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1. On making arena battles:
Provide parameters and/or limitations when one host a battle so that only players who fit a certain “profile” may join. Fact is with the “refuse” button people can do this already and it’s not helping the game to have players constantly refusing battles.
Instead, remove the refuse feature but allow players to set the limitations of who can join ahead of time.
First is a “private” game option that allows you to invite a specific player to battle.
Second is a level limit that a player can set that will be the max level of who can join the battle. This limit cannot be lower than one’s own level plus 5 OR one’s own level times 2, whichever is higher.

2. On constructed tourney.
Except rather rare occasions, constructed usually goes one of 2 ways:
a few selected players with a really powerful deck wins over and over
a group of players work together to farm the tourney (someone got banned over using alts to do this I heard, but it could happen in a “legit” fashion)
This means the average player who does not wish to farm it will have little chance to enjoy a constructed tournament properly.
So here are a number of possible ways to make it better.
I. Rarity limit. You have this for cata dragon fights, so you can have this for constructed tourney too. Just like cata, there can be multiple different limits. Here is what I’m thinking:
a. no-limit version
b. 3 UR/promo 15 R+ version (note that the UR/promo DOES count toward the R+)
c. 1 UR/promo 10 R+ version
d. no UR/promo, 5 R version
C/F are unlimited in all. Of course, number subject to adjustment. Possibly make the ones with higher limit give more reward to encourage those being played

II. reward adjustment. I think it’s just a bad idea to give out 5k imps for a tourney that cost 4k between all entrees. You are almost asking for it to be farmed. The game doesn’t have that many players now so it’s slow to find a group but it’s probably gonna happen and mess up the economy like it did cata. So I suggest for alternatives:
first place: 2000 imp + 2 Frequent card(of choice) +10 tali
second place: 500 imp +5 tali.
This is assuming the rarity disparity isn’t added, if it is possibly lower reward for the ones with more strict limits and higher for unlimited. As you can see, I lowered the imp limit while adding other stuff to more or less make up the value.

III. Win limit: a player can no longer join constructed for the day if he win 1st place in a certain number of them. This will keep the most powerful deck out of the tourney once they had their fill so the smaller players can have some chances while also make farming constructed of limited use as you can only do it so many times. This would be a “hard stop” that can solve both the problem part I and part II is trying to fix, but it’s not much fun so it’s only a back up for those 2. Ofc, the limit can be fairly high such as 5 so that it’s of no real consequence (frankly, it’s almost unrealistic for a player to have 5 honest wins in constructed tourney in a day as it does take a long time) to honest players while stopping farming all the same.

IV. draft-oid constructed. This is an alternative to option I, it basically “evens the playing field” for the players. There are a number of ways to do this.
a. Allow a player to construct any deck they want as if they have all the cards. Probably not gonna happen lol.
b. Allow a player a limited amount of resource to build a deck for the constructed. (this would be both ounce and imp, I’m thinking 15k imp and 200 ounces) Of course, this resource is provided for “free” and the player does NOT get to keep the cards after. This a watered down version of a, as it provides a wide degree of freedom in usage of the resource while also limiting deck power to some extend.
c. Give each participating player 5-6 boosters to construct a deck, cards are not kept after of course.
d. For option b and c, possibly allow each player to select a number of their own cards to add to the “pool”. such as 5 cards or 3 rare+5 F/C etc.
IMO a would be ideal, but it’s probably destructive to the game to some extend so it’s probably not gonna happen (unless it cost ounce to play XD). It is the bet measurement of skill possible.
What I really expect to see thou is b+d or c+d, as d will still encourage people to purchase cards for real so they can bring in some awesome “champions” into their otherwise draft-ish deck. And the game probably likes it when people buy cards for real(one way or another)
The details can be modified in anyway you like ofc, the basic concept is to limit the effect one’s own card pool have on the constructed deck and make the majority of the deck to be made from some fair condition. Ofc, this can also be made into a 4th form of tournament instead of just modifying constructed tourney.

3. Random rants
For some reason the tiled display of cards doesn’t have the statistic charts… I want that chart, it have its uses!
Please show the crystal allowance on the select deck page for costumed games. There are some pretty odd ones being made and selecting regular decks won’t work at all.
Consider allowing players to exchange 2b free gift for 2 1b OR 2 1b to 2b or 1b+40 ounces for 2b. Frankly due to the introduction of 1b/2b tourney, it’s making it extremely hard to use the free gifts as neither is getting as many players as it used to. took me 2 hours of waiting to use my last 1b gift…

Disclaimer: yes, some ideas are pretty “out there”, quite a few I don’t expect to see in its current form and probably not at all. Just laying them all out so whatever useful bit and pieces can be picked up. So don’t come screaming the whole thing is bad if you find parts of it horrible. I really feel something should be done about constructed tourney but not sure what.

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Thanks for your suggestions. We are making Clan wars now and when it’s done we will return to this question. I like your “Win limit” idea very much. :)