[Backyard Monsters] shiny ways&faster upgrades

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cant we get shiny by doing the quests itll be easy and we dont have to do it by mushrooms and CANT WE JUST FINISH THE BUILDINGS IF THE’RE UNDER 5 MINUTES LIKE THE BOOBY TRAP 5 SECONDS HOW BOUT NO SECONDS

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The point of the game is not to be easy. They won’t just hand out free shiny so it’s easier for you :)

The effect of building is what makes the game playful. If there weren’t timers for the traps or blocks, there wouldn’t be a building animation. Not fun!
-Plus it gives you a few seconds to stop the building before your workers get there.

Your idea has been mentioned many times, but a change probably won’t be implemented anytime soon. Message the developers! They’re more likely to get it there than lost in the forums.