[Iron Grip: Marauders] Famous Friday: Hello and goodbye!

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Lately the ISOTX team has really been growing. Despite the fact that two interns are leaving us today, we also have five new additions!

First we say goodbye to the interns:

“After having spent 4 months at ISOTX, Utrecht’s best and most fun game company, I can genuinely say that I had an awesome time here. The people are great, a bit weird sometimes, but great! I don’t think I could’ve picked a better place for my internship. There’s so much I’ve learned about 3D art, texturing, not clicking any random links people send you on Skype etc. Sadly my 4 months of internship are over, and I need to start focusing on my exams. I’m sure going to miss everyone around here, and I want to thank everyone for everything they’ve done for me, so that I was able to improve my 3D skills. I wish you all the best of luck with all the upcoming ♥♥♥ kicking games you’ll be making! And I hope to see you all again some time ”

“About 4 months ago I started my 3D internship at ISOTX. Time has gone way too fast, because today is already my last day at the most awesome game company ISOTX! Such a strange thing time can go this fast In the last 4 months I have learned a lot of awesome things about 3d modelling and texturing. And after my holiday I’m going to use it all to graduate I want to thank everyone at ISOTX for his/her hard work to make me a better 3D artist. Best of luck with all the awesome games you are making and thanks for the awesome time you guys gave me here!”

And give a warm welcome to:

“Joining ISOTX was an amazing opportunity for me to work with a small and ambitious team. Since I have worked with much larger teams in the past, my first weeks with ISOTX have been hectic, challenging and fun; with ample opportunity to really put something personal into my work. My colleagues are enthusiastic, competent and a genuine fun bunch to work with and spend some time with after hours. In short, like any small but good game studio there is hard work ahead and a good deal of passion and fun along the way.”

“New Work, New Studio, New Adventures”

“My first week has really flown by. It’s great being here, there’s a great atmosphere with wonderful, skilled and talented people, who also happen to be very nice, well most of them . It’s awesome to be working here and be part of the team!”

“They say times flies when you are having fun, and that is exactly how I feel about my first three weeks at the ISOTX office. Everyone is very kind and they made me feel welcome from the very first day. I’ve noticed that the people here are very involved and committed to the company and that makes it a great place to work! I am enjoying ‘working’ again thus so far, so good!”

“As the new QA guy, I couldn’t have picked a better time to join team ISOTX. 2013 is going to be an exciting year for ISOTX, with a lot of cool new games in development. And I’m one of the first people who gets to to try them all out!”