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Patch Notes 28th December 2012

We have implemented a small patch to rectify a couple of bug issues and make some improvement changes to targeting.


  • Corrected the description of Snake Eyes Shuriken ability from:-
    Throws a Shuriken that bounces to 3 targets, dealing physical damage to each enemy.
    Throws a Shuriken that bounces to up to 3 targets, dealing physical damage to each enemy.


  • Targeting will now correctly match the effect of the currently selected ability and will prioritize as follows:- 1. commando, 2. drones, 3. building.
    This will stop for example:- when shielding someone with Flint, targeting was not prioritizing friendly heroes. So if a minion or a hostile hero was on top of him, or very close to him, he couldn’t be targeted.

Bugs Caught and Rectified

  • Rectified that some players were being removed from the loading screen and put into another game
  • Rectified negative numbers showing for waiting players to join the queue for a match
  • Rectified after using some abilities, you sometimes couldn’t target drones and turrets

We are continuing to investigate the other issues that you have reported to us

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