[Iron Grip: Marauders] The Cordon Pirates

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Primarily composed of foreigners hailing from places even further afield than southern Fahrong or the eastern edges of Karthonie, the Cordon Pirates are known for launching raids on lightly defended merchant convoys with their customized vehicles. Cordon Pirate vehicles are almost always Assault Archoses or Savar Tanks, chosen for their speed. Before they use them, the Cordon Pirates will add extra armor plating and improve internal systems to allow the vehicles to fire their weapons more rapidly. A variety of adjustments are made to the engines, mostly to accommodate the new armor plating without any loss of speed.

The most distinctive decorative feature of their vehicles is the ‘Eye of Beyda’. The Cordon Pirates do not follow established religions like Trithinism or Iperon, but neither are they atheists like the people of Rahmos. Most people assume that they follow some strange religion that the foreign members of the Cordon Pirates brought with them from their homes, but they never speak of their faith to outsiders, so no-one knows for sure. The eye is related to some form of trickster god, who is skilled at identifying the weaknesses of a person and exploiting them mercilessly. The Cordon Pirates aim to do the same, targeting the weak who cannot fight back, while avoiding the strong.

While the Cordon Pirates will not work as mercenaries, many marauders who defeat them in battle will try and fix their damaged vehicles and take them for their own, since the Cordon Pirate vehicles are a little better than equivalent marauder vehicles of the same type. In this way, Captains can find these vehicles to hire themselves, though the crew won’t be real Cordon Pirates.