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Just thought there should be a thread for suggestions so I made it, feel free to post all your suggestions here and maybe the devs will see them. ^^

Anyway my first suggestion would be an option to rearrange your skills in the skill bar (for example you learn skill 1, then skill 2, then skill 3, your bar now shows them in this order : skill 1, skill 2, skill 3, say you want to change the order to skill 2, skill 3, skill 1 or something)

Also a new class that uses rifles would be pretty cool I think.

And the warrior skill “saltar ataque” seems a little weak for a lvl 30 skill in my opinion (the level 20 skills hit much higher)

And warrior skill “self heal” should probably have 10% chance to heal at lvl 5 instead of 9% (I don’t like odd numbers :o)

And an option to skip your turn without waiting for the timer to reach 15 would be cool too, don’t ask me why.

Also the rare rocks are a pain right now… it would be cool if they lasted longer or appeared more often. I usually have to wait like 30 mins for it to appear only to get 1-2 rocks from it.

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the most painfull thing actually everybody agree is inventory management, warehouse is too small (smaller than a backpack) and unlocking new slots cost way more than buying a dummy character slot (with a new fresh 30 empty inventory slots and 15 free shop slots).
Also, many items don’t stack for no reasons (gems, recipes).
Paid bug : paying for an extra slot when all are unlocked dismiss the slot permit but no more slots appears.
How to improve : paid slots should be warehouse page of inventory (like a second warehouse), at least make the thing multipage or way larger.

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I feel that when creating a name, there should be a filter to hinder the use of inappropriate names. I’ve seen quite a few names that either racist, or just plain blunt and vulgar.

I would love to see a chat filter as well. Now, I’m not saying you ban every user that curses, but instead censor out the words. If a player says the “f word”, instead it would be spelled out ‘f***’.

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I’m really enjoying the game , so I hope it can be sustained for a longer period than esgrima online. Here are some suggestions to improve the gameplay experience:

-More Pvp content ( pvp arena city, rewards, pvp quests, championship, etc);

-Add Wave control (Nº of mobs, boss alert);

-Difficulty awareness( like 1~5stars based on single or party overall level);

-Random Auto-attack or a defend command (in case nothing is pressed for 15s, dropout after max 3turns of inactivity);

-Increase shared warehouse space (min 3×3 with gold option for more squares, add 1 slot to store money);

-Faster mining (to cope with recipes and no market system; include more rare crystal appearances → synchronized on all servers);

-In-game library & tutorials (What are recipes, how to enhance, how to trade/sell, item database, etc).

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Just some suggestions or addons that could make the game a little easier. These are minor suggestions that aren’t game changing, just for more accommodation to problems i have encountered.
-Skip turn option(self explanatory)
-Switch spot option (2 players would have to somehow agree to do this in exchange for 1 turn as well)
-Drag from looting screen (it is annoying having to take all, or take none)
-Guild info (A way of seeing a guild’s info without having to click on a guild member of that certain guild)
-Character info (An option added by right clicking a character; This will basically just open their character screen. And an option to search up a friend and look at his character info without right-clicking)
-Guild Xp methods?
-VERY IMPORTANT: trade option, another option added when right-clicking a player; maybe a 3×3 slot box, where both players can input, and see eachothers trade offers, then an accept button)
-An option to choose the amount of items in the stack you want to throw out (for example, i drag 30 ores to the trash can, a small box asking how many i want to throw out; all, none, other

Class balancing. In order to make the game funner, there should be no such thing as a ‘best class’ currently, there are OverPowered classes/skills.
(Now i main a fire mage, and i dont know want to go on and judge others, even though i do know some are Overpowered ‘cough’ warrior ‘cough’
Fire Mage
-Fireball damage has no info when upgraded
-Fireball deals low damage (More is expected from a skill you spend 10 points on, since fireball damage adds little damage…if any, maybe add a stun/strong burn/etc. when upgrading fireball damage?)
-Rod attack (Same thing applies, maybe just a 2 hit attack %) The reason for this is that sometimes depending on a double auto attack is better than using a rod attack/fireball attack, the whole point of a mage is to have low defense and HP, but high attack. And because they lack single target attacks.
-Deny the usage of heavy boots to mages? theyre not supposed to be tanky, same with musks and clerics.

Actual Suggestions
These are bigger ideas that may spice up the game. No one is close to having reached end-game just yet. But we can all sort of see how its going to be….whats the point? Thats why there needs to be more spicing up, Ive heard of the boss battles, which will be good, but not enough to keep a fully entertained audience.
-Guild stats and leaderboard (most mobs killed, most pvp kills, etc.) giving the top 3 guilds a special colored name or something small will be enough to get guilds all crazy about being 1st, 2nd or 3rd, trust me
-More rewards for being in a guild? Drop chance/xp boost/stats attributes, each increasing as guild level increases
-A nice little minigame; (sorta of a semi-infinite dungeon with many floors) To test the strongest team of adventurers -This is always a nice little
challenge for people :P

And that is all i can think of for now. Hopefully some consideration will be given to the suggestions i’ve made.

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get rid of the rare rocks in the mines, the only thing they accomplish is running alround like a headless chicken and hopping channels like crazy

just leave the rares rare, i.e. low chance to obtain but from the regular blue crystals. would make thinks way more relaxed

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I. Trade System

This needs to be implemented. Having to use your Shops and putting things up for 1 Denar in order to trade items is just not right. The fact that there are people out there who will stoop as low as stealing people highly valuable trades while they are up for the few seconds for 1 Denar makes this a necessity.

II. Purchasable Inventory Space

Right now, there’s really only 2 inventory options: Use your Personal Shop and even additional characters just to hold your items, or throw away all your common mining resources. Neither of these should be necessary. If you must, make the additional space only purchasable with Gold. However, I would suggest offering some available for Denars, and then even more for Gold.

On a related note, it would be nice to buy additional Warehouse/Shop space in addition to what is already available. Maybe add in more spaces available for Denars for these as well?

III. Suggestions Regarding Battles

1. If the timer for someones turn goes down and they don’t do anything, have them perform a default attack against a random enemy.

2. Have a “Pass Turn” button.

3. Maybe implement a “Rest” function, where you can skip your turn to gain back some Mana (maybe HP too?)

4. Add a “Wave Number” somewhere on the screen.

IV. UI Changes (not as important as things above)

1. When turning in a Quest, move the “Quest Completed!” pop-up so that it doesn’t block the dialogue for the next quest.

2. When completing a battle, move the “Battle Completed!” pop-up so that it doesn’t block the loot table. (this only happens of there is some lag, otherwise it goes away pretty much instantly)

3. Change the color of the Guild chat, because the green can be very difficult to read in certain areas.

4. Fix that chat filter so that it doesn’t censor out parts of words suck as “Class” and “Harass”.

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Excellent suggestions PCSwarrior, I agree with every single one of them.

I’d like to add this: Allow players to use a turn to move to an open spot.

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need yeah faster mining eazyier to cope with the recipe’s being over like, grey cap lvl 20 need 15 ancient coins and you got a 0.035% chance to get one in rare rock ( % is randomly inputed dont quote me on it) by the time you evan get to go for your level 20 items your just about level 30. and uve not made your 20 items so basicly you just watsed 3-7 days getting items for it for nothing

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Originally posted by etphonehome20:

need yeah faster mining eazyier to cope with the recipe’s being over like, grey cap lvl 20 need 15 ancient coins and you got a 0.035% chance to get one in rare rock ( % is randomly inputed dont quote me on it) by the time you evan get to go for your level 20 items your just about level 30. and uve not made your 20 items so basicly you just watsed 3-7 days getting items for it for nothing

We plan to add Mining Clothes in later updates that will boost mining chances

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k, first things first, i actually like this game otherwise i wouldnt be bothered to even write something here.
that said it still need a lot of work :D

- if u plan an update make an ingame announcement, something like server going down in 15 mins
- if u actually make an update make sure that all players are thrown out of the game. last time u had ppl who were in the mines, like me, could simply go on mining without noticing the maintenance. this again(i complained about a similar situation elsewhere) lead to quite a signifficant loss in rare ores since after a refresh they were all gone.
- if u mess up, compensate!
- make a next area button after u finish one. im aware it wouldnt be used that often but having to go back to town and then again to the new area just feels like 2 loading screens with no purpose.

concerning the last update
- if u mess with skills give ppl the possibility to reset them, for free!. now almost every musk has to wait 15 days and do those daily bosses just to buy a skill reset which is kinda messed up, the gold could be invested in better things. b4 the update u had a certain choice of skills. some were acceptabe, some werent. so u had to pick the ones with the best effect. after the update this changed , making formerly “good” skills bad and vice versa. u cannot expect the players to pay for this.
- when u start changing the skills why did u stop halfway through the process?
since im a musk i can just talk about those skills. i wont mention all cause i simply didnt try all since quite a few seemed such a complete waste of points that i didnt even bother

ultimate shot
10 hits, nice. 60% dmg on lvl 5.. wtf? best example where not to use this skill cause the reduction is simply to big is the air ship boss with his def buff.
the dmg here definitely needs to be increased to at least 80%. even that, compared to aoe´s from other classes is really little but at least a start.
since ure developers it should be minimum effort for u to do some tests b4 finishing thise skills. take a mage/warrior/musk, all same lvl equip, and compare 100 rounds against a single enemy and 100 against a group, look at the average dmg and then it should be fairly obvious what tweaking needs to be done

lucky gunner
30% crit chance for one round on lvl5..
as good as this sounds it is still not enough. the main reason for this is that its an active buff. by casting it i sacrifice 2-4 attacks and at the same time up to 4 criticals. so the next attack, in addition to its regular dmg needs to make up for that fact. sometimes i get the feeling it helps but most of the time it doesnt. another thing for this skill is that it needs a multihit followup. this would either be muchos trios or ultimate shot(why it isnt, see above).
so either make it last 2 rounds or give an additional bonus to this skill

i dont think there is much explanation to do for this one. first and most it needs 4 hits instead of 2. second it can still miss even though it has a dodge 0 bonus. the only good thing about this one is the low cooldown. try adding the unblockable/unmissable feature to this skill and maybe raise the cooldown a bit. the way this is now its an absolute waste of points

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Could you give to the room creator the power to start the game when HE WANTS ( too many guys launch the battle when nobody is in it and failed the thing .. )

An other dream thing : the other hand of the warrior : nothing ^. the other classes got something ( ok not the priest ( maybe a stick item ) and the mage ( book item ) ^ )
he could wear a second sabre or a small shield.

That was my suggestions

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hey guys XD my suggestion is

safe way to trade between players like lock item to a username

special moves for normal attacking example: does aoe damage at 1% chance

a world boss where everyone comes to gathers to defeat a strong boss with 1million health (only example) with 1st 2nd n 3rd rewards

daily wheel of fortune to get random items in game XD and if you want to spin it more then once you have to pay gold.(obviously has to have some good rewards for that to happen)

a bare handed class cause every1 likes to punch the @#!$ out of a npc

maybe if have like 15 classes in total (adventully) have a max of 5 character spots (free)

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I want a infinite denar storage in the warehouse to transfer between characters

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Potions bought from mall ( for ex. xp pot ) need to be time based , like for 1 h or more if is a better one. I’ve seen players having to refresh because of bugs/freeze and loosing the buff.

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hey guys,
another suggestion: pricing of mining materials,seems like minerals cost about 200X the ammount of the recipe’s (+ gems and most common gold items converted into denars ).

some sort of rocks for extra damage ( like the skill tree just you spend denars to obtain them kinda like gems just another add on because once you get the best items in game n all that you are on par with every1 eles when they want to be the best).

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So far I’ve done the main play-through with 3 classes, and unfortunately the classes seem to be too much unbalanced to even considering playing with others.

In instance, Berserker vs Warrior. While having a higher dps weapon & requiring the user to unlock the class, it would be expected for bersekers to be more effective (at least in some specific scenarios).
Truth is, they lack the aoe, healing, cooldown, quality of skills & number of strikes that make a warrior overpowered (even when comparing to a musketeer, a supposed high dps’er whose only real perk is a lvl50 cooldown reset).

In this sense,and trying to balance the classes, I would suggest at least to improve some class specific items ( and to boost the usefulness of their affinity element):

Berserker- More fear , higher dmg/critical/armor break on few powerful hits (and when a 10 bellow HP skill is activated, the battle is very likely lost);

Musketeer- More variety and usefulness skills, even if just in specific situations (esquivar, crazy fury & esquivar come to mind); increase stun %;

Guardian- Lack of damage makes him useless in end-game, where light armor and gems are good enough to overthrow attacks. Capturing aggro needs to be a main focus;

Cleric- Since their main focus is support, the cleansing ability should be more easily repeatedly or via aoe. More conditions should also be applicable to players by mobs, to improve the cleric usefulness (fear, poison, etc);

Fire mage- Does the purpose on aoe, although it’s rare to see burnt active on enemies. Since the aoe just pile up and are weaker than the predecessors by 50, it would be nice to see some distinction between skills beside damage.

Empire Officer- Right now it overpowers any other class on damage, which questions the usefulness of mages & musketeers. The higher amount in a party, the less they need tanks or healing.

Warrior- Self heals, balanced aoe & single target, critical improvement… Besides having lighting affinity and attacks, being versatile seems to distinguish them. If you can solo effectively & be on the front-line with outstanding damage, why would you go for a shield or a bigger sword?

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I will correct you a bit there pattara, but overall I share your toughts..

Berserk IS useful(you have to carefully pick your defence for stage tho)… Around 500 def means you will go below 10% on fire lord with 1 crit. So you just stay at that def and improve attack until something new comes up you want to farm.

Also berserk is crazily strong vs enemies who multihit(especially prince)… Although they need to become a bit stronger, especially in terms of aoe.

Warrior has only 1 AOE which is worth using actually too… 2 others are for some veeery weak mobs only. So I think warrior is fine…

I agree on guardian part – needs some passive to make mobs target him A LOT more often… so the allies would only need to be afraid of AOE.

Musket needs a boost with dmg, his cd removal is very useful for 6 person party tho.

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I think about playstyle change- so far minning is a key to win, so you could have best gear without fightning a single boss, what’s, i think, not the point of the game (so far its mostly minning simulator with quests).So try rebalancing recipes/bosses/minning to make fightning and dungeons more important part of the game. So far, if you dont have tons of gold to spend, you will find yourself minning, minning, minning, selling shit for rares, minning, minning …i know its not easy to do, but its quite important, becouse it is combining with essence of the game, but …try.

PS. Axe Class <3

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A simple suggestion: an ETA of next major updates would be greatly appreciated by the community.

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1) how about after every update a simple log? so we , at least roughly, know what u changed?

2) pistol recipes were adjusted a bit in regard to the fact that u need twice the mats to get to the same result.
now why was the number of dragon horns not included in the dragon recipes? crafting 4 of those with the current spawn/mining rate is just mayhem, pls fix

3) musk skill problems still not sufficiently fixed, lucky gunner, esquivar, ultimate shot. any response to the problems discussed earlier in this thread?

4) do devs read this at all? there is no real feedback and since bob vanished from the game, at least i, didnt see any dev again.

5) planning on adjusting the demmand of wind stones? the way it is now crafting the dragon stuff is .. tedious to be veeerryyy nice. basically if u dont use 5 miners at the same time u can be sure to need bout 2 weeks at least to finish one item, where the only thing u do is mine.
same goes for war factory keys. unless u do real teamwork or spend real money and buy the stones the accessibility is simply almost non existent. for one person alone to forge that key again takes x weeks. and to actually be able to craft any items from there u need y runs( which is maaanyyyy).
so to make it short it needs balancing

now it actually would be nice to hear a feedback from u guys every now and then and just tell us which problems ure trying to tackle, which dont interest u at all and so on. since u have a cash shop i think this can be expected from u to every now and then have a player dev discourse


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oh and make the repeat option in a stage accessible even if u leave. best example is farming stuff in a boss area, whats the point in going back to town if u come back here to run at the boss anyways?

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Just a note on how the economy works.
Prices are determined by a demand economy. This factors in an item’s rarity and demand. The higher the demand and rarity the higher the price. I sincerely doubt developers can do muxh about this other than making some items more common or rare. In the end, however, the prices are determined by the COMMUNITY.

Now to get back on topic:
What I sincerely hope for is some more cosmetics in the shop.
This can help boost the amount of gold sold as well as provide a way to satisfy a player’s fashion needs.

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the design of the recipes and the accessibility of those items have a high impact in the whole price finding process. the ammount u need makes it seem to be a perfectly common item whereas the accessibiliy shows the complete opposite, thats the flaw i was hinting at, prizes are just a result of that problem and not really a topic, they just show the bad balance

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@Wackie: repeat after a leave option. I like it, but, it would get messy if in a group. Nooblet1 goes to farm shells… gets to the boss, and leaves/restarts… BigBad1337er sticks around 300 rounds to kill the boss. Nooblet2 stays to help. Nooblet1 comes back into the group… not getting any more snarfs…. no more shells, but, ends back at the boss…
But, as for liking the idea… you don’t know how many times I’ve gone for spider legs, and gotten webbed by the big badbutt one at the end ;P

I’d suggest an option as well for group-start vs single player start where the whole group must click the start button… (wait for group to load/start option, as well as leader options to kick before the bloodshed starts)