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FAQ about Bad Eggs Online and Tips

All I plan to list here is a simple list of things such as unlockables, ways to get kreds to get unlockables, tips, and neat tricks to dominate your foes. You are welcome to ask for a tip to be posted on the front forum page if you like. Enjoy!!!


Why should I set up an account?
You will require an account to be able to save your progress, check your stats, compete in the game leaderboards, level up, unlock new badges, bonus weapons and egg shells. Registration is free, quick and easy. Just click on the create account button on game’s landing page

How do I save my progress?
Progress is saved automatically provided you set up an account with us.

How do I change my badge/egg shell?
Badges and Egg Shells you have unlocked are visible in your profile in the appropriate tabs. Clicking on the relevant image will update your eggCard and player.

Can I change my weapon load out?
In short, no you can’t. Weapons you have unlocked are randomly assigned at the start of each game. You will always have an infinite number of grenades to use and 5 bazookas.

Why did my weapon change without me selecting it?
If you run out of ammo on a particular weapon, the next time your turn comes round a different weapon, one which you have ammo for, will be selected. To change your weapon, click the weapons icon and choose which weapon you want to use.

Why is the save feature in the terrain editor locked?
The save feature in the terrain editor is only available to players who have upgraded to the pro version of the game. Follow the buttons to the shop from the Welcome screen.

How many terrains can I save to my profile and how do I play my own terrain?
At this time only one terrain at a time can be saved to your profile. Every time you save a terrain it will overwrite previous versions you have created. To play your saved terrain, create a new game from the lobby and select saved terrain from the options on the right hand side.

How do I log into the forum and change my display information?
Use the register and login buttons at the top of the forum to create and login to your account. Click ‘Profile’ to go to your profile and edit your information. On your profile screen you can update your personal information, upload an avatar (or select one from the pool), and also set up a forum signature.

How do I earn XP and how is it calculated?
Firstly, you must register and open an account to earn XP. Once you have an account, XP is awarded every time you deal damage to an opponent in a one to one ratio. In addition players receive a win bonus equivalent to 0.5 multiplied by the amount of damage you dealt that game. So if you take off 50 enemy health in a team game and are on the winning side, you will earn a 25 xp bonus, for a total of 75 for the game. Note: you can still earn a win bonus in team matches if you are killed, but you must remain in the game and see out your victory from the sidelines.

Where is the leaderboard located? Why does it only show the top 20?
The Leaderboard can be accessed via the ‘leaderboard’ button in the stats tab of the profile. Unfortunately due to bandwidth limitations we are only able to show the position of the top 20 players within the game. Hackers will not be tolerated. If someone is suspected of hacking please let them know and they will look into it.

What is Rep?
Reputation in Bad Eggs is awarded to players who see out games to a conclusion. Quitters will be penalised. Players with positive Rep can create games that only other reputable eggs can join. Seeing a game to the end gives you +1 rep to a maximum of +5. Quitting will see you earn -3 to a minimum of -10. Games in the lobby identified by a yellow circle are for players with good rep only. Quitting a game for good rep players only will lose you -5 rep. Those marked with a green triangle can be played by anyone.

What are Skills?
Skills are new to Bad Eggs. They are used in place of weapons to give your egg a tactical advantage in battle. There are four different skills:
1) TELEPORT. Travel anywhere on the terrain with the trusty teleport. A tactical game changer. Get out of trouble or up close and personal.
2) SHIELDS. Creates a force field around your egg that lasts for two turns. Shields lessen damage by 50% when equipped.
3) FURY. Send your egg into a beastly rage. Damage inflicted is 150% for two turns when used.
4) MASS TELEPORT. Mix things up with the mass teleport. Randomly sweeps up all the eggs in the game and dumps them in new random locations. A bit of a lottery really. Who knows what could happen.

Everyday you login you will be awarded a random skill after you first victory. Use it wisely. New skills can also be purchased in the shop* (coming soon). For more information and for details on skills you own visit your profile. Use the practice mode to test how each one works before use.

Important info about hacking/cheating. PLEASE READ
Hacking/Cheating/Boosting/Excessive rude behaviour will not be tolerated in any shape or form. Continual disregard for these rules constitutes a breach of our terms and runs the very real risk of having your account banned. This includes password trolling (asking for passwords and playing on other players’ accounts), boosting (giving out your password to others to let them play your account for you), Hacking (unauthorised attempts to unlock premium content and/or artificially inflating your XP.

Is Bad Eggs suitable for children?
For the most part Bad Eggs Online is suitable for most people ages 12 and up. As a multiplayer game, where players can chat to each other, we have little control over what people can and might say. Swearing and profanities are filtered but occasionally misspellings may get through. Rude and obnoxious play will not be tolerated and for the most part is in the minority. You can report players (with their username) via the contact form. Otherwise you can disable chat from the settings display in the top left hand corner. Players with chat disabled will not receive any messages from other players. All users play at their own risk and we cannot accept any responsibility for any offense caused as a result of playing Bad Eggs.

I’m having trouble with SuperRewards/did not get my credits
SuperRewards is an external third party site that we have implemented to allow players to earn credits for free by completing various offers. As such SuperRewards is handled separately and any issues arising from this service are outside of our control. Please remember that there is often a delay with offers reporting so check back later if you don’t received your credits immediately. Furthermore, be careful that you fulfill all the requirements set out for the offer and that you do qualify to take part. If you are still having problems click the orange gethelp button in the top right corner of the SuperRewards page for information on offers you have applied for.

What is the Prestige system?
Players who reach level 80 now have the option to Prestige. Essentially this means you can start all over again from level 1 with the following conditions:
•All unlocked content will be reset. This includes all badges, eggs, weapons and challenges that were not purchased on the shop.
•All premium content will be unaffected. You will keep all weapons and shells purchased in the shop with credits.
•XP and stats are also unaffected.
•For each of the five prestige ranks, players will receive a special prestige badge, a prestige icon on their playercard and special eggs that can be unlocked along the way.

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Weapons and Eggs
There is a VERY VERY VERY long list of unlockables. For now I will list the free ones: You can take free surveys to get new eggs and weapon packs This is a great forum for survey guidance:
Do certain objectives to obtain eggs
Crash Test Egg: Kill the crash test egg in practice with a frying pan Easter Bunny Egg: Collect all the eggs scattered in the game Z: Get infected by an egg that is already a zombie Balloon Egg: Beat the mini game that can be found as a cupcake in the "Credits" section
These are weapons' damages: •Bazooka-15 dmg(close;not safe, you can get hurt-med-long range) •Mortar-10 dmg(close;not safe, you can get hurt-med range) 42 dmg(long range) •Grenade-1-20 dmg(close;not safe, you can get hurt-med-long range) •Cluster Grenade-1-25 dmg(close;not safe, you can get hurt-med-long range) •Vortex Equaliser(note: it should be: Equalizer not Equaliser. Mods might want to fix this)-1-25 dmg(close;not safe, you can get hurt-med-long range) •Splurge Gun-3-20 dmg(close-med-long range) •Explosive Bow-1-18 dmg(close;not safe, you can get hurt-med-long range) •Air Strike-1-22 dmg(close;not safe, you can get hurt-med-long range) •Gas Grenade-1-30 dmg(close;not safe, you can get hurt-med-long range) •Grenade-1-20 dmg(close;not safe, you can get hurt-med-long range) •Egg Seeking Missile-15 dmg(close&med;not safe, you can get hurt-long range) •Repeater-1-25 dmg(close;not safe, you can get hurt-med-long range) •Molotov Cocktail-1-20 dmg(close;not safe, you can get hurt-med-long range) •Tomahawk-20 dmg(close-med-long range) •Bow-22 dmg(close-med-long range) •Throwing Knife-18 dmg(close-med-long range) •Dynamite-1-22 dmg(close;not safe, you can get hurt-med-long range) •Frying Pan-20 dmg(close range only) •Bouncer-1-18 dmg(close;not safe, you can get hurt-med-long range) •Roman Candle-3-39 dmg(close;not safe, you can get hurt-med-long range) •Ion Cannon-1-25 dmg(close-med-long range) •Rifle-15 dmg(close-med-long range) •Machine Gun-25 dmg(close-med range)15 dmg(long range) •Panda Robot-30 dmg(very close range)20 dmg(close range)5 dmg(med range) •Nuke-Special, 10 dmg to everyone and to you, 0 dmg to your team if you play in teams (but not you) •Flame Thrower-Special, 2 dmg(close range) 1 dmg(med-long range); each bullet releases a small fire, 2 dmg when you touch it •Randomizer-3-60 dmg(close-med-long range) •Sonic Boom-5-28 dmg(any range) •Whrilwind-Special, 15 dmg(any range) goes straight forward on the direction you launched •Rain-bow-16 dmg(close range) 8 dmg(med-long range) •Triple Splurge gun-3-20 dmg(close-med-long range) •Bring The Rain-10 dmg(close range) 5 dmg(med range) 3 dmg(long range) •Multi-Bouncer-5 dmg-(close-med-long range) •Cannon-1-25 dmg-(close-med range) •Sniper Rifle-20 dmg(close-med-long range) •Blueberry-8-40 dmg(close-med-long range) •Bouncer-18 dmg;bounces, be careful(close-med-long range) •Triple X-36 dmg(close;not safe, you can get hurt) 12-24 dmg(med range) 12-24 dmg(long range) •Grenade Launcher-8-50 dmg(close;not safe, you can get hurt-med-long range)8 dmg from original missile •Whirligig-5 dmg(close range) 5-10 dmg(med range) 20-60 dmg(long range)
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There are a set of rules that the developers have made for Bad Eggs:

• Respect Others:
We do not tolerate bullying, being mean to others or any disrespectful behaviour to our other players.
• No Swearing:
We do not allow any rude, or inappropriate language or behaviour towards other players.
• No Cheating:
Attempted hacking of any kind is unacceptable.
• Keep personal info private:
We do not tolerate the sharing of personal information including your real name, password, email, phone number or address. Keep this information private and stay safe online. Your user name and password are personal to you and you may not allow any others to use your user name or password under any circumstances. We urge you to protect your password by not sharing it with anyone else and to take measures to prevent it from unauthorized access such as unique combinations of letters and numbers. We cannot be held responsible for Password information being obtained by another individual by means of theft, guess work or through personal disclosure, and in consequence any action we are required to take as a result of this information becoming public.
• No soliciting personal information from other players: Account phishing or the practice of encouraging or tricking other users into giving out account information is strictly forbidden.

These are all the rules that the developers hopefully have to make.