[BigHeadBash] Comprehensive weapon data

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Terms used.
HTS: Hold to shoot.
CTS: Click to shoot.
Projectile types: Spray, Bullet, Tracer,Mine.NA
Range is described as how many half screens it gives you when you put the cross hairs center on you. so if you had the crosshairs on you you have 1 range if you put it all the way out in one direction and you see twice as far it is a range of 2 and so on.
firing rate.(fast,medium,slow)

Weapon Name: SMG, ShotType: HTS , Critable: yes
ProjectileType: Tracer, Range infinite Limited viewing range about 2.5
Unlisted effects, none. Damage, Medium(10-2), firingRate: fast
i’ll do the rest later i have later