[Heavens] Game problem

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In the last update, you fixed something that don’t need to be fixed, so when you fixed it, you also made the game to suggest us to fix what can’t be fixed, I think you should fix it soon.

Ok, here is the problem: In the last update, you made potions look like items in our pack with durability, so when I sell a “damaged” potion to the merchant, he suggest me to repair it. When I click repair, it actually drop the potion into the repair slot, which is buggy.

Beside, when I try to sell a useless drop (a.k.a thrown it away), the button’s name isn’t displayed in normal language but some note.

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Ah, and it looks like you have an extra community manager. But instead of giving answers in the forum, she gives answers to really old comments in the comment section normally, which I see doing no help at all.

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Guardofear, hello! Thank you for informing us about this bug. We’ll fix it asap.