[Odin Quest] Rush to the Finish Line in Reindeer Race!

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Event Duration:
To 23:59 Jan 7, 2013 PST

Event Site:
All Servers

Event Details:
Happy New Year! With same difficulty to obtain Lv4 Rune Pack*30 with distance of 500m per in Reindeer Race! Best palyer will obtain Lv4 Star Stone*60.

1. Players will obtain 1 score after spending 1 Goldleaf. All scores players obtained are only available on the day when scores have been obtained. And all scores will be reset at 24:00 per day;
2. Only Goldleaf spent in Shop, MS, Express Recharge, Refresh in kinds of systems will obtain score for players;
3. Players can click little icon of Reindeer Race in the upper right corner of MI to enter Reindeer Race when it opens. On the pop-up panel, players can check your scores and start the race;

4. Click Try your luck, your Reindeer will advance random distance on the track. Every Try your luck will consumes certain scores;

Race Rules:
1. At 0:00 of every day, every player has a Reindeer at the start line. After player spent 100 scores, the Reindeer will advance certain distance;
2. By clicking Try your luck, the Reindeer will advance random distance of 25M to 150M;
3. The Track is composed of 4 parts, which are Lv1 Track (50 steps), Lv2 Track (40 steps), Lv3 Track (20 steps) and Lv4 Track (10 steps). At 24:00 per day, corresponding rewards will be determined automatically according to your distance;
4. When players reach the Finish one day, the Reindeer will return to the Start line and start a new race and the distance will be accumulated;
5. Players whose advanced distances reach 500 m will be recorded on Daily Distance Rank and will obtain rewards according to the distances. And players whose advanced distances reach 6000 m will be recorded on Total Distance Rank and will obtain rewards according to the distances;
6. At 24:00 per day, all players’ scores will be reset. Players will obtain new score the next day and obtain rewards according to new scores.
7. Daily Total Distance will be reset at 24:00 per day and top 3 players who are on Daily Total Distance Rank will obtain corresponding rewards. Total Distance will be calculated till 24:00 of the last day of the event and top 3 players who are on Total Distance Rank will also obtain corresponding rewards.
8. After entering every new track, players will obtain corresponding rewards (all items are bound), which will be sent via ingame mail.


Players can exchange with collected OQ Medals for kinds of items from NPC Lillia in Medgate.