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there is no explanation of how these work on a mission.

I found two “tiny” medkits, and can’t figure out how they are supposed to work. can’t double click on them, left or right, can’t drag them anywhere (like on your merc or their portrait).

so… how is it supposed to work?

EDIT Nevermind, for some reason, the belt option was not appearing on my mission screen. Now it is. go figure.

also, is there any way to drop an item during a mission? can’t drag onto the ground…

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At the moment the only option to get rid of items during missions is to put them into loot bags.
That is normally also the only time you need to make space for something, so that is working as intended.
The only thing we are aware of, is that this is also the only way to get an item from one merc to another, which is a little complicated.

At the moment we have far more pressing issues to deal with, but if you guys feel that this has to be changed, please let us know here and we will think about it.

Thanks and have fun!

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I cannot work out how to use the Medikits. I’ve got them in the Hip/belt, but cannot use them. Have tried dragging the medikit, but without luck. Can someone help?


Mr L

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Exactly my issue. I have posted this question as to how the hell you are supposed to activate a med kit under the “Bugs” topic on this forum, in a personal message to Cliffhanger, in the comments section for Jagged Alliance, and have yet to receive any response at all. This is a serious flaw in the game and needs to be addressed.

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Medkits and other consumables can only be used in missions. In order to use them you have to place them in your equipment belt in the mercenary’s inventory (the 3 slots on the top left). In the mission HUD you see the selected mercenary’s equipment belt on the bottom right next to the weapon element. Left-clicking consumables there will use them. Keep in mind that this costs 2 Action Points so it will not work if the merc doesnt have enough left.


PS: if it doesnt work this way for you that has to be a bug. In that case please report it by sending a mail to jao_support@cliffhanger-productions.com

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Thanks much, Suigi. By some twist of fate, I finally realized during my last mission that the medkits can only be activated, NOT from the inventory screen, but, as you pointed out, from the mission screen, lower right. What a relief to finally be able to stop the bleeding! ;-)

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Isn’t it awesome when the pain stops? :)