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Big fan of the game, think I’ve been playing for 2+ months. Just wondering some things:

What’s with “Premium Content” in the most recent update? Why were some toys’/weapons’ costs raised by over 100 tokens?

People’s thoughts on the Winter Chill Gun. Is it anything like the Lava Gun? I am nearing enough tickets to buy it, but don’t want to waste them on something that turns out to be garbage.

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Hi, glad you’re enjoynig the game.

Premium Content (Licensed Content) is just a distinction so that the players are aware of which toys and weapons that appear in BHB but are not owned by Spicy Horse. It’s been that way since we released.

Toys and Weapon prices were raised only for Premium Content items.

We simply cannot afford to give these items away for free – because they are NOT free to us. Think of it like a real toy store. For license content, we have to pay the license owner every time an item sells. We can’t do that if everyone gets those toys by grinding. Please try to understand.

Tip: Winter Chill gun has a slow down buff for those hit by the ball of ice. Depending on your play style it may be valuable. However beware that if you get caught in our own blast that you’ll also slow down.