[The Grinns Tale] Beating the drag system

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Anyone know how to get around the stupid drag system in combat?
I was up to room 3 of the final boss, but couldn’t seem to win due to the fact that I needed
- revive potions
- heal potions
- attack 3 different enemies

As the revive/heal are on different tabs, switching between tabs as you need the different potions can be enough time for the heroes to die (remebering that once they have died, they revive with about 30hp which is wiped in about 3 seconds).

Dragging the revive/heal potions often fails due to animations, lag and other annoyances.

Timer count down can be a problem as you multi-task. It would be nice if you could simply say “use revive potion on archer” and then it is used when the timer hits 0.

Dragging heroes from reserve slots can fail due to animations, lag, non pixel-perfect swapping.

Aiming at enemies can fail, mainly due to lag.

So considering that dragging is a horrible part of the combat system, has anyone found a way to beat these laggy situations? Before all I had to do was level up my heroes enough so that damage wasn’t a problem, but they are all maxed out!

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scripts. check out the right topic

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I have been trying to avoid using scripts. As annoying as some things are, and at times I feel the game should be renamed “the grinds,” I still prefer to beat it in a legit way. I was just wondering if anyone managed to an easier way to take down the last of the 3 bosses using the frustrating drag system. One thing I am now changing is that I never bothered to upgrade my potion shop to produce extreme potions, I will see if this changes things enough. I might also just have to let certain Grinns die at times so that I can swap in the ones that have a lot more health and heal the back rankers or something.

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By last three bosses do you mean the boss on level 46? If so, this strategy works for me for the third room:

1. Haste Cleric
2. Adventurer with best gear possible and “Fancy Flurry II and Lifesteal.”
3. Knight or someone

-Basically, once you have the boss into it’s final form during room 3, only use the adventurer, (Who should be hasted as much as possible), to attack. The Fancy flurry increase the adventurers attack and coupling that with life-steal makes him self-sustaining. Only use the adventurer to attack, and feel free to feed him extreme potions but after about “Chain x8 or 9,” the adventurer should be self sustaining. Hope that helps

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Thanks for that, I have been meaning to switch onto fancy flurry. I have had my adventurer stuck on pickpocket for ages because of diamond/ruby farming. I will absolutely try this and am sure it will work. Thanks mate :D

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Originally posted by Sh33p:

I have been trying to avoid using scripts. As annoying as some things are, and at times I feel the game should be renamed “the grinds,” I still prefer to beat it in a legit way.

what counts as a legit way is horribly gray. I mean those scripts are nothing more than hotkeys meant for dragging your mouse faster (inhumanly faster, but still). You could also increase your mouse sensitivity to the max for faster dragging on your own, or use a slower computer (slower battles means more time to drag mouse).

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My mouse moves fast enough, it’s the computer that doesn’t :) You have to hover the cursor for a second for it to target the Grinn/enemy. If you let go too fast, you get no selection or it imagines that you selected some blank space. The old girl is about 6 years old now, so doesn’t handle these complex flash environments too well.

I have now beaten those bosses using the method vpiemon2 suggested, although due to the stupid draggy system all of my heroes flattened out with 2 hits left to go. I spent the 19 pramin to revive simply out of apathy. Looks like I’ll be saving even longer for that fuzzlehorn! Mind you, I’m now at the stage in the game where the fuzzlehorn probably won’t give me any advantage other than clearing out my junk. Maybe powered mills are money better spent?