[G.I. JOE: Special Ops] Help Hints

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Just some suggestions to try and help those of you that have experienced slow loading or performance issues:-

  • Clear your cache from your internet tool bar settings then restart your browser. ( If you are not sure how to do this, a quick Google search will help you ).
  • Lower the visual quality in the settings options.
  • See if there are any updates for your graphics card or video drivers.
  • If you are using a laptop make sure also your battery power is set to maximum or high usage (having it plugged in to charge is not enough for some).
  • Also make sure you have the most up to date version of your internet browser installed or even try with a different browser.
  • Only have shortcuts on your desktop rather than full programs as this will zap virtual memory
    Update your DirectX from the Microsoft website
    Turn screen savers off
  • Make sure you have Plugins enabled within your browser
  • For slow loading or disconnecting, this can also be caused by not enough RAM available or your computer has a very high CPU usage. If you have unstable internet and your internet trips (as in switches on and then off again) or cuts out completely for a little while then you could also experience this.
  • Make sure you have no other programs running or tabs open while you play.
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you know, you need to specify which plugins is needed in order to play the game which is much more important.

even if it is enabled, that doesn’t mean the game will load.

two most important plugins when playing this type of game.

1) adobe flash player

2) unity player

update both to the latest version in order to play this game as sometimes the game won’t load due to your plugins i mention above is outdated.

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out of all the points forms and advice which comes from yariad, i only agree with the 4th point, 5th point, 6th point.

the first point is irrelevant if your plugins and your browser is up to date.

the second point is irrelevant if you got a lot of ram. (like 4 to 8gb of ram)

the third point is not that important as it only helps to improve your graphics for games that are play using the cd-rom not online games which is on kongregate.

the seventh point, i already mention in my previous post.

the eighth point, it depends as it also directly depends on how much ram your computer originally has and how many programs are on using the internet. (e.g dosbox don’t use internet and that much ram)

the ninth point, i disagree with it completely. unless you talking about like 1gb ram computers

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You’re wrong , problem is: I’m to lazy to point out all your mistakes.
But upgrading your VGA drives does make a difference even in flash games.
If you have a VGA installed on your PC right now try to remove it and then play again. Some of the games here on Kong will run slowly.