[Iron Grip: Marauders] A practical guide to marauding

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The ranks of the marauders in Kathos are growing. I fully support any youngster who wishes to pursue a career as a thieving, good for nothing sky pirate. While the sky pirate code dictates “He who falls behind shall stay behind”, I can’t let these new captains go off without some tips to avoid rookie mistakes.
When you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, think about good old Farlix and give me some thanks for teaching you these live lessons.

1. We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s always worth noting again: it’s important to take note of and understand the damage and armor types of your units. Bullet damage is highly effective against infantry and quite good against support vehicles, but ineffective against tanks, while armor piercing damage is good against almost any vehicle, but utterly useless against infantry.

2. Don’t forget that infantry lose firepower as they lose squad members, so a Bazooka squad with only one man left will be far less effective than a full three man squad. Healing units like the Ambulance will restore squad members as they heal the squad – so make sure to heal squads before attacking with them where possible!

3. When scouting, move your units in steps rather than up to their max movement. Units won’t automatically stop when encountering hostile units, so if you use your full movement you could find yourself in the midst of a lot of angry enemies!

4. Pay careful attention to how many AP you are using to move your units, and make sure you don’t use so many AP on movement that you can’t fire. This is especially important for units which only need 3AP to fire – you can move them 2AP every turn, but if you move even one AP more, you’ll be halving the firepower of the unit for that turn. Sometimes you can’t help this of course, but in general it’s best to try and get units to fire as much as possible each turn.

5. It’s important to be careful about line of sight (LOS) around hills. Units on top of hills can see down easily, but units at the bottom of a hill will only be able to see the top of any slopes at most. If they aren’t right at the base of the slope, they may only be able to see part way up the slope. As long as you pay attention to when your units do and don’t have LOS around hills, you should be able to quickly get a good feel for it.

6. Remember that different types of boosting vehicles never stack their effects – e.g. just because a Command Wheel of Doom and a Propaganda Truck are different types of damage boosting vehicle, it doesn’t mean that their damage boosts will stack together.

7. Different heroes not only have different deployment caps, but they also require different amounts of deployment themselves. For instance, Emilia only costs 40 deployment, while Vancer costs 80. Make sure to take this into account when choosing which heroes to take – Vancer might have more overall deployment, but he will also use up more of it himself.

Still not done marauding? Check out the guides on our forum as well: http://forums.isotx.com/forumdisplay.php?4-Guides!

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thanx a lot, i start making soem of your tips lique the scouting, in 8 turns i make 8 clicks so is better stay secure, and that of the troops and number of mens, i always plays with not less of 2 ambulance and im going well.

Like any game, the beggining are interesting and to active, so i start liked this game too much, a good tip too is start use only troops, the vehicles are good and powerfull but cost a lot.