[Dragons of Atlantis] I can't breed my dragons anymore ):

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  1. I have refresh and open and close the mozilla firefox
  2. I have adult dragons of both sexes
  3. I have open space on the master rookery

I select the couple, and press the bottom “breed” and it
doesn’t add in the sanctuary activity bulletin (the part on the right side that tells how much time it’s gonna to take)
there isn’t any egg on the roost, the picture of the egg it self, or by clicking on it it doesn’t show no egg.

this problem started to happen yesterday, after many hours, one time, it start to breed 3 couples at same time! and I only have permission to do 1 per time. the egg hatched I release that same new dragon and when I try to breed again the same problem of no breeding continues.

kabam please help me!

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still doesn’t work D: