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Hey guys! If you’re reading this then either you’re new to the game or just like reading forum topics. Anyways as the title suggests, this is a guide to the game in barebones terms to help you get started. In it, I’ll cover some of the things that many people may find they need a hand with, such as:

  • Stats (which to raise and which to focus on)
  • Outbreaks and Challenges (what happens and how they work)
  • Bosses (sharing to the Kong chat and all that)
  • Properties and Inventory (includes upgrades and the workshop)
  • Squad (and more particularly the Top Squad)
  • Fights (what determines your stats and how to work the other parts)
  • The UN (what stuff is worth getting with UN credits)
  • Early game (how to break into the game quickly)

And anything else that the players want help on!
Those areas I listed will be where I focus my efforts. However I will be happy to answer any questions in an FAQ section, so you can get up-to-date info on how things work in this. Don’t be afraid to ask! I’ll always help out!

EDIT 21/01/13 :- New sections have been added for home page and profile page. Link is here: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/233-zombie-slayer/topics/319327-a-new-slayers-guide-to-zombie-slayers?page=2#posts-6777482

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I bet you’re asking ‘Why are you covering stats first TrueShad0w?’ Here’s the answer.
With Zombie Slayers, you can go down three firm paths – the path of the outbreak beater, the path of the boss fighter, or the path of the fighter. Each of these will have a different build of stats you will focus on. That’s why I’m focusing on Stats first. :)

To start, I’ll cover the stats themselves. These are:

  • Health (Obviously, how much health you have and how long you can last in a fight)
  • Attack (Basic attack multiplier, determines how much damage you do against an enemy (here, enemy will stand for boss or slayer in a fight))
  • Defense (Basic defense multiplier, reduces damage from slayers and against bosses but NOT when attacking slayers)
  • Energy (How much energy you have, needed for outbreaks)
  • Stamina (Max stamina, how long you can fight against enemies, but be aware that increasing this stat costs 2 Skill Points)

You will always gain 5 skill points when you level up, and through completing achievements you can get a bunch more.
Since going through the game requires you to beat bosses and outbreaks, make sure that energy, attack and health are raised in moderation, but don’t forget defense or stamina. Now, in terms of how you play the game there are two further ways you can focus your stats.

  • If you prefer to play outbreaks to everything else, then dump skill points on energy. With this path be careful that you don’t ignore attack and health as they will help you beat the bosses to move on.
  • If you prefer to fight bosses, then focus on health, stamina and attack stats. Again, make sure defense isn’t neglected, otherwise you’ll spend more money at the doctors for healing than you get in beating those bosses. :)
  • If you prefer to fight other slayers, then have a good attack, stamina and defense, as well as health to deal max damage against your foes.

All in all, make sure you choose your path at around level 100 so you can get good in that area. However, don’t purely neglect stats if they’re not on your path, otherwise you’ll find it slow going.

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Outbreaks and Challenges

Part 1: Outbreaks

Here’s where you’ll probably spend most of the game, fighting through the hordes in places around the world. All countries have at least 5 outbreak missions, though US, Canada, and Italy onwards will have more. Once you beat an outbreak at 100% (meet the zombie kill requirement) you will get an Achievement for that outbreak and earn some skill points, which is nice.

All outbreaks have an energy requirement which you need to have out of your total to complete a step of the outbreak. Once you enter an outbreak, you will get a reward of cash and XP, as well as kill some zombies. The cash earned and zombies killed are fixed at a minimum, though you will likely get more. Sometimes, you will also receive a Destructible drop. These are awesome things that you can use in fights, and will go through them in more detail later.

Once a day, you can ask for help from your squad in defeating the horde in a specific location. While it doesn’t kill zombies, both you and anyone who helps will receive a nice boost of cash and XP, so it’s always nice.

Once you beat the Single Boss in an area, you can travel to the next to carry on beating outbreaks. To travel, find the travel tab next to your Avatar image in the top right of the game. From there you can travel to any unlocked location to finish it off or just for the heck of it :)

Part 2: Challenges

No separate post for this feature, since it’s a cool derivative from outbreaks :)
Challenges are what they are – fun and difficult minigames that taking part in and winning can earn you some sweet rewards. There are currently four flavours of challenges:

  • Carnival Shooter (US, Canada and Brazil)
  • Death Deal (Spain, England and France, then Russia, China and India)
  • Rocket Launcher Shooter (Italy, Switzerland and Germany, then Japan onward)
  • Calendars (Special challenges from Kano each month and on special occasions)

Carnival Shooters and Rocket Launcher Shooters work in relatively the same simple way – hit all the targets to win the big prize – though with Rocket Launcher Shooters you’ll have less max ammo.
Death Deals are a bit different. You play by putting a chip ‘bet’ which determines your prize. When the bet is made, a top card is played, and you have to guess whether the card below is higher or lower. If you are right then you win a prize. If you are wrong then you lose. If the card’s value is the same then you get the bet amount of chips back. To win, you have to get the right answer as many times as specified.
Calendars are special challenges launched by Kano at a monthly rate, where you must clear all the boards to win, collecting prizes as you go. The ammo you get will be recuperated either every 22 hours or 30 minutes, depending on how much time there is to beat it.

Reloads for most of the challenges go through a 1/2 hourly period, except for the calendars. You can get extra reloads through asking friends in the Kong chat, or by purchasing extra ammo using UN Credits.
And that’s that :)

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This is gonna be the part where you also spend a lot of time on this game. However, it isn’t the straightforward approach as with outbreaks. The bosses are powerful zombies located within the different countries which can provide great rewards if you can beat them. You can scale how much stamina you use with fights against bosses, and you can initiate Power Attacks which boost your stats for the attack by the amount specified. Inviting more friends to the fight can upgrade the Power Attack to more powerful forms. More on inviting people to Boss Fights later. There are three types of Zombie Slayer Bosses.

  • The Single Boss: These bosses are meant to be taken on by a single slayer, though other people can still join if you’re struggling. There are good drop rewards for attacking it, but only the person who started the fight gets the main reward. You need to beat the Level 1 Single Boss of a country to move on to the next country.
  • The Coop Boss: You can try to take on these bosses on your own, but really you’re gonna need the help from your squad to beat it. Again, good drops are gained from attacking the boss, but you need to deal a minimum amount of damage against the boss to earn the rewards. Later on there are some rewards from Coop Bosses which are exclusive to the person who started the fight.
  • The World Boss: There are only four World Bosses in this game so far, and work differently to other bosses in different ways. First, no one person can start these fights – they choose when to attack (usually with a fortnightly rotation between them and two World Bosses active at a time – starting one week after each other). Second, you can only attack the World Boss once every 4 hours, with the exception of the last day, where attacks can be stamina-cost-adjusted and spaced with 15 minutes between them. Finally, the boss only drops rewards if it is beaten, and what you get is determined by how many attacks you launched against the boss and your level. You must meet both requirements to have the prize drop for you.

Aside from the World Bosses, people can only join Bosses from other people who are already in their squad. So if you’re not in their squad, you can choose to send an invite to that person so you can take part. You can do this by:

  • Using invite codes such as ‘abCDe12345’ (This is an example and is not a proper invite code, so don’t try it) and putting them in the Kong chat feed.
  • Putting received invite codes in the text box below your own code
  • Sharing the invite link in the box below the text box

Share your bosses in the Kong chat feed by using the link below the Boss image, or by clicking the ‘Ask for help’ button and sharing the link it provides (the links are the same)

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Properties and Inventory

Part 1: Properties

Another two part topic :) Lucky you.
Properties are your one-stop guide to earning quick money. Well, not quick. You get the money each hour. But once you build up your global push for dominance for zombies it becomes good quick money. There are four types of properties in the game:

  • Weapons Depot (provides the least money per property, but still worth getting)
  • Zombie Incinerator
  • Stronghold (provides second highest money per property)
  • Medical Centre (highest income of any property, but needs at least 10 squad members to build)

And you can upgrade these buildings as well up to Level 4 for even more money! Upgrades are per property per country. These cost Property Parts and money. The Property parts can be gained from challenges and boss drops.

  • Level 1: Bog-standard income. 0% boost to income (for property).
  • Level 2: Getting a bit more money now. 25% boost to income.
  • Level 3: Put some of that in a bank! 50% boost to income.
  • Level 4: Hey high roller. 100% boost to income.

Part 2: Inventory

This stuff will make up your equipment you take into fights, and are needed for outbreaks as well. There are 4 types of inventory:

  • Weapons
  • Gear
  • Vehicles
  • Destructibles (from outbreaks)

And can be obtained from 3 sources:

  • The shop.
  • Drops from challenges and bosses
  • The workshop

Apart from Destructibles, your agent can personally equip one of each item (but you can equip an extra weapon at Level 120) to boost your personal attack and defense. Most shop-bought inventory will have an upkeep cost associated with it, and if your properties cannot hold meet that upkeep then you will lose money each hour. If you run out of money then inventory will be deleted to cover costs.
Like properties, inventory can be upgraded into more powerful items, with the help of parts for each respective type. These upgrades have these effects:

  • Level 1: Same old item. +0 attack/defense overall.
  • Level 2: Just a few tweaks. +2 attack/defense overall.
  • Level 3: Nice touch. +5 attack/defense overall.
  • Level 4: Bang for your buck. +9 attack/defense overall.

The final part of this topic will cover the Workshop. This is a nice fun feature where you can combine two or more items together to create a more powerful item. To craft an item, you must have all the required items at the required quantity, and the required amount of cash on hand to craft the item.
There are also special ‘Hidden Blueprints’ which can be used to create very powerful items… if you can find out what you need.
What? I can’t tell you what they are! You have to find them for yourself! ;)

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One of the more major features of the game is the power to have other people tag with you for help with… just about anything, such as:

  • Outbreak help
  • Bosses
  • Challenges
  • Properties
  • Fights
  • Squad Contracts (covered later in topic)

First thing you need to do is build up your squad by inviting them to your own. This can be done by:

  • Using invite codes such as ‘abCDe12345’ (This is an example and is not a proper invite code, so don’t try it) and putting them in the Kong chat feed.
  • Putting received invite codes in the text box below your own code
  • Sharing the invite link in the box below the text box

Now there’s more fun to this. Squad Contracts are 5 special slots for your team which can boost you in many ways, but last for two days before they expire and have to be refreshed. These are the contracts:

  • The Diplomat: Cuts your fees for putting money into the vault to 5% of the money you are putting in
  • The Leech: Earn 5% more money from outbreaks
  • The Capacitor: Outbreaks cost 5% less energy
  • The Anchor: Gives a 5% defense boost in fights
  • The Kamikaze: Gives a 5% attack boost in fights

Top Squads are like your personal team. Your elite. Anyone in your Top Squad have their attack and defense added to your own personal stats in fights in proportion to your own attack and defense stats and carry extra inventory (one of each class apart from Destructibles) into battle with you. Also, if you are in anyone else’s Top Squad, you earn a portion of what they earn through outbreaks, fights and bosses. They don’t lose the money personally, so it’s all good.

In addition, at Level 150, you can use Hired Squad members as special members in fights to help you. They’ll also have their attack and defense added to your own, and then they’ll take an inventory (one of each class apart from Destructibles) with you.

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Fights are the core PvP element of the game, and like most PvP parts of games these require a strategy of sorts. The main fights will have an attack vs defense feature. If your attack is greater, you will win the fight, if not you lose. The variables that determine the attack/defense in the fight are:

  • Crit Bonus (Determined by attack and health remaining compared to the opponent)
  • Personal Attack/Defense
  • Equipped items
  • Boosts (from contracts, vaccines and Top Squad. Attackers can spend more stamina to get an attack boost)
  • Strength of top squad and hired squad
  • Weapons, gear and vehicles bought to the fight by top/hired squad
  • Destructible (attackers only. See where they can be used :) )

The hitlist is the place where you can pay to have people targeted. The cost will depend on their income and your own. If you manage to take down someone else’s hit you get the money that is listed.

Fed up with people carrying on attacking you? Head to the Rival’s Page to find out who is attacking you and set up your counters. The first point of counters is ambushes where (hitlist attacks aside) any attacks against you from that person give you an automatic 100000% defense boost, causing you to win. The second is the Booby Trap, where – if the person tries to hitlist you – they will be greeted with a deadly surprise, killing them and giving you the point. Finally, there’s the good old Punch to the face. Instant damage against them for 1 stamina. One per person per hour. Nice, clean and efficient. Best used after putting an enemy in hospital.

Finally is the Battle Arena. It’s an effective slugmatch to the death where the winner gets a great prize. It’s not open until you’re Level 660, so I won’t cover it here.

As a warning, attacking/punching anyone in fights open you up for retaliation.

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The UN

The UN is essentially this game’s ‘freemium’ store. The currency used is UN Credits, and can be earned a lot through these sources:

  • Levelling up (1 per level)
  • Coop Boss drop (1, albeit this is very rare)
  • Drop from challenges (5 as a 1/2% drop in Carnival Shooter/Rocket Launcher Shooter, 5% chance in Calendar, and a guaranteed 2/3 from winning Death Deal)
  • The Lottery (5-Jackpot)
  • Achievements (Quantity dependent on achievement, usually 5)

Once you gather enough UN Credits you can choose to visit this page to find out what you want to get. There are several components to this:

  • Limited Items: Special items for sale that are either time- or quantity-constrained. These are some of the most powerful items you can get.
  • Sale Items: Special items that were available prior but have been rereleased for a very limited time at a great discount. They aren’t as powerful as the limited items, but once in a while there are some real gems in there. Check it out!
  • Hired Squad Members: Extra people you can hire to your team to bolster your power. Some hired squad can give you a stat boost if they’re in your Top Squad. I would recommend buying them when you unlock Hired Squad Support at Level 150.
  • Energy/Stam/Cash/Health Refills: Generally not worth it. Avoid buying these at all costs!
  • New Characters: Give yourself a special character with decent bonuses for 100 UN Credits.
  • The Lottery: Here’s where you have a chance to win some great loot, and a jackpot of UN Credits.

In the UN Store there is also a Loyalty shop where you can spend special loyalty points to gain sweet items. The items you can get are dependent on your loyalty level, which can be improved by:

  • Buying UN Credits
  • Gaining Gamer Points through all the game’s activities

These also give you loyalty points to spend.

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Early Game

Almost through the guide now, congratulations for getting this far :)
This bit mainly focuses on new people and how to get good quickly in this. Here’s my points on how to go from new player to great player:

  • There are no differences between the starting classes, other than the weapons and gear they give. They have the same stats, though.
  • At the start of the game, save your UN Credits for the starter pack of awesome stuff. :)
  • Avoid attacking targets in the hitlist unless you’re certain you can take them on. Remember, any attack against anyone opens you up for retailation from them.
  • Complete at least 75% of the outbreaks in a location before you move on. The XP and skill points are always worth it.
  • Before you use a boost (Energy/Stamina) make sure you absolutely cannot do anything with your levels right now, and consider your XP progress to the next level.
  • Buy Hired Squad Members only when you need to. The Roughneck is very weak, but as an extra member for inventory it’s a fairly good deal in a pinch.
  • Always make sure excess cash is put into the Vault. When you’re afk you’re still open to attack, and that will cause a money drain
  • Make sure you max your GP gains each day as at the start of a new week you get an XP boost based on the percentage you earned.
  • Factions are fun! They can give you help and help you out.
  • Make sure that something is always being upgraded in inventory and properties. You can run upgrades in properties for multiple countries at a time.
  • If you plan on sharing things in the Kong feed, show a little etiquette, and state what help it is (Boss, Squad add, Minigame etc.). That way, more people will respect you and will be more likely to help you out.
  • Don’t spam the Kong chat. No one likes it. One post is usually enough, not 5 or 10
  • If you messed up your UN Credit expenditure, find a source that drops it easily (such as a Death Deal) and keep doing it to get your funds back up :)

And above all, have fun!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Originally posted by RyeEncoke:

One question about the stats. What if you like doing it all? Could you spread your stats out to cover everything and still be workable? I don’t want to cripple myself but I also want to be able to do it all.

You can do a cover-all of stats if you want. However, a specific focus will make you better in the area you focus on. Sometimes a well-rounded character is the best kind of character :P
For example, say I wanted a boss fighting character. I would focus on Health, Stam and Attack mostly. However, I would also boost defense to take less damage, and boost energy to make sure I can do the outbreaks that get the bosses.
Ultimately, it comes down to the way you want to play.

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Thanks for putting this up TrueShadow! We will be updating our in-game help very shortly, but this is a great guide for new players! Thanks again!

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This is a great guide – really good for introducing new players to correct and productive strategy.

This should be a sticky

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Excellent guide, should be stickied for sure.

One question about the stats. What if you like doing it all? Could you spread your stats out to cover everything and still be workable? I don’t want to cripple myself but I also want to be able to do it all.

I also suggest more on invite codes and how to put them up and how to respond to them. For example, clicking on the zombie slayer pics will take you to another page….also if you are putting up a code then also indicate what it is for…boss, key, squad. The codes and pics confused me for quite a while now I use them often.

Your squad guide is great and really informative.

Perhaps a section on factions might be helpful as well.

Again, great guide and I hope you get it stickied.

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Originally posted by RyeEncoke:

Perhaps a section on factions might be helpful as well.

There isn’t that much to do on Factions. However, if there’s some support for a section on Factions, then I’ll do one. In reality, there isn’t much to cover, so that’s why I left it out of the original guide.

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Thanks! Just Started this evening and this has helped me out a bunch =) so thank you very much!

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Originally posted by iAsagr:

Thanks! Just Started this evening and this has helped me out a bunch =) so thank you very much!

No problem! If you want to ask anything in this thread about the game feel free! I’m around a lot and always happy to help.

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Oh, and squads only help you out in pvp fights?

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Originally posted by aj2000:

Oh, and squads only help you out in pvp fights?

Yes, they only help out in fights against other slayers. Against bosses, you’re on your own (with the boost of your currently equipped items of course.)

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Good idea on the sticky! Done!

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Originally posted by kanoapps:

Good idea on the sticky! Done!

Thanks Kano! This’ll help more people notice the thread! :D Let me know if/when some of the help files or game content changes. :)

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Great job in getting this stickied. I still don’t understand contracts though. I mean I see what they do, I see them on my profile page, but I don’t understand how to get them or put one up myself. I have a big squad so I always seem to have them on, but not sure how to put one up on my own.

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Originally posted by RyeEncoke:

I still don’t understand contracts though. I mean I see what they do, I see them on my profile page, but I don’t understand how to get them or put one up myself. I have a big squad so I always seem to have them on, but not sure how to put one up on my own.

When you click on the button publishing Squad Contracts, everyone in your squad’s alerted to the fact that you need Squad Contracts. After this you can get squad contracts through three ways:

  1. Have someone fill in a squad contract through the news page.
  2. Same as above but they click ‘Fill Squad Contract’ on your profile instead.
  3. Fill in someone else’s empty Squad Contract – this puts them in any empty Squad Contract available.
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wow thanks True…it’s so easy and yet I was completely unaware of it…you da best

Now since we talked about it in game…how bout explaining wishlist, and suggestions for what to put on your wishlist. Someone mentioned alexandrite because it can be used by squad in fight? So I am thinking I don’t really understand gifts all that well either.