[Shadowland Online] [TO DEVS] please buff the Helmet of Salvation

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after the changes you brought with last update, while turning the evictors to even stronger than they are, the need for more magic defence is nedded. we have an armor +30, i believe we should have an helmet +30 too.

that will bring more hope for the player, will give them more good items to forty using stones, and therefore will make them buy more stones, which is good for you actually

also, what about shaman? are they going to be useless forever in the tower? can it be that physical heros do much more damage on physical imune, than magic attack on magic imune?

to the community of slo, time to hear your voice, stop complaining in world chat when no one can see, the forum is here for us to demand and the devs to answer

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- and how about bringing T2 a little bit down so that we have something extra to do while waiting forever to solo T1?
- and how about returning 10 stones upon degrading allowing us to reallocate them into better items? Say a player has 5x+125 HoTs, how annoying wouldn’t it be if we suddenly get a easily obtainable +30 helmet?
- and how about that merge? It’s a pain hosting T1 on Eloir for instance.
- and how about firing a chimpanzee and hiring two humans who can get things done?
- and how about placing the advertising in world affairs INSTEAD OF SPAMMING THE CHAT? What’s even the point of the world affairs window popping up every time we load the game? Status check on something that never changes and is hardly interesting?
- and how about making a sticky here where you put all bugs/problems/glitches and other fixable things, where players can vote on which ones are most important so you can know what should be done first?
- and how about telling us about what you have changed during maintenances, after EVERY maintenance where you include EVERY change you have made.
- and how about allowing us to trade items? (not to be confused with auctions)
- and how about NOT resetting selected hero in DTG every time I open it?

Please note that these are not suggestions. They are important changes you should apply ASAP. Not the kind of ASAP as with fixing Wiedzkam’s position in crypt (have you even fixed it?). That is not the kind of ASAP I’m talking about. IF that IS your actual ASAP most of the time, and you CANNOT AFFORD hiring more developers, how about open up for player contribution? As in giving us the source code of certain parts of the game that is bugged and you have trouble debugging? I know that is a suggestion out of the ordinary, but please at least consider it.