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Be nice if we could draw from the deck once gameplay starts. At the beggining of the turn with regenerating crystals. So say we start 23/22 we use them up at the start and then regenerate a set number based on the roll of two dice (1-6) for the first dice and then (1-6) for the second. So given a hypothetical of a give roll 3/4 (3first dice and 4second dice) we would regenerate a 3/4 on the crystals. I think that this would lead to higher ratings and a more strategic gameplay. Overall I must say the gameplay is nice but would like to be able to use the deck, and I think that a regenerating crystal with a two card draw would be a game changer.

Something else to think about no other game similar to this that I have played forces players to put one card in the graveyard on each turn. So say I draw two cards I would have to chose 1 to keep and 1 to discard. This would help a lot with decision making especially for younger players teaching them the “no free lunch concept.” Just imagine this senario I draw two common cards I discard one and play the other. Then on my next turn I draw two of my favorite cards say 2 warrior heros and now because I played the common I am forced to discard from my two favorite cards because I chose to play the common and to make it worse I don’t have enough crystals to play the other.

However, say I chose to keep the common and not play then when I drew my 2 favorite warrior hero’s I could discard the common keep my 2 warrior heros and play one. I could go one, but by now you should be able to see where I am coming from. Again overall the gameplay is good, however, being able to draw from the deck would make it a lot better.

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I don’t think it’s a good idea to use cards from deck however u want and drawing cards doesn’t really fit the theme.
However, it would be interesting to have cards use crystals while on field (possibly to summon certain cards from deck or grave)
If that is done, regen crystal might be added, at the same time purposely not using up all your crystals might be a new tactic (granted some ppl already do that with ogun’s priest).
Currently the only in game cost is tap and counter, crystal might be an interesting addition

And I would like to mention for the sake of discussion, there are already cards that interact with the deck.

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Interesting suggestion….But if it is realized, it will be another game.