[Clash of the Dragons] Patch Notes: May 14th, 2013

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Weekly Sale

  • Fortune Packs Enhanced!
    • These incredible packs have been remade with all 2nd core and uprising cards
    • Contains a guaranteed Uprising Rare
    • Double the chance to receive a Legendary pack!
    • Contains 5 Rares or better, and one of the following packs
      • 1 Draft pack
      • 2 Draft packs
      • 3 Draft packs
      • 1 Platinum pack
      • 1 Fortune pack
      • 1 Mystery pack
      • 1 Epic pack
      • 1 Mythic pack
      • 1 Legend pack


  • Rules of Engagement this week are as follows.
    • The following cards are banned: Torment, Graveyard Mushroom Brew, Spirit Ward, Joy to the World
    • Rares only
    • Deck size 40 cards
  • Saturday Night Clash remains at 24 hours long starting at 08:00 GMT on Saturday.
    • Saturday Night Clash for May 18th, 2013. Rewards are as follows:
      • 1 draft = Two Draft Packs.
      • 5 drafts = Purple chest of untold Riches
      • 10 drafts = Variety Pack
      • 15 drafts = 2 Uprising Packs
      • 20 drafts = Epic+ Fortune Pack (this is not one of the new Fortune Pack Enhanced)
  • Enhanced Draft Week!
    • All drafts this week will contain a guaranteed Uprising Rare card in each Draft Pack.
  • Full set release for Uprising
    • All core Packs have been updated to 2nd core
    • Gold packs and Draft Packs have been updated to also include Uprising cards as well
    • New Draft and Colosseum Rewards have been implemented, and the old rewards have been moved to Relic and Ancient tokens
      • Eldritch and Colosseum tokens have been converted to Relic and Ancient Colosseum tokens
  • Introducing the new Uprising Chest
    • This chest will be available for 1 time purchase and will include:
      • 3 Uprising Packs
      • 6 Draft Packs
      • 1 Demonic Chest
      • 5 Energy Potions
      • 4 Strife set craft tokens ( Strife is the set after Uprising)

Bug Fixes

  • Way of the Destroying Fist’s text should more accurately describe how it works
  • Hand of Sand and Danger All Around should correctly only play 1 extra card
  • Obstruction of Justice should now visually give both Damage Counters from it’s on Deplete ability

Known Issues

  • Attempting to purchase the Uprising Chest twice will cause you to disconnect
  • A Fortune pack that contains multiple Draft packs will only show one. You will still receive the correct amount

Rev .6256