Killhim: I have a smashing total of: 126 ops. Only like 15ish ultras. none of them maxed.

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Originally posted by killhim340:

I have been told, that kala hacks as well. That he has 200 maxed out ultras or some random stuff.

Told by whom?