[Ninja Warz] I have a big problem

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I thank you very much for clicking this topic.


I’ve had this bug for 2 months now, and this bug has still not been resolved. (Is this actually a bug?)

I have three ninjas carrying a sensei bonus each, and they’re at level 51, 56 and 56. Those bonus was made by adding random facebook accounts, and then reqruit them to this game – Ninja Warz. They accepted my requests, and started to play ninja warz. I then removed them from facebook, because basically you’re not allowed to add unknown people :P

This caused this kind of bug… I mean… I can’t train or even dismiss the ninjas anymore!!! They’re stuck at lvl 51, 56 and 56! This caused it impossible to even “click” on the ninjas which are stuck at lvl 51,56 and 56. With that, I can’t see alternatives for “train” or “dismiss”.

What should I do? Where can I contact ninja warz creators?

I want those ninjas at lvl 60, because otherwise I can’t kill other ninjas. This is unfair! :(

Thanks for reading this!

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Go to the NinjaWarzTheGame profile page on Facebook.

Click the down arrow on the menu that says “Play Game”, and select “Contact Developer”. Pick one of the applicable options presented (Question about app, Complaint about App, or Report problem with App).

Tell them what the problem you are having is.

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Thank you daexion!!! :)