[Iron Grip: Marauders] Freaky Friday: Pest Control

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With snow threatening the skies of Atelia, the large, mopey looking snow hoppers are becoming a big problem for airship crews. Every year, just after Christmas, these rabbit-like creatures sneak aboard your ship in search of a warm, cosy bed.


One wouldn’t be such a big deal. There are tales of a Marauder captain who kept a snow hopper as pet. One is fine, because the real problem with these things is their breeding habits. Airships are dry and have food aplenty, and scientist believe that the electrical wiring of airships is somehow beneficial to the snow hoppers’ reproduction rate. It is said that is why they like to chew on cables, but what exactly turns them on so much is unknown.

Is your airship infested with these creatures as well? Best head for a more tropical climate. For obvious reasons these things only stay inside during the cold winter months. As soon as they feel a little bit of warm sun, they’ll hop right out of your ship.