[Dueling Blades] Official Version IS OUT!

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Hello Kongregate Duelers!

It has been a long time since HourBlast Games has properly supported your competitive desire on Kongregate! We are back with a full new version of Dueling Blades!

We are now out of beta and plan on supporting Dueling Blades for many months to come. Not to mention we have a dedicated Community Manager ready to assist your needs and aid your voice to the development team here at HourBlast Games.

Although, your accounts have been wiped for the last time, you will experience a much faster progression compared to before. The AI Computers are now much more balance, our new reward system will rock your socks, 3D content has been pushed to the max with new dynamic cameras and hundreds of bugs have been fixed! There are some big content update patches coming in Jan and Feb including the Ultra Rare Armor Set, Filter System in PvP matching and Epic armor/weapon enchantments.
Join us this holiday season and into the New Year into the new Dueling Blades experience where you will compete against people all over the world in LIVE battles.

For people who spent Kreds on the old version of Dueling Blades, you will be reimbursed with our new premium currency “Diamonds”. 1 Kred = 1 Diamond. Once you create your character, a prompt will appear and diamonds will be credited to your character.
Thanks again for your continued support and we hope you will enjoy the hard blood and sweat that has been put into the new revamped version of Dueling Blades.

See you in the arena!

~The HBG Team

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That was my reaction to the new update.

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Heh, I may just have to get back into this game. Things are looking very spiffy, and vastly different from how I remembered it. O.o

And yet I can’t wait to see what will happen with this game. Looking forward to the updates.