[Crazy Fairies] How does delay work exactly, am I missing something?

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I have been trying to figure out what determines player sequence from round to round. I get that cards cause delay, but the delay number doesn’t really seem to influence whether or not I have a double-turn. Sometimes my delay is higher at the start of a round than my opponent and I’ll have 2 turns in a row.

Do different weapons influence delay at all?
What do the different colors of the delay indicator represent?
Does walking during your turn increase delay next round?

If this has been clearly defined somewhere, my apologies, I looked across all 4 pages of forums.

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Delay the seconds you spend during your turn. 1 second is equivalent to 10 delay points.
Shooting=50 delay.
Moving causes you to waste time which leads to a higher delay.
Cards also have their delay value on them.
Delay defines the order in which the players will go the next turn.
A had 68 delay this round. B had 132. C had 86. Those with the lower delay go first.
A will go first the next round. B will go last.
Got it?

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Thank you so much for taking the time to explain that. Totally clear. I appreciate it.