[RichState] Write Down Your Best Wishes on the Wall! Happy New Year!

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Event Duration: After the routine maintenance on Dec. 26, 2012 PST to Jan. 3, 2013 00:00 PST.

During the event, you can send a wish to your friends and receive Blessing Rewards.

Events—-Wishing Wall


1. After you send a wish, there is a 3-minute CD before the next one.

2. You can get a Blessing Reward every time when you send a wish.

3. You can totally receive at most 10 Blessing Rewards every day.

4. The number of wishes you can send every day is unlimited.

5. If the total number of the wishes of all the servers reaches 50,000, each player can get a New Year Package.

Notes: the all-server accumulation will be refreshed every 10 minutes.

Richstate Team reserves all rights to explain or alter this event.

Richstate Team
December 27, 2012