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A guide to PvP on Kong:

This guide is primarily aimed at Kong players. FB players should have all the VPs they need to buy anything they want, so they can afford to buy more stuff. The approach outlined here is rather miserly on VPs, primarily because of how much harder it is to get VPs on Kong

This guide is mainly directed at non donors. Donors are welcome to make their own item changes based on their donor items.
New players with questions on how basic gameplay works should read the new player guide at:

The gameplay approach outlined there is mostly pve, but I personally prefer PvP, and this guide will help you on your path to PvPing for fun and profit. Personally, I think that PvP is a better option early game, as explained below:

Why PvP?

In the early game (lvl 1-50)

—> you can pick and choose your targets. feed on the weak and avoid the strong! PvP provides a safe and worry free way of playing earl game as you are not at the mercy of what mob comes out.
Compared to pve where you cant control what you fight, and get eaten up by lvl6+ mobs at lvl 1

—> PvP gives huge amounts of rubies early on (crimson set + gothic girl + insignia of the antediluvian combine for 6% loot bonus which will give you around 6 rubies per fight. All this is lvl 28 equipment, but you will quickly achieve it as a pvper, and after you do, the loot that comes in is jawdroppingly high). Soul Strike and Sanctuary in the Sands drop from avatar wars and excess can be sold off.
Rubies convert into blood sapphires, which are used to purchase stuff like equipment, gem enhancements, and bloodlust refills For non donors, this is pretty much the best way to get blood sapphires.

—> Getting -BL on pvp is far, far, easier than PvE and PvB. For PvB and PvE you need 3 sapphires (meaning you need to chip away at coven bosses, which you dont have loot bonuses for; and you are at the mercy of the sapphires dropping). Also, it is much more difficult to get rubies through PvE and PvB to finance the gem (400 blood sapphs = 4000 rubies) in the first place.
-BL on pvp refers to the cost of a fight in pvp. normally it takes 12 bloodlust for a fight, regardless of whether its pve,pvp or pvb. this bloodlust cost can be reduced to 6, but each enhancement costs 4000 rubies

—> Lucky Gun Last Goodbye is the most broken PvE weapon in the game, with sick loot bonus and sick procs. It also costs 20000 rubies. PvP will provide the funds for you to purchase this.
This is a lvl 51 weapon, and the guide plans to PvP, gathering rubies to prepare to buy this at lvl 51

—> Early access to 8 talent points which can be used on other aspects of the game (PvE and PvB) if you are not that interested in PvP for the long haul.
talent points make your character stronger; pvp gives 8 talent points very quickly, and furthermore it is far easier to get them early than late

—> PvE equipment early on is lacklustre – PvP provides equipment that is relatively powerful even in PvE (battle charger is also the best early game mount available, and only needs a small grind)
You will outgrow everything early game. PvP equipment has far better longevity due to its late game uses

—> PvP also yields some of the most useful powers in the game. Glamour, Demonic Rites, Iron Will, Chloromancy, Soul Strike, and Sanctuary in the Sands are all useful outside of PvP. Furthermore, you will be maxing these powers very easily as a PvP’er giving you a huge edge over the PvE’er trying desperately to hunt for 50 purge scrolls.
It is much harder to get a large number of the same type of scroll through pve, especially without a good loot bonus

—> Victory Points (the reward from winning duels) are much harder to get at higher levels, where the number of people you can attack is much lesser – some even turn off pvp :‘( You don’t get more Victory Points as a lvl 100 per fight than as a lvl 1; so stocking up on Victory Points early is important for getting the great PvP gear in the late game.
In short, pvp now rather than regret it later!

Why PvP late game?

—> To get more Victory Points for stuff that is effective even in the late game: Sniper Rifle Tundra Stalker, dragon brooch, insignia of scintilla, black warg, stealth armour and many more are great items regardless of whether in PvB, PvE or PvP.

—> PvP is still a great source of rubies on weaker targets.

Event portals
Portals are regions that scale with your character’s level. Doing lots of PvE while neglecting PvP means that your character will be short on rubies, and also, its not easy to get items powerful at your level (for instance, by the time you have hunted the materials for truesilver sword, you might be lvl 6x or even 7x already) as a PvE player as you are hugely reliant on lucky drops.

(Important note: pure pvp players will be limited in pve too from around lvl 30-40 onwards; doing some pve during the x9 and x0 lvls can help get key items to increase power. this is especially true at lvl 50+ once you hit the ‘pvp deadzone’)

If you are underpowered during an event, you are basically doomed to glamour sniping (its a PvP power too!) and your chances of getting the rare, maybe OP loot, is much lower. Doing PvP ensures that your character is always ‘up to date’ and ready to take on portal stuff.

Now that you want to PvP, how does PvP work?

You attack your target like in a normal PvE fight. Powers, servants, bloodshield are all used in the same way. Winning yields Victory Points and sometimes PvP loot.

The formula for VP (Victory Points) is

M * (3+X)
Where M is 1 if the target is not an avatar wars matchup (more on that later), or 2 if the target is an avatar wars matchup. M is doubled again during certain events, making it 2 or 4
X is the number of levels the opponent is above you. So winning against an opponent 5 levels (the maximum you can attack) will give you M*8 = 8 or 16 Victory Points per fight, much more than winning against an opponent your level = 3 or 6 Victory Points.

So what is this avatar wars thing? Is it edible?

Players of an avatar group get double victory points against the other group. Attacking players also get an additional Bloodbane 2 buff for the fight. Exclusive scrolls can be won in Avatar War fights. Every Monday the pairings are randomly determined.

Under the PvP tab, theres an array of faces. Your character’s portrait will be shown “vs.” another pair of portraits. People with that portrait, or avatar, will yield double victory points, and exclusive scrolls – demonic rites (DR), sanctuary in the sands (SitS), and soul strike (SS). Attacking them also gives you a bloodbane 2 (which is basically a 10% damage buff) making it easier to win.

I call bullsht. How can all the regions in the game give less rubies than pvp?
Simply put, because refills can be purchased with rubies, if ruby loot rate is too high in pve such that refill loops can be done virtually forever, then all the drops from a region will become worthless instantly – including fel leather, corrupted wood, and devil steel. Thus ruby rate in pve will definitely be much less than the refill cost. Add to that the fact that refills are half the cost on the Facebook platform and you can see how low ruby returns in PvE must be…

On the other hand, pvp loops are limited because of the number of targets (once you’re out of targets for the day, too bad, no more fun!). This means that pvp ruby loot can be unbounded, and thus surpass the refill cost (with a perfect loot setup and very high max BL it can be done even for non donors; donors will find it much easier).

That said, if anyone manages to somehow get enough ruby loot to refill loop from pve (ruby loot also includes basic material drops to craft stuff so thats something worth exploring – using nibbler + collector)…

PvP is too hard, I can’t do it.

That’s what this guide is for. The rest of the guide shall more or less be a ‘walkthrough’ for item choices and play style. Be assured that even non-donors can PvP effectively; in fact, PvP is arguably the best way of making a strong character – definitely true for the first 50 levels at least.

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Level 1-10:
This is the best time to start pvp. What you need are the following:
1.) Cheap storebought weap and armor until you can equip something better. Meat Cleaver and Frost Dagger are great (ask on chat for help if you want to PvP right off the bat, plenty of people might help you with those items). Lifestealer or devils tongue if you have them are great too. Storebought armour will last you can craft necromancer’s cloak (if you have embrace of darkness that works too). Pure pvpers can just stick with chainmail unless they get frozen tears (either through the underground market or by being the recipients of charity). At lvl 9, you can splurge on spaz if you want, although imo dagger/lifestealer/devils tongue will suffice.

2.) One /two cheap nukes. two is nice to start with, but if you have chloromancy you can make do with 1 (see below)
What are nukes? Nukes are vampiric powers that when activated, cause immediate burst damage. Examples of nukes are:
Soul Strike
Last Stand
Path of the Righteous
Grave Touch

As above, ask nicely on chat (for scrolls of purge and/or soul strike), and people should be willing to help.

Do NOT use your ghost inks, gems, joker scrolls and refills yet. They are far more valuable late game

That’s all! this is enough to win, and win big if you play smart. Here’s how:

Setup: Cheap armor and weap, blood pearls/rubies. If you use blood diamonds, ignore the part below about bloodshield
Vampiric Powers: Immolation is arguably the best nuke early game, although so long as you have 1 nuke you will be fine. Once you get chloromancy you will be using chloromancy and 1 nuke; before that, you will be using 2 nukes. The order of preference of powers is:

Immolation = Chloromancy > any nuke > diablerie > anything else

Note that when you get diablerie lvl 2 and above (at lvl 11) it will become the best pvp power. Chloromancy will stay as second best, behind diablerie, until the late game.
(If you find chloromancy just doesnt work for you, feel free to swap back to two nukes. whatever works for you, works)

Aim: Battle charger, glyph of torpor, glyph of decay, crimson gauntlet(gauntlet needs lvl 9)
(items are listed in order of importance)

(Dont forget to take the battlemaster quests, in particular, those that give tokens. Those are fantastic for your VP count and the tokens will be useful in their own ways)

1.) Find someone 5 levels above you, and who is an avatar wars matchup.

2.) Copy his character name, go to your vampire page and paste it in the box at the bottom. You can see his character. Does he have strong equipment? (Look out for battle charger, lvl 2 vampiric powers if the guy is lvl 11 and above, diablerie and chloromancy are sure signs to stay away).

3.) If he is weak, great! Blackbook him (add to blackbook) and attack!

4.) Make sure you are at full health before a fight, and your powers are off cooldown. Now attack 4 times and stop. Take note how much health you and your opponents have, and do some simple subtraction to see how much health you and your opponent have lost.

Example: You: 60/110 (50 health lost) Opponent: 90/120 (30 health lost)

5.) Are there any damage over times effects on you and your opponent (incinerate is the most likely one, as well as the ferocious charge from the battle charger mount). Take that into account and you can calculate how much you are ahead (or behind by). If for example, you have incinerate doing 5 damage a round, and the opponent has battle charger doing 8 a round, you are behind by 23 damage (50+8 = 58; 30+5 = 35; 58-35 = 23). Note that chloromancy counts double since its a lifeleech!

6.) Use your nukes to ensure you win, if you are losing. Simple enough. With luck you will only need 1 nuke, sometimes you will need 2. Use rubies as bloodshield if you are leading, but only by a small amount (10 damage or so). If using pearls, just always use bloodshield. They are dirt cheap.

Common problem:
I have 3 attacks every half an hour, but only 2 nukes! What if I need to use 1 nuke every time?
Try and alternate attacks between super weak (can beat without nukes) and weak (can beat, but need nukes occasionally), to reduce the likelihood of this happening. Anyway, better to win two 16 VP fights and lose 1, then to win 3 6 VP fights. Also, with the nuke +chloro combo you shouldnt really need to use the nuke too often, because chloromancy is just so consistent with its lifeleech

What to buy with your VPs?
As mentioned in the aim, your goal is battle charger first. Getting it will pretty much be an autowin against most people early game (by only going for 16 VP per fight, you can get it around lvl 6-8), making the above problem almost irrelevant. Glyphs of torpor and decay are next because of their sheer power when levelled up. Crimson Gauntlet is a must later on and should be gotten early as well. Stuff like the Spaz Rifle don’t give much improvement and can be ignored.

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Level 11-20:

Your setup will be (if you dont have the items mentioned earlier, get them first)

Weap: Cheap Weapon —> Fury of the wild from dark forest merchant if you have access, Oak Staff from underground market/begging from other players, Steyr Aug “Arnold” from the battlemaster if you are ok with spending a bit of your precious VPs. If you have lucky gun ace of spades from PvE that works too, if you crafted frost dagger or lifestealer that should be enough too. . Weap ugrade is nice but not essential since you prey on the weak anyway, so don’t feel too anxious if you can’t get the Oak Staff or and are unwilling to splurge on Arnold.

Personally I went for Arnold (because frost dagger was starting to lose power in pvp). If you find yourself losing a lot, don’t feel afraid to get Arnold – you’ll recoup the cost fairly quickly anyway.

Another possibility is to do pve hit and runs in r1, only fighting necromancer, lord of the undead, waste ghoul, dreadmane, and spectre, retreating against the rest (if you are really paranoid about getting exp, you can retreat against all except necromancer and waste ghoul). The rationale is to only fight mobs with phat lewt :) Aim to get strange tracks from waste ghouls (try and deathblow them to increase chances) to unlock r2 and purchase fury of the wild (also, another possibility is to craft some of the weapons in the shop like battleaxe).

Armor: Cheap armor —> Werewolf fur coat. You could try and beg/buy a sylvan cloak, that works too, although less effectively. If you are coming in from PvE, bark of the ancients will do too, although still inferior to the fur coat.

Belt: Duelist belt This is a top priority (together with fur coat)

Helmet: Crimson Helmet Get this after Duelist belt

Hands: Crimson Gauntlet

Mount: battle charger

Glyphs: Torpor and Decay

Vampiric Powers: Hopefully you will have Diablerie and Chloromancy level 2 by now, if not just keep fighting on (use 1 nuke + chloro if you dont have diablerie at lvl 2) and you’ll get them soon.

Accessories: Not essential, but you can consider getting wardstones, especially for physical and ballistic resistance since these are the dominant damage types early on.

Just stock up the VPs, nothing much to do now. Remember to stay away from people with charger, diablerie, and chloromancy. Use your nukes (diablerie counts as one) judiciously to make sure you win all your fights. With charger you should be winning easily anyway.

Level 21-30:
This is the time when your PvP setup really starts to feel Boss. Your pvp glyphs (decay and torpor) are levelling up nicely. You are streamrolling everything and probably getting lazy on the whole ‘attack 4 times and then nuke if necessary’ thing.

By now crimson set is probably giving you a happy headache with regards to item selection :)
Crimson set: A tutorial
The crimson set has 7 parts, of which you need to use 5 to get the bonuses. As later into the game, the crimson set becomes much weaker, you will be only using exactly 5 for the bonus.
The most important parts of the set are the armour and the weapon (since they determine a large proportion of the damage you do and receive). Late game both are outdated, but the weapon can be upgraded. Thus armour can be skipped, although i still recommend getting it for the increased versatility with item sets you will have.

It is also a good time to consider getting the glyph of past glory. This glyph is pretty much useless in PvP, but has some PvE applications. If you get it, level it against weak vampires (always maintain crimson bonus at all cost). This glyph is optional, but recommended. Donors with 3 glyph slots should get this glyph because its easy for them to level it.

Here’s what you should aim for:
Vampiric powers: Diablerie and Chloromancy

Weapon: Buffy This is a must. It is just too powerful for its level.

Chest Armour: No upgrades needed, werewolf fur coat is pretty much good enough

Mount: battle charger, but you already knew that

Accessories: insignia of the antediluvian another must, for loot bonus and to finish the set

Belt: Duelist belt

Helmet: Crimson Helmet

Hands: Crimson Gauntlet

Glyphs: Torpor and Crimson glyph for the set bonus. You might want to consider replacing torpor with glyph of past glory to get some lvlling on it against weak opponents, but winning with high loot is still first priority

Servants: Nosferatu and Gothic Girl, once you have enough WOCs

Now you have -2BL and 4% pvp loot bonus (6% with the gothic girl). Scrolls and WOC drops will start raining down on you, so enjoy this. This is the ‘golden period’ for you in pvp.

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Level 31-40:
By now, you might notice that you run out of 16 VP targets a day (you might even suffer this at lvl 21-30 if you are unlucky with the matchups). You can settle for targets providing at least 8 VP (12 was my threshold, but i understand its not easy to just stop playing for the day :p) if it comes to that. Targets that are 5 lvls above will provide 8 VP even if they are not avatar matchups

Also now is a good time to know about (and maybe start using) Bloodbane and Bloodward Gems

Battlemaster Gems: A tutorial
What are these? Basically, they are gems that you can buy from the jeweller using VPs and some rubies.
Purple Slot: Bloodbane 1 —> cheap and good
green slot: bloodward 1 —> as above
Blue slot: Leave this alone, unless the item is really good and you will be using it a lot for pvp. If the item is great for late game pvp, consider socketing -1BL pvp gems (taunting sapphire), which will make you a lot more efficient in PvP. The taunting sapphire costs a lot (4000 Rubies!) but is well worth it in the long run. It is unlikely you will have anything really worth dumping in this expensive gem until late game, but its good to know about it now.

Gemming with -1BL gems is a big decision so dont feel afraid to ask for help on the chat.

(If you are coming from PvE, just put in all the strong stuff you have, and get 5 items from the crimson set which will weaken your setup the least (mount is a must, probably glyph, insignia and any 2 of helmet/gauntlet/armour)

Vampiric powers: Diablerie and Chloromancy

Weapon: Buffy —> German Assault Rifle if you feel the need for more power. You should have plenty of weapon proficiency so hail of bullets makes rifle the best choice of weapon for you as a PvP player – for now at least.

Chest Armour: Crimson Panzer recommended, for the crimson set bonus while still using glyphs of torpor and decay. Reason i recommend this is because this is a great level to farm VPs and getting it will enable you to win against even more targets, increasing your VP income. However, if you have glyph of decay lvl 3 already, you can consider skipping the panzer, and getting crimson glyph for set bonus instead since you don’t need to level the glyph anymore. Donors can skip this armour, highly recommended for non-donors to get it anyway

Mount: battle charger

Accessories: insignia of the antediluvian. wardstones if you really want to spend on something.

Glyphs: torpor and decay/crimson glyph

Belt: Duelist belt

Helmet: Crimson Helmet or PvE helmet

Hands: Crimson Gauntlet or PvE hands

Servants: Nosferatu and Gothic Girl

Lvl 41-50:

You are still happily farming VPs. You will notice the scrolls are really piling up too. Disenchant the extras (you only need to read 150 of each to reach lvl 5) for rubies. Same goes for all the WOCs after you have the servants. Try to get at least 12 VP a fight, but its OK to settle for 8.

Please let me PvE! I’m sick and tired of PvP!

I hear you man, but look below, to see your aim…
Aim: Lots of VPs. 20000 rubies for lucky gun last goodbye
Do you have 20000 rubies stored up? (You might want to stock up even more than that for -1BL gems which need 4k each) If so, and if you around lvl 48-50, feel free to do some portal grinding (dark oblivion and red pastures). At lvl x8-x0, the exp gain per PvP fight is crazy, so its not really that beneficial to PvP during those levels. Feel free to do some portals in that time.

If you are behind on VPs and rubies, sorry; you are still stuck with PvP

Vampiric Powers: Diablerie and Chloromancy

Weapon: Buffy/German Assault Rifle —> Crimson Decapitator
Crimson decapitator is recommended because vanquisher is a fantastic pvp weapon.
If not planning to get vanquisher for some reason, decap is skippable, in which case, consider something like bastard sword or onyx dagger at lvl 5×. However, this will mean that you’ll be stuck with most of the crimson pieces, which are incredibly weak by now (if you have better options from pve, particularly events, switching to crimson decap might enable you to swap in more of these imba items).
Everyone plays differently, so under a certain set of circumstances skipping decap wouldnt be bad. However the vast majority of players should be getting this.

Armour: Crimson Panzer or Werewolf fur cloak or PvE armour

Helmet: Crimson Helmet or PvE armour

Accessories: Insignia.

Belt: Duelist Belt. Parasitic Belt is just a gimmick.

Glyphs: Torpor and decay/crimson (depending on your other equipment) + old glory (for weak vamps)

Mount: Battle Charger

Servants: Nosferatu and Gothic girl

Same old, same old. Resist the temptation to go on a PvE spree, you wont regret farming the VPs (and rubies) now instead of later.

Summary of lvls 1-50

Setup :
gear can be replaced freely with PvE stuff that is stronger, just ensure you have the 5 item Crimson set bonus. All gear mentioned here is PvP stuff.

Head: Crimson
Hands: Crimson
Armour: Werewolf Cloak —> Crimson (skippable but recommended, and a must if you need it for set bonus)
Belt: Duelist
Weapon: Arnold (skippable) —> Buffy —> German assault rifle (skippable) —> Crimson Decapitator (or GAR if you choose to skip decap)
Accessory: Insignia of the antediluvian, wardstones are optional (if getting early, physical and ballistic are good)
Glyphs: Torpor, Decay, Crimson, Old Glory (highly optional, get it if you are doing well and want to start levelling it)
Mount: Battle Charger
Servants: Nosferatu and Gothic Girl

Powers: Diablerie and Chloromancy. Nukes if these are not high level (if you are coming in from PvE).

Priorities for PvE players joining PvP late
Battle charger —> decapitator —> helmet/gauntlet/armour/glyph (order depends on your gear and needs). If just dabbling in PvP for talent points and specific items, just get charger and save up for higher lvl weapons

When you can do some PvE
—> if there is an event, PvE for the drops!
—> At lvls x8 x9 x0 (38,39,40,48,49,50) and if you are doing well in terms of rubies and VPs

Your PvE setup wont be much different. Just switch your vampire powers to soul strike/demonic rites/chloromancy/glamour (any 2) and you will be fine.

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Level 51-60

If you have been doing hardcore PvP you will have enough blood rubies. Head into Coraline’s shop and buy your reward…

Lucky Gun Last Goodbye

This is the ultimate PvE weapon (usable almost everywhere). 3% loot bonus, jinx, 22 confuse (22% dodge!) is godlike. I cannot sing the praises of the weapon enough.

Ok, enough waxing lyrical over it. Its time to look at building a PvE setup!

Typical items a PvPer will have in his PvE setup (Note that all these will slowly be replaced out as you get equipment and powers better adapted for PvE)

Weapon: LGLG
Servant: Nosferatu and Raven (trade for this, its easy). Try and get Zombie and Blood surgeon for your afk setup (if you have not already).
Glyphs: Decay
Accessory: relevant wardstones if you have them
Vampiric powers: soul strike/demonic rites will handle almost everything, glamour on strong mobs that resist ice/shadow, and parasitism for weaker mobs that resist ice/shadow.
Mount: battle charger. still better than motorbike!

The world is your oyster with the lglg. Have fun, remember to still do some PvP to increase your stock of VPs (you have diablerie 5 and chloro 5 so you should be kicking ass everywhere.)

Battlemaster items and analysis:
Take note that all ratings are based solely on my opinion, which also takes into account certain assumptions about what gear a player might have. Some purchases might become far better due to some gear you have which I don’t consider commonplace.

Bastard Sword: Get this only if you are going to be doing a lot of pvp around this level and feel that crimson decap can’t cut it (if you need the decap to maintain your crimson bonus, sorry you are stuck with it), or you are a non-pvp player who needs a pvp weapon to enter pvp.
Rating: PvPer (6/10) Non PvPer (7/10)

Sniper Rifle silent assasin: Fairly weak. Get only if you want to level sniper profiency, and even then its not really that great (PvE equivalents exist).
Rating: 3/10 for both PvPer and non PvPer

Onyx Dagger: On paper, pretty powerful. Same comments as bastard sword – its probably a bit better due to all the pvp oriented procs, for non-pvp players with shadow synergy already. Expensive on the VPs though at 4k. This is level 61, but what the heck its close enough.
Rating: PvPer (6/10) Non PvPer (7.5/10)

Juggernaut Chestplate: Very good item. Execute procs decently often, crit 3% is tied highest in game. Useful for a long time, especially if you have no chest armours with synergy.
Rating: PvPer (8/10) Non PvPer (9/10)

Armour of the Bloodlord: Void is useless for farming, pretty good in PvP though, arguably stronger than juggernaut. More expensive though and will become outdated faster – Jugger has longevity due to execute and crit.
Rating: PvPer (7.5/10 if you are hardcore PvP, 6/10 otherwise) Non PvPer (4/10)

Shield of defiance, shield of spite: mentioned together because they share the distinction of being completely useless.
Rating: 0 for both

Shield of the abyss: Imba much? best pvp accessory available at battlemaster. Pricy though, so may not be top priority for non Pvp-ers low on VPs
Rating: PvPer (10/10), Non PvPer (7/10)

Deathgrip: Vanquisher set item. Thats pretty much it, although soultear 2 on hand armour is pretty unique
Rating: 10/10 if you are going for vanquisher set, 5/10 otherwise

PvP on Kong: The sad truth
VPs are limited! Targets will become extremely sparse as you progress (until you hit 5 levels below the level cap where all the max levels will cluster) – this is what we call ‘the pvp dead zone’. you cant buy every good item available (even if its rated highly). You need to plan your setups progression and distinguish between items you need and luxury items. That brings us to the question:

Which PvP set should you go for?
These are the sets:

Crimson set only set with pvp loot bonus, and has the -2BL boost as well. Great for farming vamps with weaker setups, useless for anything else. PvPers should have got this a long time ago, non PvPers can get it if they can still make a strong setup even with crimson items in it (donor accs, event items, powerful boss drops are the most common power boosters).

Vanquisher set (otherwise known as black death set) the daddy of crimson set. Loses the pvp loot bonus, but maintains the -2BL and is strong in pvp. Vanquisher weapon is cheap (5k upgrade from decap, 10k if buying from scratch) for PvPers and PvPers in general wont go wrong getting this set. Weapon is only soso in PvE and ‘meh’ in PvB, so do keep that in mind.

Tyrant (or No Mercy) set It looks great on paper with a lot of synergy, but it doesnt perform as well as vanquisher set for one simple reason: wards are more powerful than banes in pvp, and when damage from weapons and most procs are reduced, damage from stuff like parasitism and lifeleech become more important (this is roughly true for the metagame from lvls 80-100). Tyrant axe will win big sometimes, but won’t have as high a winning percentage as vanquisher set on almost all builds. With all that said however, tyrant axe is the fourth best physical weapon (the 3 better ones all being lvl 9x and above rare drops) in the game, and is pretty good in PvE and PvB if you have a physical setup.

Vanquisher has the edge simply because its better equipped to deal with the metagame i.e. its able to deal with FK/WE sets far, far better than tyrant axe. The metagame at lvl 100+ is more bane/ward i.e. brute force based; but by then you’ll be using an even stronger weap so whether tyrant axe fits better into that is irrelevant (although my opinion is that vanquisher is more useful).

Worldender set pretty small set. Worldender is a hardcore pvp weapon. It relies on stun lock, with soul rend as the main source of damage. I honestly have not tried it (not enough VPs) but if you want to skip vanquisher set and use this as a late game setup instead, its roughly on the same level as vanquisher set.

While the Worldender set has been largely rendered irrelevant by the new lvl 100+ items, the individual pieces of worldender are very good standalone items though, so it might be possible to mix some parts in into your build (although in my opinion building for all that soul rend is kinda pointless in the lvl 100+ metagame)

My opinion is that worldender set is stronger than vanquisher (before lvl 100), but only if you have the PvP talents (soul rend, legacy strike etc.) Vanquisher fits better into the new lvl 100+ metagame though (its defensive procs make it somewhat more usable than worldender with the correct support), and I would thus recommend getting the more versatile vanquisher set (which you will also get more mileage out of), and maybe some parts of the worldender set as standalones. Worldender set can be mixed rather easily into other sets due to the power of the armour and accessory though.

Frost Knight set
Relies on sheer power. Ice lance gets a lot of flak because its totally outclassed by Icegloom. Set is extremely costly, and outclassed by the new lvl 110 set overall. Still has a use (for example, pairing the armour with icegloom is devastating). FK pieces can be mixed into scale set for more overall bane/wards.

PvPers should pick either the Vanquisher or the worldender set (although with the advent of r11 i highly recommend vanquisher set over worldender set), and maybe the frost knight/ scale set later on . PvE players can get Vanquisher set if they want to transit into lots of PvP; if they just want to dabble, I recommend getting only good hybrid equipment that can fare well in PvE and PvB as well. (like the aforementioned juggernaut plate)

Advanced players can plan on mixing sets (using glyph and accs to maximise set bonuses) to get as much as possible.

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Level 61-80

20 levels together because there is not much changing anymore. your play style should be pretty much set by now: farm weak targets, do some pve and pvb if you want, aim for a late game build. How to make a strong PvE/PvB late game build is out of the context of this guide (and there are people far more experienced in that regard than I am anyway)

Battlemaster Gear analysis:

Vanquisher The keystone of the vanquisher set, a must get if you want the set, optional otherwise. It is still a very good standalone pvp weapon – disrupt, parasitism, and lifeleech make it a very strong “turtle” weapon. With the correct support (heavy tank, disrupt, more parasitism/lifeleech) its able to stand its ground against FK users and even take a few wins of r11 builds.
Rating: 10/10 for vanquisher set users, 8.5/10 otherwise.

Onyx Blade This is level 81, but I mention it here because it is bound to be compared with vanquisher. It is definitely far stronger in Pve/PvB, a great hybrid weapon that fares well anywhere. Still slightly inferior to vanquisher in pvp because procs matter more in pvp than the weapon damage and shadowcurse
Rating: 8.5/10 for people skipping vanquisher and tyrant axe; dont get it if you have vanquisher

Colt Nightstalker It just feels ‘meh’. Not worth the VPs
Rating: 5/10

Nagereboshi Soultear can be potent if you have many sources of soulbreaker (talent tree for instance) but its not as versatile as soul rend. physical procs are ok. Its slightly better than nightstalker for pvp purposes, but can be skipped.
Rating: 6/10 for PvP, 7/10 for hybrid

Tyrant Axe: Its big and intimidating, with an impressive list of procs. Sadly a low proc rate means that its usually in the shadow of vanquisher. Does well in pve and pvb with physical support though —> I got it and dbed alithia almost 100% of the time. With slay rite, is able to perform admirably against epic(portal) bosses.
Rating: 10/10 if you want tyrant set, 7/10 for other PvPers, 8/10 for hybrid with physical support (slay rite, for example). Would be ranked higher if not for the VP cost

Desert Combat Suit This item is unique; in that I cant find a single use for it. Maybe as toilet paper, after its torn into rags…
Rating: 0

Scarab Torso Read above comment.
Rating: 0

Executioner Tunic Get only if building tyrant set for whatever reason
Rating: 10/10 for tyrant set, 5/10 otherwise

Stealth Armour Confuse 22 is imba. With lucky gun last goodbye, it forms a very good dodge based set. Great in pve, very usable in pvp, and has niche use in PvB (dodging bosses that stun).
Rating: 8.5/10 in pvp, 10/10 for hybrid

Death panzer Vanquisher set item. As a stand alone, good in pvp but you wont be getting it because you will be choosing one of the sets anyway. Not great in pve/pvb
Rating: 10/10 for vanquisher, 3/10 otherwise

Black Warg Edit: No longer the best pvp mount. But the next mount costs 20k VPs at lvl 110, and this mount is still by far the strongest until then. Still highly recommended.
Rating: 10/10 in pvp, 8/10 for hybrids with no good mount yet

Blackwood coffin Only coffin (outside of the donation coffin) that does something offensively (ok fine, sarcophagus and coffin of legend have procs too) in PvP. Whether you need the shadow damage will determine if you need this
Rating: 10/10 if you are going to be using a lot of shadow damage, 5/10 otherwise

Medallion of the Antediluvian Vanquisher item, nothing much to say. ok as a standalone but will face stiff competition from other accs.
Rating: 10/10 as vanquisher set item, 4/10 otherwise

Warbringer belt decent midgame belt with excellent hybrid usage due to purple socket, chain attack and crit bonus. Dirt cheap too
Rating: 8/10 in pvp (duelist belt is usually better imho, unless you have a very specialised late game setup) 10/10 as a hybrid item

Hood of the hangman Tyrant item
Deathgaze Vanquisher item
Ratings: 10/10 in their sets, 5 otherwise. I’m getting lazy here

Claws of the jackal sorry, desert stuff sucks
Rating: 2/10

Final touch its a tyrant item, you know the rating
Rating: 10/10 in the set, 7 as a hybrid item in a physical set

Sabatons of the champion Decidely ‘meh’. Only get if you are really desperate for -15s regen and have no boots. You should be able to get some eventually from CBs…

Level 81-100
If you are lucky enough to have a lot of loot bonus (non donors can only get 8% pvp loot bonus, 9% at lvl 100+, sorry!) you will be able to rake in a ton of rubies on the multitude of targets at lvl 100 (or at 110 when the level cap gets raised in r11). As you near 100 you should be well on your way to completing at least one “endgame setup”, if you have not already finished it. Here are the remaining items to consider, an outline of strategies for pvp will be posted after this section.

Take note that ratings and recommendations might change heavily when r11 comes out

Ice Lance The first thing you see is its price tag. Do you have the ice synergy to pull it off? If you do, you probably are able to get Icegloom anyway. Recommended to skip it.
Rating: I can’t rate this. It really depends on your VPs, items, and play style. Really hardcore pvpers might want this if they have nothing useful in pve, but frankly i doubt you can spare the VPs on kong for this.

Sniper Rifle Tundra
Best sniper in the game right now, arguably the best ballistic weapon in the game. If you want to make a ballistic build, highly recommended weapon. Great value for VPs.
Rating: 10/10 for anyone with ballistic build

Was once great – with stun lock and a lot of soul damage. Kinda flounders now – the new r11 metagame is one it cant keep up with, unlike vanquisher which still stands a chance. It just loses in the arms race with the new r11 items; soul damage isnt even good enough to keep up.
Rating: 10/10 if you obstinately want to make an uber stun lock build (its still the best pvp stun weapon, if nothing else), 6/10 for other pvpers, do not get otherwise

Frostknight Breastplate Heavy defense sums it up.2 +1+1+1 bloodward, shield, iceward to guard against ice lance/ ice gloom wielders, deflection, retribution 3…But its expensive. The defensive wards and all may make it the best pvp armour for defense in some setups
Rating: 10/10 for FK users, 6.5/10 for other PvPers, dont get otherwise. Rated a little lower due to its hefty price tag

Worldender’s breastplate has same amount of ward as FK breastplate, is cheaper, has execute, cruelty, purple socket, and 2% crit. Its a bit better than juggernaut, but will be outclassed in PvE by other armours eventually. Used to be great to mix into setups, but doesnt fit well enough into the new metagame (soul damage isnt the beast it used to be)
Rating: 10/10 for WE users, 6/10 for other PvPers, 6/10 as a hybrid item

Armour of the bloodmender great healing armour. outclassed by blue dragonhide tunic and bulwark in r12 but that takes an eternity to grind.
Rating: 10/10 if you have a healing setup and no good healing setup armour. 8/10 otherwise as a hybrid item. Do not get for PvP if you have no other healing stuff

Dragon Brooch Strong standalone item with nice sockets. core part of worldender set. easy to mix into any PvP set
Rating: 10/10 for WE, 8.5/10 for other PvPers, 7/10 as hybrid item

Insignia of Scintilla Essential part of FK setup, soso in other pvp setups, nice in any PvE/PvB ice setup
Rating: 10/10 for FK, 6.5/10 for other PvPers, 8.5/10 for ice setup users

Frostknight battle helmet Another ‘turtle’ item. Pretty strong as a standalone pvp item with high wards, evasion and disrupt, but pricy. Useless in pve/pvb
Rating: 10/10 for FK, 7/10 for other PvPers, dont get otherwise

Frostknight executioners Get if you are making FK, not otherwise. Outclassed slightly by fingers of frost in pve/pvb.
Rating: 10/10 in FK, do not get otherwise

Frostknight Sabatons On par with scale boots, nice for defensive pvp builds, but pricy like the rest of the FK set
Rating: 10/10 for FK, 7.5/10 for other PvPers, do not get otherwise

Sabatons of the warlord refer to comments for sabatons of the champion. more expensive though, the purple socket doesnt redeem it since you can easily find better boots

Level 101-110
fortunately, not much stuff got released for battlemaster with r11; but its all good stuff. Let’s take a look at the items

Sniper ‘Jungle Fever’
A new sniper! The jury is still out on this but the common opinion is that its probably slightly outclassed by tundra sniper in a pure sniper build due to the lack of CA. The anemia procs and stuff make it better in pvp though.
Rating: 8/10 for pve/pvb purposes; 10/10 for pvp ballistic build (still best pvp ballistic weapon)

Ring sword
Affordable at 10k VP. very interesting procs like viral mutation and soul damage. Is definitely the best PvP weapon purchasable from the battlemaster, goes well with scale set. Sadly, poison synergy is both a boon and a curse; since pvpers with scale set will wall a lot of the toxic damage (tickle fest!)
Rating: 8/10 as a pvp weapon, don’t get otherwise. Skip if you have any late game weaps from pve/pvb

The Scale Set is arguably the best PvP set now. Incredibly high banes and wards, viral mutation, and the loot and -bl bonuses make it a great set to use. The pieces are also relatively cheap and you can’t go wrong getting it. The pieces are:

Edit: Viral mutation has been cruelly nerfed; so its not as big a factor as it should have been. Nevertheless scale set is still great, and i would still recommend this as a main set.

Scale armor
Best pvp armour from the battlemaster. viral mutation, iceward and innoculation, cancel void which procs amazingly often, revert …all these are great great procs to have on an armour. Cancel void procs so often its useful even in pve for some deathblow quests. Plenty of sockets too.
Rating: 10/10 for pvp; 8/10 for hybrid uses.

Scale helmet
buff wise best pvp helmet. Anemia is always nice in the scale set for more viral mutation chances. 3% crit is pretty cool too.
Rating: 10/10 for pvp; but can be skipped if you have pieces of FK set and want to mix them in for more buffs overall. get if you want 5 piece set bonus of course

Scale gloves
Very aggressive set of procs – disrupt, increased weap damage, and CA are nice and means that this item fits well into the new metagame of heavy hits.
Rating: 10/10 for pvp

Scale boots
Decent procs; soulbreaker is of limited use due to how rare soultear is; essential for the set though
Rating: 10/10 for pvp; do not get for hybrid purposes.

Armoured Warsteed
Oh.My.God. This mount makes warg look like a joke, with its great buffs, -10% to opponent hit, 300 max blood (which is better than it sounds), and CRUSH which makes it usable even in pve – soulshred procs even on non vampiric creatures!
Rating: 10/10. If you can afford it, get it.

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This section will detail the more prevalent strategies and builds in pvp (and pvp defense) with a focus on builds not centered around pvp items.

This section is more late-game oriented, primarily because most players will not have a very wide selection of items for pvp early on – the “best” build is pretty much fixed and there’s not a lot of room for optimization (not to say that they can’t tweak it for different opponents, of course.) Late-game theres a whole mountain of items to play with and the number of viable builds is much larger, leaving plenty of room for innovation.

Important note
It does you not much good to have 7 deflect, 8 evasion, confuse 55, and a whole plethora of ninja procs if you have 0 bloodward – soul rend and other procs (or a good crit that gets past your ninja procs) are still going to eat you up alive! Similarly, stacking massive wards/banes might not be the best build – you need to find a balance that works for you. The builds below outline some ideas that you would probably try to mix into a core set of equipment – one with enough ward and bane.

Note also that these builds ARE NOT THE BIBLE! They have not been playtested, and are in some cases just me chucking whatever items i have inside that might be characteristic of the strategy. Also, i have tried (as best as I can) to avoid using donor items. Many builds could be improved with better items/better balanced – its up to you to adapt and improve – don’t take the setups here and expect them to own everything in your path (not to mention they totally ignore 6 BL/loot requirements!)

Playtest! That’s the only real way to see how your ideas play out in reality

How to create a build
Step 1.) Choose a core
What is a core? A ‘core’ is what i call a set of items that are generic enough that they will usually find their way into your setup. This core can of course, be swapped out for items better fitting your strategy, but its a starting point

For instance, here is a core a non donor might use to make a build (ignore the weapon):

Step. 2) Choose a key ‘idea’
How is your build going to work? What is it designed to do – farm? Beat specific people – for instance, healers, IG users, ninja proc abusers? With that in mind, you should more or less have an idea that you will center your build around.
Sometimes, all you need is just to stack wards/banes – for instance, when making a setup that will win against most people; generic stacking of wards/banes might be best.

Step 3.) Put items into your build that fit the idea
The more exotic your idea, the more likely you will be to deviate from the ‘core’. Don’t feel afraid to experiment!

Step 4.) Playtest!
If successful all is well; otherwise tweak your build – is the proc having enough effect? Are certain items in your setup pulling their weight? Maybe a different weapon, or different choice of gems and inscriptions?
If the idea however, clearly does not work, you might want to go back to step 2 and try all over again.

Sample ideas

Loot for the loot god
Greedy guy aren’t you? This build is simplicity itself. take loot items. chuck whatever else is powerful on top of it.
How to really maximize whatever weapon you use (legendary axe, sniper rifle, Icegloom, bladestaff, ring sword etc.) is dependent on what you have obviously. A loot setup is only used to farm weak setups anyway. I personally run two setups; one for really weak setups, running off crimson set; and another running of the scale set for those stronger than the crimson set (i steer clear of any who I cannot beat reliably with even the scale set; they are not worth the BL on).

For example, a non donor might run something like this on really weak setups:
(as you can see, it maximizes loot bonus first with pumpkin, gothic girl, and crimson set. There is not much room to maneuver for maximum power so some standard pvp accs equips are thrown in that buff the poison damage coming from the weapon in this set (ring sword).

(to strengthen the build at the cost of loot chance, the next change is to switch crimson set for scale set, followed by pumpkin bomb for a stronger acc)

Vanilla Power Overwhelming
Simply put, kill the opponent with heavy crit damage + chain attack. The current metagame is one hugely reliant on weapon damage – as proc damage is simply unable to keep up with 3-4 heavy crits a round. If you have superior equipment (for example, an axe or bladestaff), often, just crushing your opponent with sheer power is the best strategy. Note that some weapons don’t fit into this idea well – for instance, IG and the ring sword.

It is reasonably easy to make a setup like this – just take a strong weapon, max out its firepower with crits and chain attack, and get enough resist procs here and there to defend against nasty procs like deflection,disrupt, and stun.

A heavy offense setup might look like:
(squint at the rilfe long enough and it will look like a tundra stalker sniper rifle. one possible non-donor item to try out is spider-drone. Blacksmith blessing can be considered too instead of flurry. Upgrading this build with donor items is trivial – just chuck whatever adds the most power to your build – here I have opted for the cards for the extra crit and the chain attack on the joker, ballistic builds might also benefit from the doom blasters)

3k credits hospital bill

the OHKO based strategy used to be very viable for defense. the rationale is that if one carries an imba pvp defense setup, people wont try to hit you eventually and you wont get any VP income. stacking ohko souces means you are usually beatable but will win some fights.

items: anything with deathtouch. warlock staff, necronomicon, heart of the icy wastes, ice gloom. maybe some wards like shield of the abyss to ensure you dont die fast.
counters: used to be limited to heavy offense (kill him before he gets a chance to proc the ohko), but invincible has made OHKO builds a lot weaker than they once were.

liquid metal montrosity
for those who did not get that reference, this is about the healing build. healing can be a deadly pvp offensive set, and can be hard to beat when equipped on defense. Popular because this is one of the best ways for non PvPers to break into PvP at high levels, also healing builds shine for their versatility so anyone can (and should) build one.
items: anything with heal,ancient blood, resist procs %, and green gems everywhere. genesis pillar (GP) and piebald set are core parts of this build
counters; beating this comes down to whether the healer can resist/flourish off the necrosis. It is also possible, with enough buffs, to kill the healer with heavy offense, but this needs a really top end setup.

(bulwark is great, but out of my pocket. So is piebald coffin and parts)

Not a very original name, but stun lock strategy is definitely very viable. reliable enough (with enough procs) to be used on offense on targets that rely on weapon attacks to do damage (either directly, or through procs like nightfall). Pretty irritating to go against on defense due to all that lockdown.
items: worldender is made for this build, thanks to hammer mastery. stack stun procs, chance to stun, chain attack, and chance to hit. this build is very versatile and can fit in well with other stuff (soul rend due to WE, phsyical synergy are some ideas).
counters: heal, disrupt, resist procs all work. you can also try overpowering with sheer force, slapping on resist procs here and there to wall the stun procs. IMO heal is probably the best – this build isnt very necro heavy usually, and tends to be pretty low damage wise.

(you can take out some stun sources like facemask and webshooter for a better ward/bane core. theres probably a belt around with stun too, so plenty to experiment with)

Teenage mutant ninja turtles
The motivation behind this build is: wards tend to overpower banes if they are equal in number. This was especially true in r10 when everyone had FK and iceward everywhere in the ‘perfect’ setups – and all the procs and stuff would do 1 damage each.
Lifeleech and parasitsm leech fixed amounts regardless of ward/bane, meaning that they are pretty good paired with a heavy tank setup. Disrupt is mixed in to add some staying power (ensuring you’re still able to outleech the opponent over 5 rounds).
Do bear in mind that this strat is pretty much r10. It’s not very relevant in the new metagame.

(fantasize that i have mind poisoner for this. blue sockets are socketed with disrupt for more buff leeching power. purple gems are socketed with lifeeleech ideally)

Let’s suspend disbelief for a while and imagine the musketeers used polearms. Why polearm? Polearm has a 9% deflect proc, thats why! Deflect is probably a lot more viable than stun is now – with huge lolcrit builds running rampant in pvp, deflect is a good way to shut down and hurt such builds – like stun, it also shuts down procs that need hits to proc.

the new flavour of r11, especially with all the new deflect procs and boosters (not to mention the polearm bonus)

(frostknight armour with deflect proc might be better in this build – out of my pocket though. there are other sources of deflect like jungle combat gloves that might be worth exploring)

Strip it, strip it all off!
Its buffs we are talking about, not clothes (sadly or not). Disrupt, when it procs, removes an ENTIRE stack of buff proc (e.g. bloodbane 40, all gone!). It does seem to remove banes and other offensive buffs before wards, so dont get your hopes up on removing your opponents bloodward (not unless you have a ton of disrupt).

This build, like the others can work, but its massively erratic – if it removes the opponents important buffs (e.g. overload on a bladestaff user, blodbane/ward stacks) its a huge advantage; but it can be resisted and removes random buffs – meaning it can remove useless buffs (like infection for a non toxic user). Thus the standard counter to disrupt is to get proc resist, and as many disrupt ‘decoys’ as possible – useless buffs from daily buffs, gems, etc.

Despite its weaknesses, disrupt can be devastatingly powerful in some situations, and should always be considered when making a build – both as a potential offensive tool, or as a threat to be guarded against.

(possible items not included: FK helm for disrupt, items with blue sockets for more disrupt, mind poisoner which i wish i had)

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Closing words:
PvP is by far the most frustrating, difficult, and yet, enjoyable and rewarding aspect of the game. PvP is an arena where those who are willing to innovate will thrive.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! There are plenty of crazy strats waiting there to be discovered – following the standard ideas will only get you so far, eventually you will need to innovate to push yourself to a higher lvl. This is especially true in pvp. Don’t take items recommendations as the bible (especially late game) – sometimes items from different strats have unexpected synergy that proves devastating. PvP is a battle of ideas and strategies, not just items. Its not always the person with more ward/bane that wins – evaluating the worth of, say, a stun proc, is what makes PvP so hard; and yet so enjoyable as a puzzle.

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Must admit that its a hell good job such guide. Thx

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Good job. Most comprehensive.

And now here’s r11 to throw you off lategame.

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This guide should be sticky.

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why do you recommend oak staff in the 11-21 bracket? isn’t the lifestealer from the 1-10 bracket much better?

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Originally posted by RKDE:

why do you recommend oak staff in the 11-21 bracket? isn’t the lifestealer from the 1-10 bracket much better?

Oak Staff, because its tradable/buyable from market, and thus does not require any effort. Of course lifestealer is decent too in pvp (because the lifeleech is nice when it procs). I’ll put it in too, thanks

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Excellent guide pktime. As a non-donor, PvP is totally the way to go early on. I do PvP on COB on Kongregate, Facebook and Armour Games and I appreciated your thoughts on both the lower and higher level equipment/sets

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Any recommendations on talents?

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Hi pktime.
Thank you for providing this guide. I’m only just starting out so your guide has been a great help already. By provinding the information on how to set up Vampiric powers and equipment goals, I’ve been able to get some nice earnings from PVP.

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Originally posted by pktime:

Tyrant axe will win big sometimes, but won’t have as high a winning percentage as vanquisher set on almost all builds. With all that said however, tyrant axe is the second best (as of this time of writing) physical weapon in the game, and is pretty good in PvE and PvB if you have a physical setup.

What is the best physical weapon, and, in case you there is an opinion on that, the third best?

Currently thinking about buying it for PvE and want to know the alternatives.

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Originally posted by tilman:
Originally posted by pktime:

Tyrant axe will win big sometimes, but won’t have as high a winning percentage as vanquisher set on almost all builds. With all that said however, tyrant axe is the second best (as of this time of writing) physical weapon in the game, and is pretty good in PvE and PvB if you have a physical setup.

What is the best physical weapon, and, in case you there is an opinion on that, the third best?

Currently thinking about buying it for PvE and want to know the alternatives.

tyrant axe is now the third best.
The second (the best at the time i wrote the guide) is the scimitar:
if you are anywhere near lvl 94, and are able to put up good damage against bosses, you might want to grind oblivion emperor for this (i took 50+ to get it, thats almost a record ;P ) This weap is enough to kill scintilla (lvl 100 legendary) with slay rite set support, even as non donor.

The best is now the eon axe:

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Thanks! I will go for the tyrant axe then, because the others are out of reach for me for quite a while…

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why is the Crimson Panzer in the 21-30 bracket? the wiki says it has a level 39 requirement.

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Originally posted by RKDE:

why is the Crimson Panzer in the 21-30 bracket? the wiki says it has a level 39 requirement.

woops you’re right. thanks!

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>non-donors can only get 8% loot

3% lglg
2% raven
1% star vampire
1% codex
1% darkwolf
1% mooncaller set bonus
1% scourge tree

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Originally posted by snipermagoo:

>non-donors can only get 8% loot

3% lglg
2% raven
1% star vampire
1% codex
1% darkwolf
1% mooncaller set bonus
1% scourge tree

sorry, that was referring to pvp, and its now 9% with the scale set. Will update anyway thanks. Anyway pve loot is definitely not able to compare with pvp’s loot rate for rubies (reasons explained in the guide)

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Could you explain why LGLG is so good, compared to other weapons? I rarely could use -20% damage taken (Mostly I get crushed or crush), enviromental procs are really weak at my point, and basically trauma and execute as non-situational damage boost. The Crim. Decap. has equal damage and all of it’s abilities boost damage, seemingly significantly enough so that it’s the equivalent of +20% anyway, plus it opens up other slots for glyphs and such.