[Shadowland Online] The UN-Lucky turning

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I’ve played this game for a good long time, probably since early May of 2012.
I have NEVER gotten the 500 Cash Gift from lucky turning, it’s extremely rare that I get the 5 Cash Gift, and it’s nearly impossible to get the 1 day of VIP.

However, I get a couple thousand in gold about every other time I spin, the Prestige and Battle Achievements I get whenever I don’t get the gold, and the equipment items seem to be really popular because I get those way too often.

So, here’s my proposition to change the labeling on the Lucky Turning Small Pack.

Change the “Big odds of winning” to “you have a 95% chance of getting this item each time you spin”.

Change the “Medium Odds of winning” to "you have a good chance of getting this item, but you have an even bigger chance of getting the “Big Odds of winning”".

Change the “Small Odds of winning” to “You might get this item once a month if you’re a good player and follow all the rules”.

Change the “Slim Odds of Winning” to "You will not get this item EVER, no matter how long you’ve played, no matter how Lucky you are, you just WON’T get this item.

To the Developers: This is just the SMALL lucky turning package. I’ve seen players turn 40-50 times on one of the bigger packages and get 1-2 stones.
We’ve actually started calling it the UN-lucky turning.

So, I humbly suggest that you allow players to get something other than useless items and a little bit of gold or prestige when we spin.