[Heavens] Yet another thread about snowman bug

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Dear Heavens developers,

I am starting a new thread because I would really like to get some substantial feedback about the snowman bug being discussed from the users side these past couple of weeks.

It is apparent that the bug has occurred because one of the kongregate-site Heavens developers (Laurent I presume) incorrectly unlocked some of the predefined game features, i.e. forgetting a medal which was a part of the Cristmas/NY event and has thus opened previously unknown can of worms.

What is incomprehensible to me is the total lack of feedback from the developers, and as I am (presently) unable to grab anyone by the throat using HTTP – this is the closest thing I can come up with. I tried complaining on the forums, comments, have sent a mail to support@nebogame.com. I am running out of ideas how to extort a literate response containing complex and compound sentences. I find this very frustrating, along with many other Heavens players.

I have invested a great deal of time/money into this game and am reluctant to pull the plug on playing, but I can’t shake a bitter feeling whenever I log in and see that this issue hasn’t still been dealt with.

To summarize,


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Dear Wrongandtwisted, hello! We know about this bug. Thank you for informing us. We hope we’ll fix it soon. Mages’ Guild apologize for the inconvenience.