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Guide to Overlord’s Assistant

As there are no guides explaining how to use Overlord’s Assistant I decided to write one. Overlord’s Assistant is a premium feature you can buy for 15 DM for one week or for 50 DM for one month. Overlord’s Assistant allows you to manage your dungeon from Overlord’s Ledger

Overlord’s Ledger

1. Dungeon name and localization
2. Sum of every type of uncollected resources the percentage in brackets says how much space you have filled.
3. Time until you are unable to pay the upkeep. Be it food, gold or other resource.
4. The next task to be completed in a certain dungeon.
5→8. Amounts of attacks incoming, raids outgoing, goblins incoming and goblins departing.
9. Takes you inside a selected dungeon.
10. Takes you to the mountain a selected dungeon is in.
11. Opens creature tab of a selected dungeon. (You need Overlord’s Assistant to manage units)
12. Opens storage tab of a selected dungeon. ((You need Overlord’s Assistant to transfer resources)
13. Opens crafting tab of a selected dungeon. (You need Overlord’s Assistant to craft)
14. Shows every task currently occurring inside a selected dungeon.
15. Collects all uncollected resources from a selected dungeon. This is enabled by having 3 or more dungeon slots unlocked.
While you can access storage and crafting tab without unlocked Overlord’s Assistant you can’t transfer or craft anything unless you are currently inside selected dungeon.


Unlocked Overlord’s Assistant allows you to craft up to 50 materials in one task. It also enables queuing up crafting task. Dungeon Assistant will check whether or not you have materials needed every 15 minutes after last crafting task is completed. When you queue crafting materials it will craft as many materials as your resources allow you to. Remove the amount crafted from the queue and keep repeating it until the queue is empty. Also it seems to be bugged and it appears to be removing too many materials from the queue.


Queuing training units is also another feature enabled by Overlord’s Assistant. You can only queue training units up to the level your furniture and rooms allow you to. The check for resources furniture, rooms and resources happen every period of time required to increase a selected unit up a level when you start queuing training. It trains the unit as much as the resources allow provided it’s below target level and then repeats. When you lose the room or furniture required to train the selected unit the queue stops.

Resource Request

This is arguably the most important aspect of Overlord’s Assistant. It allows you to manage the localization of your resources.

1. From which dungeon you request resources (Dungeon A)
2. What type of resource you request
3. Amount of resource you request (Dungeon A will try to keep the amount of the selected resource at this number)
4. If you select this option this request will override any other requests that might prevent Dungeon A from sending you selected resource.
5. To which dungeon the excess is sent to (Each unit of resource above the level from 3. will be sent to this dungeon)
6. Deletes the request.
7. Add another request
8. Save changes.
9. Revert changes made to last saved state.

Examples of use

Transferring leather from your 3 of raiding dungeons to your heavily guarded storage dungeon

Let’s say that you have 3 raiding dungeons and it’s a hassle to manually transfer all the resources from each of your raiding dungeons. Let’s call the raiding dungeon R1,R2,R3 and the storage dungeon SB. The first thing you try is making 3 requests one for each of raiding dungeons in storage dungeon. This won’t work as you can only request one resource can be requested from only one dungeon. The proper way to transfer resources from raiding bases is creating a request in each of your raiding bases that goes like this
1. None
2. Leather
3. 1
4. Yes
5. SB

After we create such a request in each of the raiding bases we save. The reason we request 1 instead of 0 in 3. is because Overlord’s Assistant seems to ignore the requests when they request 0.

Training high level thieves

Let’s say that you want to train high level thieves.
The bases you have are Mine (MD: Iron, QS, PF, PI, PW), Raiding Dungeon(RD: Leather), Crafting Dungeon(CD: -), Training Dungeon(TD: Food)

A. Queue crafting of true silver ingot in Crafting Dungeon
B. Queue crafting of reinforced leather in Crafting Dungeon
C. Queue leveling of thieves in Training Dungeon.

D. Request each resource from MD and RD

1. RD/MD
2. Iron/QS/PF/PI/Leather
3. The amount you want
4. Yes
5. None

E. Request crafted resources from CD to TD

1. CD
2. TSI / RL
3. 10000 (Big number)
4. Yes
5. None

F. Request PW from MD to TD
1. MD
2. PW
3. 1000000 (Big number)
4. Yes
5. None

I hope that reading my guide helped you to grasp the potential of Overlord’s Assistant. There are many more ways to use Overlord’s Assistant than presented here, now go ahead young one find them all!

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This is a good guide.

It also shows why such a thing should be baseline rather than pay-for. This is what would be considered basic functionality in any other game where there is such heavy and demanding resource management.

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Great guide! I’m going to include it in my broken list of guides for the next guy! The OA was originally completely pay only, so at least they have some of it free now, but I agree, players originally asked for these changes to be made in one of the suggestions thread, so implementing them should have been part of the basic functionality. I also believe that shocking of creatures should exist here as well.