[Star Supremacy] Merry Christmas

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Just walk out of the doom day, and here comes a Christmas to celecbrate. Star Supremacy prepared a special Christmas event to celebrate the victory of human civilization and to welcome the new year!

Return the favour
During the holiday, Chirstmas giftpack will be on shelf in the shop. The pack includes a necklace of a new orange set and dark materials. Other parts of the new set can be found in the new instance Acturus . Prepare your ships and challenge the dark boss!

Christmas gifts
Super nodes are the places where fights often occur and they drop great stuff like equips and massive resources. During the Christmas, the rewards for beating super nodes will be more abundant such the Chirstmas socks which may contain a set of orange equips. Keep it in mind that the Chirstmas socks only drop from Charistmas to New year’s day. If you want it, don’t left behind!

Double exp
To help strenthen your leaders, star supremacy will open double exp for the first 3 days of Christmas holidays from 10am to 1 pm each day.