[Berserk: The Cataclysm] Fights and Imperials

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My question is, why after some fights we only get exp?
That’s another way to make people buy ounce/imperials ?
usually, the first 5 fights, gives u 100 imperials, the other 5 , 60 imperials, and after that , only get 25 exp per fight… so,per day ,only fighting, u can get like 5500 imperials (3000 from bonus, 2500 for fighting aprox )…

I would really like to get always 100 imperials if i win the fight, that would make people fight more and get more Imperials to buy better cards…

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You should focus on conquering lands, trust me. ^^
If you need tips on how doing that, just ask in chat.
Gaining imps from fights is not time efficient.