[The Grinns Tale] Farming: Cleric Gear

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Been crafting some Cleric gear, and found myself running out of Old Diaries.
Figured out the best way to get more, thought I’d share (for anyone else in a similar predicament):

Take a couple of Adventurers (w/ Pickpocket & Ricochet) into Floor 22, do room 1 (5 x Fault) and room 2 (Treasure!) and then hit Replay Floor. Repeat until you’ve got a sizable stack of ’em.

Warning: Do not attempt to read the pile of Old Diaries! It’ll make you yearn for death.

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Had the same problem. Did the same.

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With a reliable source of Sad Bastard Diaries, and the Grinnfinite Dungeon producing enough Old Scrolls to fill my needs, I now fine myself running out of Ancient Bills.

It looks to me like Halvarian Peak would be the best place to farm them, anyone have advice for serious cash collection?