[Miscrits] (Story)The Legends

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Everyone know the lands of Miscria is corrupted by darkness of Apollo Nox and his minions.The Scholar believes that one day a hero will come and defeat him.However,someone thinks they must do something because they had waited for too long….

Chapter 1:The Gathering

Cubsprout:Take that,and that,and that!
Flue:Off for a day scratching the tree again did you?
Cubsprout:I am way more stronger than that!One day,I will destroy the elementums and save us all!
Flue:Far too powerful for you.You won’t succeed at all.But…
Cubsprout:But what?But if the trees are stronger,it will scratch me?!
Flue:I was going to say if we,no I mean ALL of us team up together,we can save not only the Forest,but the whole world!But,yes.True.
Sparkupine:I’m joining!
Hydroseal:Me too!
Flowerpillar:Me three!
Waddles:Me four!
Prawnja:Me five!
Flue:Thanks guys.But we’re not that powerful enough.We need more teammates,more levels and more power!
Cubsprout:Okay,we may can defeat him after all.But can we?Well,off to training now!

After more slash and dash later

Flue:Yeah!All of us were level 5!
Hydroseal:Boo yeah!
Prawnja:Great job!
Sparkupine:I don’t mean to interrupt the enjoyment of you guys but,you saw Cubsprout?
Flue:No.Oh no…
Flue:Better go to the elementum!
Hydroseal:You’re wasting your time.He’s not there.
Flue:How do you know?
Hydroseal:Remember we were also training along the lakeside,we don’t even saw him.
Flue:So there’s only one place he will go,the Magicite!
Prawnja:Lets check in there!
Flowerpillar:Uh guys,you may want to check this out.
All except Flowerpillar:What do you…oh my….
Flue:Is that you Cubsprout?!

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Chapter 2:Unexpected!

Dandylion:Yeah,that’s me.So what’s with it anyway?
Flue:You…you are evolved!
Dandylion:I am.Now I’m going to kill those Magicite over there,Alone!
All:We’re doing this together.We’ll save this world together!
Dandylion:Uh,okay?Any plans?
Flue:This is our plans….

Several minutes later

Flue:Get on our plan guys!
Hydroseal:Hey losers,come here,attack me!
Magicite Novice:What you call me?Come here you…
Magicite:What..no!This can’t be that way,NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

The Magicite disappears in a black smoke…

Sparkupine:We did it!We defeat the Magicite!
Prawnja:Yes,but there’s someone else over there.
Waddles:Lets use the same strategy like we did before!
Flue:We can’t just do the same strategy.The first is easy,but maybe the second is harder…
Dandylion:That means we need to train more.
All except Flue:Yes!We need that!
Waddles:Now lets…hey where’s Flue?

Chapter 3:The new teammates

Dandylion:Hey Flue,come out wherever you are!
Hydroseal:Come out now Flue!
Prawnja:Hey,is that Flue?
???:Uh what?Are you calling my name?
Sparkupine:Of course we are!And…hey wait a second.You’re not Flue!
Dark Flue:Hahaha!You are finding your real enemy!Take that!
Flue:Not so fast!
Dark Flue:Oh,so you’re stopping me eh?Take that!Punches Flue
Flue:“Dodges”.Now!Enchanted Fire Flight!
Dark Flue:What?You can’t do that!Or you just…arrgggh!
Chimnay:Yes I am.Yes I am EVOLVED!
Dark Flue:Please,help me..I promise I’ll help you…
Hydroseal:Let’s just kill him!
Waddles:I think everyone deserves a second chance.What do you say Flu…uh,Chimnay?
Chimnay:I say let him join us.He can help us to defeat the Magicites.
Flameling:He’ll kill you!
Lumera:All they saying is true!Don’t trust him!

Chapter 4:Friend or enemy?

Chimnay:Who are you guys?What are you doing here?
Quirk:We are protector of the forest!The Quad Guardian!
Dandylion:Okay,where’s the fourth?
Sparkupine:I have an idea!How about you guys join us?It will be much more fun!
Flameling:We sure did want to join,but please,do not trust Dark miscrits.They are evil!
Dark Flue:I’ve been defeated by the Chimnay.Please,if he can do that once,he can do that again!
Chimnay:He’s speaking the truth.Hey,what’s moving in the bushes right there?
Flameling:Excuse me.“Runs through the bushes”
Lumera:Well,she’s been acting pretty weird lately.But,we will surely join your team.If we find Snortus.
Dark Flue:You mean that lazy thing over there?
Quirk:Back off.Dirt Claw!
Chimnay:You can’t do that at first evolution!Oh,okay.Now I understand.
Snortus:Wha…what the hack jest heppened?!I dream I was dert clewed!
Lumera:You know you shouldn’t do that.
Kinkoon:Smacking around is boring.
Flowerpillar:So you guys are level 10 but you only evolve if you use your level 10 moves?Awesome!
All:Who is screaming over there?!

Chapter 5:Mysterious information

All:“Goes to the bushes”What is…oh no.
Chimnay:Another dark!
Dark Flue:A dark Flameling.
Dark Flameling:Wait!Don’t kill me!I’m innocent!
Flameling:I’m not so sure about this.If you are totally innocent,then you can join our team.
Dark Flameling:Really?!Thank you!“Accidentally done a dark Fire Dance”
Flameling:Wah!“Does Fire Dance”
All:Awesome show!
Dark Flameling and Flameling:Somethings happening….“Evolves”
Chimnay:Awesome!Now let’s go and beat the second Magicite!
All:Let’s do it!

They went to the Second Magicite

Magicite Neophyte:Hahaha!You think you can defeat me?Take this!Dark Torrent!
Magicite Neophyte:You think that can defeat me?Take this!Dark Torrent!
Kinkoon and Dandylion:Hold on!Keep tickling him!We’re fine here!
Chimnay:Thanks guys.Tickle!
Magicite Neophyte:Ugh,weak!Dark Torrent!
Chimnay:AAHHH…..uh.I don’t feel a thing.Attack him guys!
?:Wicked flames!
:Liquid Magma!
?:Venus Fly Trap!
Magicite Neophyte:NOOOO!!!!“Disappears…”
Chimnay:What happened?And,hey,you guys are evolving!
Flintback:Oh yeah!
Chimnay:What?Who are you?
?:We are here to tell you something.
:You are the fate of the world.
Dandylion:You?You mean us?
?:Yes,but not much we can tell.
:Listen.The Elementum is powerful,and you are not ready to fight it yet.After you defeat the third Magicite,find the remaining Miscrit and venture to Mount Gemma.
:You need to go to Sunfall shores and talk to the wise Warro.You will then know what to do.
?:We must go…now.
:Bye.We will meet again.“The three ??? disappears”
Chimnay:Wait!No.This can’t be…
All:This is your fate.You had to deal with it.

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Chapter 7:The Guardian meeting

Snortus:So,i herd there’s a guerdien heah.So lets fend it.
Lumera:Its the legendary Tulipinny.The protector of the Magic Flower.
Chimnay:You guys go.
Chimnay:About the three mysterious miscrit and their message to me.I need to know more about this.
Shucky:Okay?So,what we should do then?
Lumera:Maybe if I use Flame Tail,I’ll become wiser.
All except Lumera:Give it a try.
Lumera:Okay,here goes….FLAME TAIL!
All except Lumera::Any difference?
Dark Flue:I need to train more.
Streamlion:We need to train more.
Dark Flue:Thanks guys.Now lets…
Hotfoot:Hold on there!
Elefauna:We want to join you!
Snatcher:Yes we want to!
Chimnay:You can join.You guys go and train together.I’ll try and find Tulipinny.
Hermetalcrab:Okay,okay.Lets move on guys.
Chimnay:Bye guys.Good luck.“Moves to the giant flower”
Chimnay:Now,where is it?Come out now!
Tulipinny:"Hiding"Wah!A fire!Leaf Bash!
Chimnay:What?Uh oh…Ouch.That hurts a bit.
Leavius:You will lose!!!!
Chimnay:Wait!I’m not here to fight!
Leavius:Really?Sorry.What do you want.
Chimnay:Well,like this.“Tells everything”
Leavius:The Wise Warro?Destiny?So all the legends is true.
Chimnay:Legends?What legends?
Leavius:Ongabonga used to tell me that one day a legend will appear and destroy Apollo Nox once and for all.
Chimnay:But I’m not ready for that yet!But the “legend” that you mean must take out Apollo Nox alone or with all Miscrits?
Leavius:Of course with all the Miscrits.Otherwise it is impossible!
Chimnay:Another thing.Do I need to go to SS alone or with my friends?
Leavius:Alone.The other needs to defeat the Earth Elementum.And by now,you need to team up with me and defeat the Adept.
Chimnay:But,what about my teammates?Can they join us?
Leavius:No unfortunately.Anyway we don’t have much….ugh!
Chimnay:What is…its…its a Dark Flowerpiller?!

Chapter 8:A Dark Attack

Dark Flowerpiller:Yeah!That’s me!!!“Evolves into Dark Fairyblossom”
Leavius:No.Its not impossible.Flower Power!
Chimnay:You,are a Ongabonga!
Dark Fairyblossom:Dark Bug Out!
Dark Fairyblossom:You think that can defeat me?Dark Bug out!
Dark Fairyblossom:Hey,my attack has no effect!
Chimnay:Now!Enchanted Fire Flight!
Ongabonga:Flower Power!
Dark Fairyblossom:ARRGHHH!!Don’t…don’t kill me…
Chimnay:Any reason why I shouldn’t kill you?
Dark Fairyblossom:Because you will need me.
Ongabonga:She’s right.
Chimnay:Okay.You can go to my friends over there.
Dark Fairyblossom:Thank you!This is your reward!“Concentrates energy and shoots it at Chimnay”
Firebrawl:What happens?I’m,I’m,I’M EVOLVED!
Ongabonga:Good!Now,we need to focus on taking down the Magicite.
Firebrawl:Got it!

Chapter 9:Fall of the Magicite

Ongabonga:There he is!
Adept:Ah,2 Miscrits come to me before I wipe them out…how sweet.
Firebrawl:You stated something wrong,old man
Ongabonga:Flower Power!
Adept:That is an awesome attack,but you will fall now.Brimstone!
Firebrawl:Step aside!“Gets hit by Brimstone”
Adept:Weak!Dark Geyser!
Ongabonga:You lowered his damage!Now…uh,Firebrawl?
Firebrawl:Wha…what’s happening?AARRRGHHHH!!!!“Shines like a bright light”
Adept:Never saw something like this before!What magic is….ARGH!!“Gets punched by Firebrawl”
Firebrawl:You are an evil being.You will die!“Gathers energy”
Adept:What’s this?!Can’t be….Energy Blast?!!
Firebrawl:Energy Blast!
Ongabonga:Impossible!You just….
Firebrawl:What happened?“Fells on ground”
Ongabonga:The Magicite turned into dust!But I guess you are too tired eh?Take a rest…you’ll need it.


Scorcharos:Yeah!Level 19!How about you guys….uh,guys?
Hermetalcrab:What’s that light over there?!
Chrysaleaf:Its coming from the Magic Flower!We need to…
Streamlion:I’m not sure if its a good idea Chrysa.
Dandylion:The light,is gone!
Dark Chimnay:I think we need to continue training guys.
All:Yeah…we need to.

A few minutes later

Stammoth:Thanks guys!
Barbwiller:Do I look bad?
Fintaur:I think you don’t look bad.You look frightening.
Shellgun:Can we go to Magic Flower now?

Chapter 10:Trace of Firebrawl

Dark Firebrawl:This place sure did looks normal.
Fyrin:I’m going to miss Chimnay.
Bloombug:You don’t say….
Eleflood:Hey guys!Check this out!
Fintaur:I smell trouble….
Cryptile:This is an energy blastAmazing,yet frightening at the same time!
Fireprick:Energy blast?!No way!It can only be used by Apollo Nox miscrits!How they can be here?!
Centaurpede:Its not Nox Miscrits.
All except Centaurpede:What?How do you know?!
Centaurpede:Think of it.If one of them are here,they could destroy the forest once and for all!And the critters doesn’t even looks frightened at all.And one more thing.Their energy can easily be sense even from far away.
Terrapig:Yes.All of the explanations makes sense.
Dark Firebrawl:Anyone seen Firebrawl?
Ongabonga:I’ve seen him.
Terrapig:What?!Tell us where you see him!
Ongabonga:I’m the Tulipinny he’s trying to find.I teamed up with him to defeat the Magicite.But….
Shellgun:But what?!
Ongabonga:I can’t tell you where he is now.Sorry.
Pawthorne:No way!
Pawthorne:This is some sort of fire energy right here.
Fireprick:It is!But it is more powerful than him,so maybe….
Ongabonga:No.He is not attacked by other fire monster.
Kang:So where is he?!He can’t go to SS!
Ongabonga:Sorry,but yes.Sorry I can’t tell you more.But I and Dark Fairyblossom will join you saving the world.
Dark Fairyblossom:Yes.We will.
Ongabonga:Now,your mission is to find Blazebit and other remaining creatures in the forest.


Firebrawl:Ugh,where am I?What happened to me?
???:Calm down kid.You’re not that recovered yet.
Firebrawl:Who are you?

Chapter 11:Revelation

Kang:We don’t have much time to gave up now!
???:Hello,do you still remember me?
Fyrin:Its one of your unknown!
Ongabonga and Dark Fairyblossom:Infernus.Isn’t it?
Infernus:Meh,my disguise finally is revealed.Anyway,yes I am.I want to tell you some important news.
Cryptile:Who are you actually?What do you want?You guys has so much to tell me.
Pyrotep:Okay,okay!We’ll tell you later!Anyway,what’s the news?
Infernus:You guys are pretty strong now,you now are ready to defeat the Elementum!That’s the good news.
Fyrin:Really?!The forest can now be saved for real!
Infernus:There’s some more good news.The rare Thundercracker at evolution 4 is ready to help you guys beating up the elementum!
Stammoth:Cool!Where is he?!
Clobberilla:Yo,right here.
Pawthorne:Awesome!What next?
Infernus:There’s also a bad news.Firebrawl right?
Shellgun:What happens to him?!
Infernus:Firebrawl just released his inner energy.He’s not ready to do that yet.
Fintaur:What happens if he do that too many times?
Infernus:He will turn into dust and hopes of Miscria will be gone.
Ongabonga:(So that’s why he can create a massive energy blast that turns the Magicite into dust)
Infernus:You need to move on and gather the remaining miscrits.They may seem aggressive and attack you at first but if you win their honor,they will join your team.Now,go!Don’t waste your time!

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Chapter 12:Team Battle part 1

Kang:Now,we are at the Elder Tree area.So,any plans?
Shellgun:Uh,split up and find them?
Dark Firebrawl:I think we should stick up together.I sense another dark is here…
???:Yes there is.
All:Who are you?!
Willoak:I’m the mighty Willoak.My team and I will fight you.If you win,we will come with you to fight the terrible Elementum.But first…
Willoak:To fight us,you must come in a team of four fully evolved team.Choose wisely,this is your destiny….“Disappears in grass”
Dark Firebrawl:How he could do that?!
Terrapig:Some sort of special power or something due to being part of Elder Tree.
Ongabonga:Anyway,who will fight them?
Dark Firebrawl:You,Dark Fairyblossom and Clobberilla.One of us need to train to level 30.But who?
Kang:Its obvious.YOU!
Dark Firebrawl:Seriously?Why me all the time?
Dark Fyrin:Because you’re the team leader?By the way,where’s Fyrin?
Infernus:Yo,right here.
All:You evolved?!
Infernus:Yup.During you guys are discussing I train myself eventually.
Fireprick:So we have Ongabonga,Dark Fairyblossom,Clobberilla and Infernus.Not really bad team isn’t it?
Dark Firebrawl:I think their team is Willoak,Kalamos,Krakenhook and Aukamotive.So others,go and find Blazebit.4 of you go and fight them.Got it?
All:Got it!
Cryptile:Good luck guys.
Pawthorne:Bye.We’ll seek for Blazebit.
Infernus:Bye guys.

Chapter 13:Team battle part 2

Ongabonga:Okay Willoak,where are you?We are ready!
“Willoak appears above the grass”Willoak:Good.
Ongabonga:Wah!Don’t do that again,please.
Willoak:Yeah,sorry.Now,come out guys!

Aukamotive,Krakenhook and Kalamos appears

Dark Fairyblossom:(Like Dark Firebrawl says.)
Willoak:Now my team,go and attack them!
Ongabonga:Take my mace!
Aukamotive:Weak and predictable!Now…
Clobberilla:Mace Smash.RAAAAARGGGHHHHHHH!!!!“Attacks from above”
Aukamotive:Oh no,ARGH!“Defeated”
Kalamos:I’ll protect you!Wave…
Dark Fairyblossom:Dark Bug out!Now Infernus!
Infernus:Firewater….Wicked Flames!
Willoak:Very well,you fight well.Looks like I have to do this…“Disappears”
All:Where is he?!
Willoak:“Whispers to Krakenhook”Now!
Krakenhook:Tentacle Tide!
Ongabonga:Flower Power!
Clobberilla:Mace Smash!
Ongabonga:Now where’s that Willoak?
Willoak:Right here
Willoak:“Punches Ongabonga”Take that!“Disappears,then attack again until Ongabonga is defeated”
Infernus:That’s too fast!
Clobberilla:I have an idea!Infernus,follow me!
Dark Fairyblossom:Are you guys leaving me?Hey,wait!I..can’t move…
Willoak:“Traps Dark Fairyblossom in vines”Drain its power!
Dark Fairyblossom:I’m…feeling….weaker…urgh.“Fells on ground.”
Willoak:2 more,I guess they run away.What a coward.
Clobberilla:“Whispers to Infernus”Now!
Infernus:Wicked Flames!
Clobberilla:Mace smash!
Willoak:"Dodges"I’m not that easy to be fooled!
Clobberilla:You sure?NOW!
Infernus:Now Clobber!
Clobberilla:Okay,Mace Smash!
Willoak:Urgh!Ouch,you…defeated me.
Infernus:Does it hurt?I’ll help!
Willoak:I have my healing skills.Replenish!Congratulations noble warrior.You deserve our honor.We will help you.
Dark Fairyblossom:Help me here please….
Willoak:Oh sorry.Here.“Gives Dark Fairyblossom its magic back.”
Dark Fairyblossom:Thank you.
Willoak:We sure do recruit some other Dark miscrits.Guys,you can come out now.

Dark Barbwiller,Dark Grastodon,Dark Shellgun,Dark Bloomane and Dark Aquine appears.

Dark Grastodon:Hey there.
Dark Aquine:Hey Willoak,we found a Trimate on our way here.We could ask help from him right?
Willoak:We NEED to.
Dark Barbwiller:Here.
Trimate:Stop biting me!I’m not that sneaky!
Dark Barbwiller:You are trying to escape from us right?!
Trimate:You guys are DARK,you are KILLERS.
Dark Shellgun:No,we are not.You can trust us.
Trimate:Are you?I’ll stay but stop biting me!
Dark Barbwiller:“Release Trimate”There.
Trimate:Thank you.Now where we are heading?

Chapter 13:Hope of a Blazebit

Dark Firebrawl:Now where is the elusive Blazebit?
Blazebit:"Hiding"Oh no.Why they always searching for me?
Dark Fyrin:Where is he actually?
Stammoth:Right here!
Blazebit:No!Not me!Don’t kill me!
Cryptile:Hold on there!
Dark Cryptile:You’re got nowhere to go now!
Blazebit:Don’t kill me!I’m weak!
Kang:We’re not here to kill you.
Blazebit:What do you mean?
Pyrotep:We need your help to defeat the Elementum.
Blazebit:I’m too weak to fight it.Too much of my power is drained.I can’t even fight.Want me to tell a story?
Blazebit:Sigh,then.Once,before the Elementum exist,I am one of the most powerful Eruptacus.However,when the Elementum comes to the worlds,my power is slowly drained.Many Blazebit died because of that thing.I was hoping for the Savior of Miscria to defeat the Elementum.I waited and waited till my power is completely drained from me.I gave up my hope.They will never come.Now,I’m far too weak.I will die in any time now…
Dark Fyrin:We’ll save you!
Dark Firebrawl:We will save you!
Blazebit:You are far too weak,and by the time you defeat the elementum,I am already died.
Kang:We will not gave up that easily!The hope is….there!
Blazebit:The light…pleasant light.It’s a hope!“Blazebit powers starts getting stronger and stronger”My power is returning!
“Willoak and its team appears”All:What’s happening here?
Fireprick:His power is returning!
Grimstone:Awesome!Even its not that perfect yet,but this is really cool!Let’s go to the Elementum beat up!

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Chapter 15:Forest Savior

Grimstone:He’s there.
Infernus:Its too huge
Dark Fyrin:On second thought,we should go back training.It will crush us before we even attack it!
Dark Firebrawl:We can’t quit now!
Pawthorne:Yes,we can’t!We must fight it before things become worse than it should be!
Dark Bloomane:We need to defeat it.Come on guys!Lets attack it!
Clobberilla:We had to face it guys.You don’t have any other choices.
Centaurpede:Lets attack it with our full power!
Dark Fyrin:Let’s go.Attack!
Nature Elementum:“Wakes up”Photosynth!HAHA.You can’t damage me that much NOW!
Dark Fairyblossom:Use your strongest attack guys!

They battled the Elementum with full power and no mercy.But…

Nature Elementum:That doesn’t even hurt!Get ready to DIE!“Leaves starts spinning around him”Take this!
All:Leaves that hurts us?!Impossible.
Nature Elementum:I’ll crush you!Take this!!!
Dark Firebrawl:No!ARGH…“Got hit”I…feel weak…ugh.“Fells on ground”
Fireprick:You are evil…so evil…
Nature Elementum:So?What are you going to do?Prick me?
Fireprick:I’ll….I’ll….I’LL DESTROY YOU!“Evolves”
Wiquill:Take this!“Attacks”
Nature Elementum:That’s just….OUCH!Impossible.You just….
Wiquill:Yes!Yes I just ignore negating it!
Willoak:(Wiquill flames is the hottest among all the flames.I have a bad feeling about this.)
Wiquill:You will die here!“Blue Flames starts gathering around him and forming”Now!FLAMING BLAST!!!
Nature Elementum:What just….ARGH!STOP BURNING ME!STOP IT!“Nature Elementums starts to burn very badly.”
Dark Grastodon:Wake up Dark Firebrawl!Wake up!
Fintaur:Please!Wake up NOW!
Dark Firebrawl:“Wakes up”Ugh,what just happened?
Grimstone:Now’s not the time to ask!We need to get out of here!

All of them escaped from the Elementum

Dark Grastodon:We made it!
Willoak:All thanks to Wiquill.He killed the elementum.I’m feeling my power is returning back…
Trimate:Me too!
Dark Firebrawl:Now!Our next journey,Mount Gemma!

Somewhere,a pair of eyes are watching them

Dark Hotfoot:Better to report to Dark Owlie quick!

Chapter 16:Town visitor

Forest Guard:Hey,a bunch of monsters are coming!Ready to attack!
Scholar:No wait.They’re not evil.I’m sure of that.
Fintaur:Are you sure this is the way?
Shellgun:To go to Mount Gemma we need to go through the town.
Dark Firebrawl:I think they’ll attack us dark miscrits.Its obvious actually.
Infernus:They won’t attack you if you don’t attack them.
Dark Fairyblossom:Okay.
Willoak:Lets ask them for some help.
Pyrotep:Hey,you guys can help us?
Forest guard:Sure.Anything I can help?
Eleflood:We’re searching for Mount Gemma.Where’s the way?
Forest Guard:There.
Kalamos:Anything we can find here?
Forest Guard:If you want more information,ask the Village Greeter.By the way,you guys seem to be tired.There’s an old abandoned house over there where you can rest and play.
Dark Barbwiller:Awesome!Let’s go guys!

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Chapter 17:A family indeed

Fintaur:Finally!Our own home instead of the uncomfortable forest!
Dark Firebrawl:Our quest is not over yet.We need to find Firebrawl,destroy Elementums and kill Nox.Not easy now eh?
Shellgun:Pick a rest Dark Firebrawl.We had been worked hard for the past 2 days to kill the Elementum.Take a day off.
Willoak:Shellgun’s right.
Pyrotep:Yup he is.
Wiquill:…I’m still a bit worried about what happened to me
Dark Fyrin:About your new power?It supposed to just happens once.Nothing special,really.
Trimate:We’re one big happy family!
Bloombug and Dark Fairyblossom:We are?
Trimate:Of course we are!
Dark Bloomane:Cool,a shed!
Dark Grastodon:I was hoping for a place to train or something….but this is okay.
Shellgun:We are now…one big happy family!

Chapter 18:Mount Gemma attack

Gropher:No!I can’t lose just yet!
Dark Gemphibian:Haha!You’ll die NOW!
Dark Gemphibian:Still can hold that attack?DIE!
Gropher:Help…me…ARGH!“Fells on ground”
Dark Gemphibian:Sweet!Another normal dies in my hand!Now…who’s next on the hit list…
Dark Hotfoot:Hey,I have an important message for you!
Dark Gemphibian:You should report to Dark Owlie first!
Dark Hotfoot:You think I’m that easy to be fooled?He’s dead,remember?!He got killed by those pesky Mun Kee!
Dark Gemphibian:Oh yeah,now,what is it?
Dark Hotfoot:Nature elementum…defeated!
Dark Gemphibian:What?How?Impossible!
Dark Hotfoot:A team,no.A PACK of monster attack and killed it!And one of them,a Wiquill has fearsome power that even ignore Nature Elementum Negate element!
Dark Gemphibian:Wah!That’s impossible!2 impossible things that happened in 1 day!
Lestrike:All on position?3,2,1,ATTACK!
Dark Gemphibian:How you…ARGH!
Edison Ray:Lightning Barb!
Glidengale:Toxic Puff!
Wyndasia:Billowing Bash!
Medustung:Super Sting!

Dark Gemphibian and Dark Hotfoot lying dead on ground after that fearsome attack.

Gropher:Awesome job you guys!
Lestrike:I have a job for you guys.
Lestrike:The baddies says about a fearsome team that destroys the Elementum.Since it is defeated,they may become stronger and very useful to us to save the mountain!One of you go and try to contact at least one of them.Now,who’ll go?
Wyndasia:The fastest among us of course.

Everyone stares at Glidengale

Glidengale:Why me all the time?!Fine,I’ll go.

Chapter 18:To Mt Gemma!

Ongabonga:Nice home.
Dark Barbwiller:I have a feeling that we’re going to spend our time here for a long time.
Barbwiller:So?I like this place,calm and beautiful.I hope I can stay here forever.
Infernus:We still have some work to do.
Dark Fyrin:Yes we are.


Glidengale:They’re there?In the house with no trainers?In the TOWN?!Damn,its going to be a tough job.

Glidengale tries to sneak through the town.But…

Glidengale:Damn it!They just saw me!“Quickly escapes”
Glidengale:That was close.Now…I’ll use my special plan B!

Glidengale covers the area with a very thick fog.

Villagers:What happened?!I can’t see anything!
Glidengale:Now’s my chance!

It goes through the fog without any troubles until it arrives at the house

Glidengale:Plan C next!“Vanish”


Dark Firebrawl:Uh,who turned out the light?
Pyrotep:Its magic.I wonder…
Infernus:An attack!CHARGE NOW GUYS!
Glidengale:Hold on there!I’m not here to fight.I’m trying to ask for help from….
Clobberilla:Mt Gemma right?You’re wasting time.We ARE preparing to go there.
Glidengale:You’re…Thundercracker!And yes.Mt Gemma.So,can we go now?
Dark Aquine:Sure,but only…
Glidengale:Only what?I’ll do anything!
Cryptile:Only if you clear the fog outside.
Glidengale:Okay.I’ll do it.
Trimate:Good.Now lets go guys!
All:Let’s go!

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Chapter 19:A Gemma gathering

Gropher:There they are!
Terrapig:Wow!This is more…rocky than the forest.
Centaurpede:More BARREN than the forest,much like a desert,but its not.
Wiquill:Hey guys,I found some Miscrit here.
Glidengale:No need to be afraid,they’re my friends.
Wyndasia:I thought you could finish your task quicker than I expected…
Glidengale:You think this is an easy task?It is harder than anyone of us would expect!
Edison Ray:Since all of you are here…Lestrike,explain to them.
Lestrike:Okay.Mt Gemma is divided into several landmark.The most important landmark is Cave of Mist,The Shack and Skyline Peak,where the terrible elementum is.
Dark Fairyblossom:The Shack?You mean the old house over there?
Lestrike:Yes,but it is blocked by the mudslide.
Stammoth:Anything interesting in Cave of Mist?
Lestrike:Well yes!There’s 3 powerful rares inside,but….
Ongabonga:But what?
Lestrike:Its been infested by a lot of dark.
Barbwiller:We could ask the Dark monster for help.
Lestrike:If we earn their respect.
Clobberilla:So,where we are heading?Elementum or Cave of Mist?
Grimstone:Cave of Mist of course.We need more help.
Dark Firebrawl:So let’s go!

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Chapter 20:The Puzzle Part 1

Clobberilla:What?!The boulders is blocking our way?Clear it please!
Miner:Uh,sorry.Pay me and I’ll remove it.
Clobberilla:Seriously?All we have is dust and a few coins.Is it enough?
Miner:Of course not!
Dark Bloomane:Ready,set,GO!

The boulders crushed into pieces when Dark Bloomane and Bloomane used Ferocity

Dark Bloomane:You evolved?Geez,I don’t even notice that!
Bloomane:Well,training here isn’t bad after all!
Clobberilla:I found some gems here,is it enough?
Miner:Don’t touch that!I mined that gems!
Dark Firebrawl:Let’s just stop this arguing now….
Ongabonga:Knock them off?
Glidengale:Nope,I HAVE A BETTER IDEA!
Clobberilla:Hey,what’s with this gas surrounding me?Disappears
Glidengale:Another trick of my magic!Awesome,eh?
Eleflood:Enough talk,now any information of this dark cave?
Pyrubi:I’ve heard this was once a cave full of diamonds,but since the dark appears,this place is abandoned up.No one wants to go here and if they do so,they’ll be killed in matter of minutes by the famous Dark Kiloray.
Edison Ray:Would be more awesome if its a Dark Edison Ray…
Infernus:If its like that,more people would be killed!
???:Help us…
Terrapig:Who’s that?!
Zapire:Up here…
Shellgun:Guys,I think we need to run away while we can…
Barbwiller:Wait.They’re trying to tell us something.
Dark Shellgun:What’s that?Its…my worst enemy….one of the things I hate,it’s,it’s…
Trimate:Tell us!
Dark Shellgun:It’s….puzzles.
Dark Grastodon:So,any idea?
Willoak:There’s a signboard here.Listen,It says….

To complete the puzzles,the Electric power must be accessed,yet it is still weak.Remember,only the most powerful Electric can destroy the boulders.

Edison Ray:That’s easy.Lightning Barb!

Lightning Barb has no effect on the rock.

Edison Ray:Impossible!
Lestrike:You’re not the answer,and I’m not either.So the answer is probably….
Dark Cryptile:Zapire!
Cryptile:But now we need to get its power back so we can pass.But how?
Bloombug:Don’t ask me,I’ve just thinking of using electric attacks on it.
Edison Ray:Good idea!In 3,all Lightning monster attack with your strongest Lightning attack!
Edison Ray:3….2….1….Attack!

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Chapter 21:The Puzzle part 2

They use their electric attack but there’s no effect

Zapire:Its…not the….way….
Dark Grastodon:Now what?Any more idea?
Edison Ray:I’m thinking right here…
Lestrike:Uh guys….
Edison Ray:Not now Lestrike
Dark Cryptile:Don’t disturb him please.
Lestrike:Listen to me….
Cryptile:Uh guys,I think we are under attack.
Bloombug:What do you….uh oh.

They saw dozens of Microblast hanging under the wall

Dark Firebrawl:Hold on!
Dark Firebrawl:WAIT!
Terrapig:For what?For the Microblast to kill us?
Dark Firebrawl:The Microblast is the answer!
Willoak:That’s it!If it attacks Zapire,it will be enough to destroy those rocks!
Pyrotep:One question.When you say ‘attacks’,you don’t say…
Glidengale:One of us has to be the bait.But who?
Pyrubi:Anyone but not me please!
Infernus:Okay.You stand there,we bring the Zapire.
Lestrike:Got it!

They bring it close to Lestrike position

Lestrike:Okay,now how…guys?Guys?
Trimate:We’re behind the rocks!
Lestrike:Wait.I’m not ready yet!
Barbwiller:Pretend you are trying to attack the Zapire and POOF!You dodge the attack and the puzzle is solved!
Lestrike:But what if I failed to dodge?What if nothing happened?
Dark Barbwiller:If you failed,the static is enough for you to evolve.
Lestrike:Uh,okay.Here goes nothing.

Lestrike pretends to attack the Zapire by doing a fake Lightning Orbs.The plan goes very well.As Lestrike was going to do it,the Microblasts attacks Lestrike but hit the Zapire instead.However….

Zapire:My power is returning!Thanks….uh…
Lestrike:I’m…I’m evolving!Evolves
Sparkula:Now that’s new.
Zapire:Since you helped me,I’ll help you.Flying Bolt!

Zapire destroyed the boulders into dust

Fintaur:Proceed guys!

They continued their journey until…

Wiquill:Argh!Another puzzle!
Dark Fairyblossom:Not an ordinary puzzle.And….guys..guys?GUYS!
Willoak:I can’t see anything!
Glidengale:I don’t do this!I can’t see either.

?:Good!They can’t even see a thing.Now’s our chance to attack!
:Yer thinkin’ this is da best time?
:Okay then…ATTACK!

Dark Firebrawl:What the….ARGH!

Chapter 22:From another perspective

Firebrawl:Why I’m at Sunfall shores?Why me?
Kelpa:Yo.Calm down a bit.
Wavesling:We saw you appearing out of nowhere.
Kelpa:Calm down.I’m sure they’re dead.Don’t they?
Wavesling:You feel anything different?
Kelpa:Uh,yes.I feel more powerful than ever.
Firebrawl:I need to go back to the forest!
Kelpa:Hold on there kid!First,you need to find the Wise Warro that is located after the Overlord,which is…well.
Wavesling:We need your help and you need our help.Why we won’t work together?
Firebrawl:You think I want to fight the Overlord alone?Of course I want to team up!
Kelpa:Okay,now lets go!

The trio set off the sandcastle and started their journey to the Warro.They made some new friends who were willing to help them.Until they meet their first challenge…the Overseer.

Overseer:So,a bunch of monster wants to battle me?So weak.But I’m impressed by your bravery.
Kelpa:Less talk,more fighting.CHARGE!
Firebrawl:Tickle and tickle and tickling again!
Overseer:Ah,uh,oh.You done yet?Dark Hydro!

Dark Hydro deals close to no damage

Kelpa:Now’s our chance.ATTACK!
Grubbean:We did it eh Firebrawl?
Afterburn:Call me Afterburn.

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Chapter 23:The good,the bad and the Magicite

Afterburn:Yeah yeah.I know its a suprise right?
Kelpa:I’ll give you more suprise.Now guys!

The SS monster use their level 30 move,except Echino

Derelicro:Now this is a real suprise!
Afterburn:Uh,okay?But now,focus on something more important.
Thornaxis:He’s right.I have a friend here,but I don’t know he’s alive or not.
Nessilisk:Me too.Its a….
Astranap:Arigato right?Yup,that’s me.
Nessilisk:Woah,you’re evolved.
Choy Choy:Okay,now focus on getting to the Warro.Any ideas to defeat the Magicite?
???:Yes.I have an idea
Choy Choy:Who’s….who’s that?!
Thornaxis:Its a Jack!
Hop Chi:I…can’t control…my body…
Afterburn:Probably because the corruption failed,but it infects half of your body.That’s a big problem.
Hop Chi:Uh yeah.You are the ol’ Grubbean right?
Thornaxis:I’m not old.Do I?
Flameow:Ugh.Ignore him.He’s crazy.
Astranap:Now what should we do?And guys,come out.NOW!

Rybble and Excavior appears.

Rybble:Well,well.Look what we found here.A crazy Hop Chi,a strong Afterburn and a fragile Thornaxis.
Excavior:So,to the Mastermind?
Afterburn:Sure.Let’s move on guys.
All:Lets go!

Mastermind:Huh.This is all your team?What a weak and miserable monster you are.
Astranap:Afterburn,we attract her attention.You use Tickle.Got it?
Afterburn:Got it.
Astranap:Hey Mastermind,over here!
Derelicro:Right here!
Mastermind:I’ll make you suffer.Dark Flame Ball!

Dark Hydro deals close to no damage

Afterburn:Now’s our chance!ATT…..
Afterburn:An evil like you will die in my hands.ENERGY BLAST!

The Magicite turned into dust

?:No its not.
:Its one of the legends actually.
Afterburn:One of the legends?Who are you?
Praesul:I’m Praesul.And for your question,actually,you are the one and only legend.
Gazareal:And I’m Gazareal.But now,we need to team up with Leviafin and defeat the Overlord.
Choy Choy:Anyway,let’s go guys!

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Chapter 24:The Puzzle Part 3

:What the…
?:*Slash both of the ?*
? and ?:ARGH!Impossible…who are you?
Stalagfright:I’m Stalagfright.That’s who I am.
Zapire:Its a…Dark Snortus and Dark Kiloray!I wonder how do they create the thick fog…
Barbwiller:Probably by the help of….
Glidengale:A Dark Glidengale isn’t it?
Sparkula:But I’ve never seen a single Dark Breezycheeks here.
Dark Shellgun:I’m sure its been here then disappears in a speed of light…uh no.Dark.Yes!A speed of dark.
Shellgun:A speed of dark?Seems legit.
Fintaur:Anyway,there’s another puzzle here.
Stammoth:And a signboard.Listen,it says…

Stalagfright may be powerful,but its power is not enough to destroy the rocks and access to the treasure.Find the strongest and wisest,and victory will soon be yours

Dark Grastodon:This doesn’t even help!Strongest and wisest?None of us is like that!
Terrapig:Maybe you could try.
Willoak:Okay,I’ll try.Ent!

Willoak uses Ent but it has no effect

Dark Cryptile:Can I suggest something?
Gropher:You can,but not now.Keep on eye on that dark,while we’ll try figuring out this puzzle.
Dark Firebrawl:Maybe if I evolve,I could do this puzzle?
Wyndasia:Go ahead.
Dark Firebrawl:Okay.Here goes nothing.Starts smashing and whacking around and finally,evolve.
Dark Afterburn:Hope this worth it after that crazy rampage.Dark Mighty Bash!

Dark Mighty Bash has no effect.

Kalamos:Sorry Dark Afterburn.It doesn’t work.
Aukamotive:Argh,damn it!How do we even access this rock?
Infernus:Don’t focus on the rock,focus on our power.

Everyone stares at Infernus

Infernus:What?I was just saying!
Trimate:That,was.the.best.advice.I have.ever.heard.
Dark Fyrin:Okay guys,do as what Infernus said!
Dark Cryptile:Guys!
Dark Bloomane:What?You don’t say the dark…
Dark Cryptile:No,I think I have figured the puzzle out!
Bloomane:Good,but no thanks.We figured it out.Focus on your power,not the rock.
Dark Cryptile:I was just gonna say if you all attack the rock together,it would be destroyed but that could work.
Wiquill:Yes,that’s it!All of us attack the rock but focus on power instead,not the rock.
Dark Afterburn:Let’s do this.CHAAARRRGGGEEE!!!!!!

They successfully destroyed the rocks.

Stalagfright:Good job guys!
Dark Snortus:So dat means we’re free?
Dark Fairyblossom:Of course yes!
Dark Snortus:Thank you!

Chapter 25:The Puzzle Part 4

???:Help me!
Dark Snortus:I hear something…
Krakenhook:Its coming from the treasure chest!And there’s another signboard here.

The treasure could be very precious or very deadly.To access it,the key must be found.Find the key and you win.

Cryptile:Huh,now we need to find the key.Where is it?
Terrapig:I don’t have any idea.
Dark Snortus:Da key should be under da rock or somewhere else.
Pyrotep:You know what,I think WE’RE the key.
???:Help me here.Please…
Dark Barbwiller:Maybe if we all evolve to our last form,we can open the chest
Dark Kiloray:It’s going to take a while.
Bloombug:Do we have any other choices?
Dark Afterburn:No.So we had to.Good luck guys.

They trained very hard,slash and dash,smash and whack,crash and bam until…


All of them evolved to their last evo

Coraswine:Ooh,I’m feeling my new power.
Demolasher:Not the right time to be happy now guys
Anublaze:Oh yeah.We got JOB to do!
Dark Infernus:Lets do this!

Dark Afterburn:Wow!You guys are…
Dark Coraswine:Evolved?Yeah yeah we know.Now let’s open da treasure chest!

Using their strongest attack,they successfully opened the treasure chest.

Zapire:A Rubion!
Rubion:Yup.Anyway,thank you for freeing me.And congratulations for solving all the puzzle.
Antennious:Okay now we have Zapire,Stalagfright and Rubion,what we do now?

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Chapter 26:Mudslide Fight

Mallardon:We need to get out of the cave of course.
Fairyblossom:Okay.Let’s get out of here.Its getting colder for some reason
Antennious:I need to talk with you guys
Rubion:About what?
Antennious:Sorry about not telling you earlier,but the mudslide,actually there’s some Miscrit who make their home there.
Subterhuge:What?Let’s go and save them!
Antennious:They are safe but not for long.I fear if the mudslide gets worse than it should be now.
Wyndasia:Let’s go out then.

The heroes went out of the cave and made their way to the mudslide.

Simbel:Help me!
Zephyrgeist:Haha,no one can help you!I’ll make you suffer FOREVER!
Dark Infernus:Okay Infernus,ATTACK,DARK WICKED FLAMES!
Zephyrgeist:What the….ARGH!
Dark Afterburn:Simbel,here!
Zephyrgeist:Oh damn you!Deadly…..
Bloomane:Too late.Ferocity!
Dark Bloomane:Let me help you,Dark Ferocity!
Dark Aquine:Let him go guys.He’s weak.
Zephyrgeist:Thank you.


?:Wow.Dark Snortus and Dark Kiloray got defeated.
:Who cares.They got defeated by Stalagfright.
?:Stalagfright might defeat them,but he joined the team.With its awesome power combined with THEIR power,they’re nearly impossible.
:That’s a threat.Report to Dark Saggitarion and Dark Mineram.They’ll know what to do.
?:And then what are you going to do here?
:I’ll thin their number out.
?:You crazy?You alone can defeat them?!
:I had to try
?:I bet you die.
:And I bet I don’t have to listen to you.Now,go!

Chapter 27:Riverside assault

Eruptacus:Now,to the first Magicite!
Dark Grastodon:Let’s go!

They went to the first Magicite of Mt Gemma

Krakenhook:There he is!And hey…something is fighting him.
Saggitarion:Argh!Lullaby Wind,hold him Panthundra!
Panthundra:With my pleasure.

Panthundra holds the Apprentice with its hand like tail.

Apprentice:ArghGot away from Panthundra tail
Apprentice:Now you’re going to feel the pain,HARD JAB!
Saggitarion:How dare you!
Apprentice:That’s just a bit.HARD JAB!
Saggitarion:Argh!I can’t lose yet,not the time!
Apprentice:Don’t worry,I’ll let you die in a slow,painful way.
Dark Afterburn:Dark Mighty Bash!
Glidengale:You’re goin’ to feel very,very bad after this.Hard Jab!
Demolasher:Screw…uh you go first Eruptacus.
Eruptacus:Huh.Liquid Magma!
Saggitarion:Thank you kind warrior.
Panthundra:I need a bit charging.
?:Now’s my time.Dark Charged Charge!
Saggitarion:Behind you!
Mallardon:I got this on handle.Help me here guys.Quack Attack!
Clobberilla:Mace Smash!
Dark Clawmurai:Dark Clamp!
Dark Dynamellow:NO!Please….no….don’t kill me….
Antennious:No until you tell us.Why you tries to attack us?!
Dark Dynamellow:I…uh…
Wyndasia:Speak the truth or we’ll kill you!
Dark Dynamellow:I want to thin your numbers!Yeah,that’s why.
Simbel:But why?
:So Dark Mineram and Dark Saggitarius could kill you all.
Demolasher:What?Who are you?
Geotoad:Greetings.I am Geotoad.And you are Wyndasia right?
Wyndasia:Yes I am.
Geotoad:I….want to talk with you.
Wyndasia:Okay.Let’s go guys.
Geotoad:No no no!I want to talk with you…personally.
Wyndasia:Uh,okay.Wait here guys.

Geotoad:Any information?
Wyndasia:Yes.We found some Dark in the CoM.
Geotoad:And there’s probably some more!Tell me….who did you find?
Wyndasia:Dark Kiloray and Dark Snortus.
Geotoad:So the only dark left is Dark Arigato and Dark Grubbean,and Dark Grubbean may has gone to Skyline Peak.
Wyndasia:Wait.What about Dark Owlie?
Geotoad:He’s dead.But we can’t disagree there may be more.And watch out,you still get Dark Glidengale and Dark Buzzcargo after you.Travelling into the top is much harder than you expect it would.And I’ve heard of a Dark Gemphibian and Dark Warro living around here.
Wyndasia:So would you come?
Geotoad:Sure.But remember your mission.To save Mt Gemma and save Miscria!
Wyndasia:I’ll remember that.Now let’s go!

Chapter 28:Night Strike

Medustung:Its getting darker,should we rest?
All:Yeah yeah,we need to.
Edison Ray:Hey,I found a comfortable place where we can rest.Right here guys!
Monfiki:Okay,tomorrow we beat the Magicite.
All:Good night.

Its 3 A.M.All of them are fast asleep but Wyndasia.

Wyndasia:Can I save Mt Gemma,and the whole Miscria?
Wyndasia:I mean,I am really weak compared to the other.I’ll probably die before they even started killing the Elementums!
Wyndasia:Hey,what’s moving in the bushes?
?:Did it notices me?
Wyndasia:Who’s there?!
:DARN IT!Looks like I have to do this the hard way.DARK GEM SMASH!
Dark Geotoad:Damn,I missed it!
Wyndasia:What,a Dark Geotoad?!This can’t be good.Billowing Bash!
Dark Geotoad:NOOOOO!!!!!Falls on ground
Wyndasia:This can’t be good.Better report to the guys.

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Chapter 29:The Dark and Magicite battle

Dark Afterburn:This can’t be good.
Wyndasia:So Dark Geotoad,would you come?
Dark Geotoad:I’ll come.But don’t kill me!
Monfiki:To the Magicite now guys.
All:Let’s go!

They went to the Magicite.

Eruptacus:There it is!
Magicite:Are you going to expect me to be as easy as the ol’ apprentice?Hah,I’m more powerful than everyone ever expected!
Stalagfright:Let’s see about that!Dark Afterburn,Tickle him now!
Dark Afterburn:Tickle,tickle,tickle!

Tickle has no effect

Dark Afterburn:Impossible!
Infernus:Try lowering defense.Debilitate!

Debilitate has no effect

???:That is your biggest mistake EVER!Finally,darkness will take over again,and you have no hope,DESTRUCTION!

Destruction got them very badly

Dark Dynamellow:ARGH!No,please don’t….
Dark Thornaxis:Your turn Dark Warro!
Dark Warro:Don’t worry,I’ll let you die in a slow,painful way.
Geotoad:Medustung,hold your four lightning balls together,that could get us out of this trouble!

Medustung tries and tries to hold its four orbs,until all of them are up,creating a massive electric energy and blasts them to the dark monster,creating massive havoc

Dark Warro and Dark Thornaxis:NO,ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wyndasia:Billowing Bash….
Dark Warro:STOP,ARGH!
Dark Thornaxis:Please,stop it.Don’t kill us….
Dark Afterburn:Guys,attack the Magicite now!
Magicite:Dark Gem Strike,Dark Tempest and Destruction!
Dark Afterburn:Dark,Mighty,BASH!
Aukamotive:Coal Fire!
Kalamos:Wave SLAP!

They badly damage the Magicite before he dies.

Magicite:This isn’t over….Dies
Demolasher:Sorry,I don’t think we can fight anymore.
?:Don’t give up.I’ll heal you.
Rubion:Who’s that?
:Calm down.This may take time.Cool Breeze!
Clobberilla:I know this move.A Munk Lee is here!
Munk Lee:Yes I am here,I mean yes I am UP here.
Antennious:Wait.How you can heal us from up,THERE?!
Munk Lee:Magic,concentrated magic.
Simbel:Well,since you help us we should help you right?
Munk Lee:Duh.

Chapter 30:Journey to the top of Mt Gemma

Saggitarius:Ugh,getting to the top is much harder than I expected it would be.
Wyndasia:Keep your eyes open for Dark Mineram,Dark Saggitarius,Dark Hootray and Dark Buzzcargo too.
Grastodon:I have a bad feeling about this.
Dark Grastodon:About what?
Grastodon:Well,what if all of them appears as a team?
Dark Grastodon:We’re WAY outnumbered them,you think they can defeat us?
Glidengale:Hurry up a bit guys!
Dark Grastodon and Grastodon:Okay okay!
Zapire:Hmm,two path.One leads to the peak,and other one leads to….nowhere?
Dark Coraswine:We have to make our way to da peak,not da nowhere.We need to defeat da elementum,and dat’s our mission.
Coraswine:He’s right.Let’s go up then guys.
Hootray:This is not a usual ‘nowhere’,it leads to the rare Gemma critters.
Mallardon:If you guys wanna come,you can.But we have something much,MUCH more important to do.
Mineram:We’ll come.Hey Buzzcargo,come out!They’re good.
Buzzcargo:Okay.Sigh,you still there?Move on!

They climbed their way to the top.Until they meet their most fearful enemy.

Dark Saggitarius:You shall not pass!
Dark Glidengale:The Elementum is almost draining all power of Mt Gemma.Soon,all of you will DIE!
Dark Hootray:Want to beat us all?Back off now.Or face your WRATH.
Dark Buzzcargo:Dark Mineram,charge them all!
Dark Mineram:RRRRRAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Mineram charges through them with full speed,but misses.

Glidengale:Phew,that was close!
Zephyrgeist:We,don’t have much choice.We only have one chance.
Bloomane:What chance?
Zephyrgeist:One of us needs to be sacrificed.Dark Mineram will charge and falls off the mountain and probably the bait too.
Cryptile:No,that won’t happen!
Zephyrgeist:Or it will crush our bones!
Fairyblossom:Glidengale,you are suitable to be the bait.
Glidengale:With my pleasure.
Ongabonga:(That’s weird.Glidengale usually won’t even volunteer himself.)
Glidengale:You guys run,I’ll destroy him.
Dark Afterburn:If this is the last time we meet….
Glidengale:We don’t have much time for this.RUN!
Glidengale:Good.Now the Dark Mineram.
Glidengale:Hey Dark Mineram,I heard your charge can’t even destroy a pebble.
Dark Mineram:WHAT YOU SAID?!
Glidengale:And I heard you got beaten up by a lil’ Hydroseal.Truly,you’re the worst thing I have ever meet.
Glidengale:Yeah,yeah come to me.Let’s see if you are as strong as all Miscrit says or you’re as weak as what I said!

Dark Mineram charges through Glidengale and fall off the mountain.But actually,Glidengale is just a clone,of its own body.

Glidengale:Wow,that was a huge blow.
Dark Bloomane:Wait.How do you….
Fairyblossom:Actually,we’ve planned this before.Awesome plan,isn’t it?
Dark Glidengale:No,Dark Mineram!Argh,you’ll pay for messing around with me!
Dark Edison Ray:Bring,it,on.

Dark Glidengale and its team keep fighting and fighting,but seems that they are not that powerful enough.

Dark Infernus:We did it,We’ve beaten the Dark once again!
Dark Snapdragon:Awesome job guys!
Snapdragon:To the Elementum!!!!

Chapter 31:Elementum Fight

Eruptacus:Well,here it is.The huge Elementum.
Infernus:Heh,its size won’t scare me this time!
Dark Dynamellow:Yup,but I fear any of us will die.I heard a bunch of Generowl battled them,and lose,because of an instant kill move.
Dark Infernus:Uh oh,I’m scared.I’m too beautiful to die!
Demolasher:None of us will ever die!
Dark Afterburn:Let’s fight it.For Mount Gemma,for Miscria!
Earth Elementum:Huh,a pack of monster.This should be super easy.Sinkhole!

Earth Elementum spams Sinkhole,but every time it uses it,it misses.

Earth Elementum:DAMN IT!They’re almost win,I need to use my secret move.
Edison Ray:Something’s weird going on.Do you think we should back off?
Earth Elementum:IMPENERATEABLE FOCUS!Raises accuracy by 100%
Dark Edison Ray:Dark Lightning Barb!
Dark Warro:Impenerateable focus has a very high power that the Earth Elementum can’t stabilize it anymore,making it turns into dust even if you touch it because the power is so sensitive to anything especially when its uncontrollable.

Earth Elementum turned into dust

Dark Afterburn:We did it!Munk Lee,where are you?
Munk Lee:Right here.

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Chapter 32:Mystery of the Shack

Monfiki:So we finally beat the Elementum and save the day,now where are we heading next?
Mineram:Let’s go to the mudslide.But to get there we had to fight Magicite Commander first.
Munk Lee:Heh,probably an easy job for a hero like you guys!
Geotoad:Yeah,so what are we waiting for?Let’s finish this once and FOR ALL!

They went down the hill to Magicite Commander

Commander:This is the monsters that beat the Earth Elementum?Better watch out.
Hootray:Let’s just finish this…..
Dark Mineram:RRRAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saggitarion:(Interesting it still can fight even after that huge impact.)
Dark Glidengale:That’s easy.Very easy.
Panthundra:To the mudslide!

After that easy battle,the heroes went to the mudslide,where they meet a Rocklodon who wants to challenge them

Rocklodon:You destroyed the Elementum?So let’s see your power!One versus one battle,okay?And no Dark Mineram!
Dark Mineram:Aww….
Dark Afterburn:I’ll battle.
Rocklodon:Heh.Colossal Bite!
Dark Afterburn:Dark Mighty Bash!
Rocklodon:Colossal Bite!
Dark Afterburn:Dark Mighty Bash!
Rocklodon:Colossal Bite!
Dark Afterburn:Dark Mighty Bash!
Rocklodon:Colossal Bite!
Dark Afterburn:Dark Mighty Bash!

1 hour later…

Rocklodon:Colossal Bite!
Dark Afterburn:Dark Mighty Bash!
Dark Dynamellow:Can we just end this fight now….
Simbel:Don’t ask me.Ask them.
Bloomane:They will gave only two answer.Colossal Bite and Dark Mighty Bash

Dark Afterburn and Rocklodon fells on ground like a weakling

Dark Afterburn:No please,don’t eat me!Eat him,yeah.Eat him!
Rocklodon:Aah!His flesh tastes better than me.My flash is all just dried off,he’s a fire!He has a baked flesh,better than dry flesh right?!
Squalrus:Hey,I’m a walrus.Not a flesh eater.
Zephyrgeist:They’re probably gone mad and start talking nonsense.Give them a rest.
?:Not the time to rest.
Dark Infernus:Who are you?!
:Doesn’t matter who I am!Just help me,please.
Dark Coraswine:What do you mean?And what’s with da house right dere?
???:That’s why I need your help.Something mysterious is happening.
Dark Warro:Ah,now I understand.The ol’ house over there is the Shack.An adventurer once make that house his home,but I’ve heard he never gets out of the house ever again.Now its haunted by many,mysterious monster.
Dark Fairyblossom:Seems like an investigation to me!I’m in.
Fairyblossom:Me too!
Aukamotive:All of you agree?
Dark Buzzcargo:Let’s go in then!

Chapter 33:Terrifying exploration

Grastodon:What do you exactly mean?
Eroom Nosaj:Get out of here as fast as you can.One step forward is one step to your death.
Rubion:We’re not a coward!We can handle everything here,right guys?
Eroom Nosaj:Don’t regret it if you’re stuck here forever.

Dark Infernus:Man,this place is so creepy.
Infernus:I’m scared.
Dark Fairyblossom:Run?
Edison Ray:Of course…not!
Aquine:What is that sound?
Dark Grastodon:Run!
Stalagfright:The door stucks!
Aukamotive:We need to continue.
:I should reveal myself right?
Dark Bloomane:After you bring us to all this trouble,NO!
???:Okay then.

They continue exploring the shack.

Clobberilla:I heard something.
Coraswine:Like something other than us is here!
Buzzcargo:Uh oh.Doesn’t sound good.
Dark Saggitarius:RUN!
Wyndasia:ARGH,its chasing us!
Dark Geotoad:Dark Gem Smash!
Eruptacus:Its just countered it!Medustung,if you want to use your special attack,do it NOW!
Medustung:OKAY!Holds its four orbs together again and blasts it at Scarecrow Carnagion
Medustung:How it could even do that?!
Mallardon:Oh no,it just countered your attack Medustung!
Scarecrow Carnagion:RUURRGHHH….HAHAHA!

The floor and roof starts shaking,bones and dead bodies drops and hangs everywhere

Aquine:Too late!

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Chapter 34:The Grimm Keeper

Clawmurai:Slow this scarecrow thingy down!
Monfiki:Slow it down?I got an idea!Starts chanting
Saggitarion:Whatever you are saying,it sounds unintelligent.

Monfiki summons a huge rock that falls into the Scarecrow Carnagion

Geotoad:I’m sure its not dead,and I’m sure it will attack us again later.
Wyndasia:But now,we need to get out of here!
Saggitarion:Wow,this place is so…haunted.Floating chairs,table.
Wyndasia:I think I’ve found something right here.
Munk Lee:Let’s see,this is the secret of…..the fifth EVOLUTION?!
Rubion:That must be awesome!
Munk Lee:Not even awesome.We need to keep this secret from falling into the wrong hands.I wonder if the monster that we fought use this thing?
Clobberilla:I heard the power of fifth evolution is too powerful and unstable that the monster that uses it will die.
Wyndasia:(If this is the secret which will makes me more powerful,I should use this.But its too risky.)
Dark Warro:You heard something?
???:So,this is my prey for tonight.
Demolasher:Who’s that?!
Grimm Luminaire:Your death.
Dark Saggitarius:A Grimm Luminaire!
Grimm Luminaire:Now….wait.What?!
Dark Saggitarius:A…Grimm Luminaire?
Grimm Luminaire:I don’t ask you to repeat that.The pulses on my body,why its getting weaker?
Dark Thornaxis:Because you’re about to die?
Antennious:We’re not the prey,yay!
Grimm Luminaire:You may be not the prey,but that doesn’t mean I can’t attack you!
Dark Infernus:Aah!Run guys,run!
Wyndasia:Grimm Luminaire,I need your help.
Grimm Luminaire:Huh,its very rare for someone to ask help for me!Now tell me,who you want me to kill?
Wyndasia:Not kill,but this book.
Grimm Luminaire:Ah,this book.Let me see….hmm….

Chapter 35:Vampire attack

Dark Dynamellow:Umm,do that thing did want to do that,or just joking?
Simbel:Argh damn it.We stuck with something else.
Aukamotive:With what?
Willoak:If you want to get out of here,now’s the best time.
?:Haha,you guessed it right.
Infernus:Who is it this time…
Vamp Odion:You’re nightmare!
Vamp Odion:That’s right!Disappears
Dark Coraswine:Hope it doesn’t attack us!
Vamp Odion:You’re sayin’!Bites Infernus
Infernus:AARRGGHH!!!Fells on ground
Dark Infernus:No!
Vamp Odion:Don’t worry,one day a new species of vampire will starts to emerge!Disappears again
Glidengale:Simbel,get away!AAARRRGGGHHH…………
Vamp Odion:Oh,how sad it is.Love is very painful.
:You’re going to die,vampire!
Vamp Odion:Okay,who’s talkin’ there?!
???:How dumb you are.Super Billowing Bash!No,that’s old.Crushing Wind!
Vamp Odion:Impossible,I’ve never heard of that move before!
Zephyrgeist:Who are you?
Wyndasia:This is me guys.Remember the fifth evolution book?
Munk Lee:You don’t say you use that book!
Grimm Luminaire:Oh how silly you are!I’ll tell you what happen.

Wyndasia:I’m very weak.If I harness the power of the fifth evolution,I will not be as weak as before!
Grimm Luminaire:Weak is NOT the reason to use the fifth evolution book.There’s only two answer.Tell me,will you use the power to help people or to destroy everything?
Wyndasia:To help people of course!
Grimm Luminaire:Everyone answers like that.Do you understand the TRUE meaning of it?
Wyndasia:What do you mean?
Grimm Luminaire:Find the meaning,and the power will be yours.
Wyndasia:True meaning…true meaning…true meaning…Wait.Do you mean…
Grimm Luminaire:Yes.
Wyndasia:Hmm….okay.I’ll try.
Grimm Luminaire:You’re….you’re harnessing the power!
Wyndasia:Here goes nothing,AAAHHH!!!!!
Grimm Luminaire:What happening?
Wyndasia:Nothing.Nothing happened.
Grimm Luminaire:Laughs
Wyndasia:You’re trying to fool me?!
Grimm Luminaire:Haha,no.Do you think there’s such a thing as FIFTH evolution?Hah,that doesn’t even exist!Now tell me,do you feel anything?
Wyndasia:You fool me,and now you’re asking if I’m FEELING ANYTHING?!
Grimm Luminaire:Silly beings.Come on,attack me!
Grimm Luminaire:I think this is more powerful than you ever expected right?
Wyndasia:Yes,and much more different too.I feel like,more powerful than before!
Grimm Luminaire:And some new cool moves too.

Grimm Luminaire:And that’s how it becomes more powerful.

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Chapter 36:Fall of the Scarecrows

Dark Snapdragon:Will they be okay?
Vamp Odion:As far as I can tell,the only way of curing them from becoming a vampire forever is to find the cure.
Demolasher:Cure?What cure?
Wyndasia:I think the cure can be found on the attic,but I doubt Scarecrow Carnagion will be waiting there.
Dark Saggitarius:Why it waits there?And how do you know all this?
Wyndasia:Knowledge,and from Grimm Luminaire.
Grimm Luminaire:Yes.The attic is where Scarecrow Carnagion lives,much more like their ‘nests.’And we only have two hours to get the cure.And another thing,COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE!

Pirate Convincer and Boo Minotorch appears

Pirate Convincer:Arr,how do ye find out we were there all teh whole time?
Grimm Luminaire:Huh,magic and energy.
Boo Minotorch:Anyway,do I look creepy?
Saggitarius:No,you look adorable.
Boo Minotorch:Boooo….
Dark Thornaxis:Are you Booooing yourself?
Dark Clawmurai:We don’t have much time for joking.We need to find the cure quick before we lose our warriors!
Anublaze:Let’s go then.

They all made their way to the attic,where many Scarecrow Carnagions are ready to attack them

Scarecrow Carnagion:Blah,berg rull arh ack ofr naw.
Dark Infernus:You guys understand a thing that it says?
Scarecrow Carnagion:RRAARRGGHH!!!
Eruptacus:Uh oh,looks like they are going to attack.Liquid Magma!
Dark Infernus:Dark Wicked Flames!
Grimm Luminaire:I have a better idea,evolves.Dark Lightning Barb!
Scarecrow Carnagion:ARGH,SUPER SCARECROW CARNAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grimm Luminaire:Now Wyndasia!
Wyndasia:Crushing Wind!
Aquine:Rip tide!
Dark Mineram:HEADBASHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dark Edison Ray:Dark Lightning Barb!

All the Scarecrow Carnagion is defeated

Dark Bloomane:We did it!
Bloomane:Where’s the cure?
Vamp Odion:Right there!

They quickly take the cure

Medustung:Let’s take this to the guys!

All of them made it downstairs

Panthundra:Here,take this…
Infernus:Ahh,thanks guys.
Glidengale:I think you guys is being followed
Munk Lee:Another Scarecrow?
Demolasher:Let’s demolish them up!Get it?Demolish?Because I’m a Demolasher that’s going to demolish them?Nevermind
Scarecrow Carnagion:Wait,I’m not here to battle.I’m here to help you guys.
Rubion:Should we take him?
Antennious:I don’t know…
Pirate Convincer:Arr,we need to take him comrades.
Dark Warro:And let it destroy us again?
Scarecrow Carnagion:Please….
Dark Grastodon:Let’s just take him with us…

Chapter 37:A nightmare escape

Dark Buzzcargo:We done our job.Let’s get out of here…
???:Who says.You don’t even recruit me yet!
Edison Ray:A….Rocker Dischord.
Rocker Dischord:That’s right,I want to join you NOW!
Buzzcargo:Woah,calm down kiddo.Okay you can come.
Hootray:Now let’s get out of here quick!
Mallardon:Uh oh,we’ve been surrounded.
Coraswine:By what?
Mallardon:By a lot of DARK ROCKLODON!
Dark Rocklodon:That’s right,you’ll be our next food!
Wyndasia:Huh,you think we’re that easy to beat?Crushing Wind!
Dark Rocklodon:Guys,dodge!All of them dodge the attack

Dark Rocklodons chases them up

Aukamotive:Coal Fire!
Dark Warro:Dark Saguaro Strike!
Dark Rocklodon:Dodges
Geotoad:We can’t slow them down,keep running!!!!!!!!!
Dark Rocklodon:You can run,but you can’t hide!
?:Dark Mighty Bash!
:Colossal Bite!
Dark Rocklodon:What?NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Dark Afterburn:That teaches you to never messes up with us!
Dark Geotoad:How do you get here?
Rocklodon:You know….bashing and crushing…
Dark Afterburn:Yup,he’s right.
Simbel:So should we take one of them as our team?
Dark Rocklodon:Team up with you?TEAM UP WITH YOU?No way,ATTACK THEM GUYS!
Dark Geotoad:Dark Gem Smash
Antennious:Leech Drain
Dark Aquine:Dark Rip Tide
Dark Rocklodon:NOOOOO!!!!Please,we’ll join you….
Dark Afterburn:We want only one of you
Dark Rocklodon:Me…take me.
Wiquill:Okay then.Let’s get out of here guys.

Chapter 38:News of Firebrawl

Glidengale:I have a faster way.Lets TELEPORT!
Dark Glidengale:Let me help you!

They all successfully teleported to their house at the village at a speed of light

Rocklodon:Wow,that was fast.
?:I think I have not spoke for ages.
Grimm Luminaire:You are a Troglobrute.No need to explain it again
Subterhuge:Anyway,time to rest!
:Not the time to rest!
Troglobrute:What?Who are you guys?
Rocklodon:Another Eruptacus and Snapdragon?!
Snapdragon:Greetings.And congratulations,you guys are way more stronger than before.
Eruptacus:And we have some news about your friend,Firebrawl,or should I say,Afterburn.
Fairyblossom:It’s a Afterburn now?Awesome!
Snapdragon:We suspect something bad is going to happen in Sunfall Shores.
Coraswine:What do you mean?
Eruptacus:The Elementum there is not a regular Elementum.In fact,it is the most powerful Elementum in Miscria.
Dark Infernus:We just got back from Mt Gemma,and you want us to battle again?
Squalrus:She’s right,give us a rest.
Snapdragon:Okay then.

Snapdragon and Eruptacus disappears

Hootray:Who are they?Explain to us everything please.
Dark Afterburn:Sigh,okay then.Tells everything

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Chapter 39:Sunfall Shores Traces

Dark Dynamellow:So,that’s what happened to your friend?
Dark Thornaxis:That was so….sad
Squalrus:Okay,enough.We need to head to Sunfall Shores now
All:Yeah yeah….
Dark Infernus:But I see a mansion right there.
Dark Clawmurai:Should we head there….or head to SS?
Clobberilla:I say we head to SS.There’s something much more important to do than wasting our time on the ol’ mansion.
Clawmurai:But there must be some powerful monster there.
Willoak:Yes,but we can do that later.For now,we need to search Afterburn and defeat the Elementum.
Dark Infernus:But I really want to go to the mansion!
Willoak:Okay,okay.Up to you guys to go to the Mansion,or follow me to SS.
Edison Ray:You guys agree?
Dark Aquine:We’ll meet back here when we’ve done our business.
Antennious:Good luck guys…we’ll be back
Grimm Luminaire:Good luck.

They all follow a separate path.Nearly half of them go to the mansion while others went to SS to find their old friend,Afterburn

Boo Minotorch:Sigh,here it is.Sunfall Shores
Snapdragon:Doesn’t look too interesting.Let’s just beat the Magicite,find some rares and defeat the Elementum.
Rocklodon:But I sense something is wrong here.
Eruptacus:What do you mean exactly?
Rocklodon:There’s no sign of Magicite anywhere.
Ongabonga:And no sign of rare Miscrits too.
Troglobrute:You think there’s some sort of ‘activity’ here?
Wiquill:Since there’s no sign of rare Miscrit and Magicite anywhere,there’s only one possible thing that happens here,AFTERBURN.He probably team up with some rare monster and defeat the Magicites.
Dark Afterburn:Hey,what’s sparkling over there?
Infernus:Its a….lil’ Sparkspeck.With a Glitterglint.You understand this guys?
Hootray:A question…the Glitterglint looks like disappearing…
Dark Clawmurai:If its really disappearing,we should take care of the Sparkspeck right?
Coraswine:Do we really want to let it die?Of course yes!
Rocklodon:The fastest among us should take this Sparkspeck to our home…

Everyone stares at Glidengale again

Geotoad:Let me guess…he run away,again.
Infernus:Where’s the Sparkspeck?!
Glidengale:I know you guys would choose me…
Buzzcargo:And you send it home?
Rocklodon:We don’t have much time to waste here,we need to track Afterburn quick!

Chapter 40:Overlord Battle


Quarriock:So yer sayin’ yer wanna beat da Overlord up?
Afterburn:Of course yes!
Derelicro:And we need your help,seriously.
Quarriock:Wanna find da Snorkels?It likes to play hide n seek
???:So,you still wanna beat the Overlord?
Quarriock:Of course not!Dat thing was completely crazy and hard to beat
Thornaxis:Just come with us and we’ll change this world together.
Astranap:You are a Leviafin?
Leviafin:Greetings,I heard you want to beat the Overlord up.
Quarriock:If yer still want me to join yer team,NO!
Leviafin:You don’t have much choices.
Quarriock:What are yer goin’ to do?
Leviafin:What if I tell you my tail can destroy rocks…Smashes a big rock into pieces
Quarriock:Uh okay,dat was powerful.BUT PLEASE don’t kill me!I’ll go with yer!
Leviafin:Good.Let’s move on guys.

All of them went to the Overlord

Overlord:Ah,another prey.This should be easy.Believe it or not,I could just kill you with a hand.
Afterburn:Less talking,more fighting
Thornaxis:No way!
Overlord:Awful.Dark Rip Tide!
Overlord:Looks like you need more…pain.DEMOLISH!
Overlord:Huh,that is weak.DEMOLISH!

Demolish damages all of them very badly.

Afterburn:No…this can’t be…
Overlord:Time to finish this.Any last words?
Rybble:Uh yeah.Look back.
Nessilisk:Tidal Wave!
Overlord:What a lil’ pinch.
Quarriock:Rattle Rock!
Leviafin:Fin Wave!
Gazareal:Aerial Strike!
Afterburn:Mighty Bash!
Overlord:What the…ARGH!Disappears


Snapdragon:Hear anything guys?
Rocklodon:It’s coming from…there!
Glidengale:Afterburn must be nearby!
Dark Clawmurai:Move on guys,quick!

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Chapter 41:Elementum Confrontation

Quarriock:Da Warro is right ovar there!
Rybble:Over the Elementum?Better get away…
Leviafin:NOBODY will get away.This will be our greatest moment ever!
Afterburn:Ahh…finally a worthy opponent to fight.
Nessilisk:Here guys…I have some warning and advice…and something.
Derelicro:About what?
Nessilisk:Come here.I heard the Elementum has a fearsome move but I’m not sure what it is.
Astranap:And I heard of another move that kills everything in sight.
Flameow:Wah!Its far too risky and dangerous to fight it!
Nessilisk:And Afterburn…
Afterburn:What?Watch out for him?My attack can’t hit him because its a wind?
Nessilisk:You need to go to the Warro while we hold back the Elementum.
Afterburn:WHAT?No,WE’LL defeat the Elementum together.
Praesul:Sounds like a good plan.
Afterburn:WAH!What’s that?
Orcatide:RUN FOR YOUR LIVE!!!!!!!!
Leviafin:What’s happening?Why they do that?
Gazareal:I suspect this has something to do with the Elementum…
Excavior:Let’s go battle then.

All of them went to the Elementum

Hop-Chi:Looks like it made an ‘army’…
Choy Choy:Huh.Photosynth,and Wallop!
Leviafin:Leave it to me guys.Fin wave.

Fin Wave almost KO all the Dark Cheetorch

Leviafin:Almost there.Afterburn,NOW!
Afterburn:Mighty Bash!
Dark Cheetorch:NO NO NO ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quarriock:Its defense are down,take it down!
Wind Elementum:URGH,WIND DOWN!
Afterburn:A poison move!Mighty…
Wind Elementum:RELENTLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Derelicro:What was that?!
Leviafin:Damn,we’re not powerful enough to destroy it,we need more help!
?:Whale Whammy!
:Flamingo Fury!
?:Dark Mighty Bash!
:Colossal Bite!
?:Needle Rifle!
Snapdragon:Heh,its been a long time.
:Allow me to finish this ‘creepers’.Saguaro Strike!
Wind Elementum:Huh.En…
Astranap:Fast guys!Its the kill…
Dark Aquine:Yeah yeah we got it…Dark Rip Tide!
Ongabonga:Flower Power!
Glidengale:Toxic Puff!
Dark Afterburn:Dark Mighty Bash!
Afterburn:Mighty Bash!
Infernus:Wicked Flame!
Geotoad:Gem Smash!
Wind Elementum:NO,ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!Disappears
Rocklodon:Yeah,we did it!
Infernus:We saved the world again!

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Chapter 42:The big information

Dark Aquine:Who are you?!
Warro:I’m the one who you are looking for.
Geotoad:Yeah yeah,the wise Warro.And what do you mean by the one you looking for?
Warro:As you know Apollo Nox has summoned Elementum to drain the power of all monster.You know why?
Afterburn:So every monster will die and he will rule the world?
Warro:Almost correct.The Elementum is one of Apollo Nox ‘power source.’
Astranap:What?!What do you mean?
Warro:Nox feeds on the power that the Elementum drain.The more power the Elementum drain,the more powerful he become.
Infernus:But what if we destroy the Elementum?
Warro:You stop Nox from becoming more powerful.However,the power he absorbs is permanent.As for now,you defeat three of the Elementum right?
Glidengale:Now I understand.Six Elementum means he gain power six time faster but when there’s only three Elementum left we slowed him down!
Afterburn:And we let him do that for all the whole time?!
Warro:Seems to be yes.
Quarriock:So our quest now is to eliminate all da Elementum so Apollo Nox won’t become any stronger!
Warro:If you think you only need to defeat all of the Elementum but not Nox,your answer is completely WRONG!
Leviafin:Wait,why?Aren’t if we defeat them Apollo Nox won’t be getting any stronger?
Warro:He could create more and more dark leaving the world in chaos!
Praesul:Uh oh…doesn’t sound good.
Warro:That’s all I can tell you,for now.Your quest here is done.I mean your quest here in Sunfall Kingdom is done.
Flameow:Wait,what do you mean?
Warro:Leave Sunfall Kingdom and venture to Volcano Island next.
Afterburn:But none of us could swim!
Coraswine:Ask Mallardon for help,maybe?
Warro:I know someone who could swim.Come out now.
Hydroslam:I know you will ask that.Meet at the dock.
Ongabonga:But there’s some of us who is still at Mansion!
Hydroslam:Fear not.I asked one of your friend to wait at the dock.
Afterburn:They are there?Awesome!
Warro:Not the time to be happy.Now,go!