[Zombie Slayer] stats question

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“Your Max Health is low for your level. Increase Max Health to take and deal more damage per attack.”

Does max health actually affect damage output in each attack/fight?


Does defense affect damage taken when initiating attacks?

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I’ve copy and pasted the Health description from our in game help, which you can access by clicking on “Help” located above your character picture.
Health is lost in every type of Fight, how much depends on your opponents fight attributes (attack / defense / max health) compared to your own. Increasing Max Health will allow your character to survive more fights and increase the max damage potential that you can cause your opponent. Health refills with time. For quick refills of Health see The UN. Increase your maximum Health with Skill Points from your Profile. Each time you level up you will receive bonus health up to a maximum of 100000 or your character’s max whichever is less. Max Health is an attribute that will need to be increased as you develop your character if you plan to be successful in Fights and Boss Fights.

Defense only applies when being attacked, not when initiating attacks.