[Mud and Blood 2] Annoying! Really annoying stuffs!

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1st WESPE (devastated your defences but if take care if it fast enough, it will be a free xp, cause its low fire rate and also chance of getting dust round is really high!) Go in to blitz is deadly but only thanks to GOD you know how to put mine, your men is high away, your tanks are good, your ATs are smart and your zooks can kamikaze cause i know he gonna shot smt and will be blown to pieces but mostly no body of you survive this (exception of german changed their tatics or random artillery caller)

2nd Brandenbourgs dudes ( they are chocolate color dudes) they go out from rear screen and something they are like sniper with semi-automatic scout ran in you.

3rd Zundapp (the hottest vehicle that attract all of you men included AT, tanks, medic, frenchies and even Chuck norris like to take it down) In the way to Hell, it gave us : Your bunker blown up, your tanks shoot itself and OPs spam nades devastated your guys, medic falled back, engie got a headshot from nowhere, officer shot off and start to be pin and die!

4th: Volkstrum (you think they are not good) no they aren’t they are not that bad, their rifle skills in way 25 on are like snipers and killed off your guys with multiple shots in the head.

5th: German recon : Rendering your cam net, POOF, artillery boom at your area, poof air signal and again again THE ENEMIES AIRPLANE NEVER, EVER MISSED YOUR OFFICER after wave 25, no more or less even in the pillbox they still 100% direct hit (this is confirmed by me, he always died like that, direct hit in the middle of the bomb crater)

6th: The guy was born to be CQC, i don’t remember, with the bright brown color. He got the G46 i think or watever, they hit us unexpectedly accurate, from 9 to beyond they can shoot your guys dead of 70% ACC of pistol range (Confirmed by me, put up your men near him, he can gets headshots from all of them)

7th: Change terrain: OH looks no more enemies, I also finsihed this wave, hooray, let’s go, (you left 6 enemies behind) FUUUUUUUUUUUU! Don’t worry, let go again, no guys on the map, sniper spot no man, let go, You left 3 enemies behind( you go up when the next wave comes) FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!
Don’t worry let go, 2 men left Sniper and your officer dude, officer went up but ah ha, wait sniper, sniper almost passed with 2 guys appear, woooh, pawn, 1 down, pawn 2 down, let go, wait, 4 guys appear, 4 deaths, wait, 6 more appear, wait, 6 deaths. Your sniper is skilled , if not, you are dead, cause, after more and more dudes came and you will never can overcame them with a dude of slow bow-action long aiming gun. SPECS ops can do the job better (nevermind but this is wat usually happens)

8th : Smart Zook, they like to shoot crates

9th: German snipers : go in blitz, deadly, but few CAS can handle. But if you don;t have these units to handly (Your snipers, Watch stand, Siger and tp, you are dead)

10th: Low morale, PFF! no need to talk

11th: Your idiotic

12th: Randomness

13th: Fatality

14th: Patch 2.2.7c downloadable from URBz Mud and Blood 2, A solider with a greenade can kills a tank like TIGERS, Any kind!

15th: Your partner and the person next to you like my whole … ARGGGGG (always speak to much make me,… damn it)

16th: Smart Mortar

17th: Medic in the new patch is super slow healing (SKILLS: 1-11 maximum, when go to next rank, same skills and heal rate)

18th: Smart gunner

19th:Not actually a bug but when a crate fall into a corner when you open it it said free solider but actually they never come out of the corner

20th: BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, flankers SUPER ANNOYING< with the radius of explosion ridiculously random ( 88 flanked you) pawn, the guy next to explosion (rookie) survived when the high rankeds around died even though they are all heroism. 88, extremely accurate with same radius of explosion, you halftrack cannot died from a hit like the PAK 38 did but the dude far away of 6m died.

IF you need more or add more, BELOWWW!

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In the 5th one: I want to note that the officer is in the pillbox so he cannot die but the bomb crater is always the place he is standing

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Most of your information is incorrect.. because Volksstrum never have over 15 Rifle Skill, Brandenburgs wear Tan uniforms and carry MG’s. (Machine Guns) Also, when you move up. The non-noobish thing to do is leave right AFTER you kill everyone/everything on your current battlefield. (I mean enemies not yourselves _) Also, the WESPE can easily be destroyed with a Concentrate Fire and a few Bazooka’s. If you’re afraid of your Bazooka’s being stupid. Just use Combat Leadership over and over. If you can’t handle Mud and Blood 2, remember the Urbz tip is: “This game will not treat you fairly.” :P

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Did I ever said this game is unfair or anything like that, so you statement of “This game will not treat you fairly” We all know it!( annoying is different from fair or unfair or watsoever)

Volkstrum 2nd: Why? did i said they are good, Look again. (not bad doesn’t mean they are good) They shot you really accurate if you let them concentrate a while or Blitz , they can hurt you a bit or more less kill some one, Like my AAA gunner was taken down by the Blitz (lucky shot)

WESPE, even if we destroy it, it still devastated with it heavy bomb it dropped from the time you aim at it.

Brandenburgs, i admit the uniform but it is the same with the chocolate i eat and also i have never said anything about MG, can you understand the English expression of “something is like….”

E hem, have i said kill anyone (the answer is yes, but my sniper is slow aiming and go slow) And when he tried to move up, they start pops up. Also, have i mentioned my game or your game!

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Here is a tip Sabie. Put your snipers next to your officers. Your officers will automatically cast an increased aiming and firing rate of your snipers and any troops next to the officer. Keep your officer well guarded, which is why you carry multiple Snipers. Volksstrum get luck by the way. They have horrible aim, your signaller has an average of 9 rifle skill with no ribbons. And it still can hit people. WESPE’s you do not need bombs. A Tank can easily destroy it. If you want EXACT Results. Get Paratroopers, equip one of your paratroopers with the Sox Bomb (Yes Sox Bomb, made of one sock, grease and Dynamite). They can render tanks useless. So the WESPE won’t last. Also, the Bazooka can take him out with high experience with Sarge/ Officer next to the Bazooka.

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well if you give me 12 tps and 3tps after i will! or ribbon! Of course i do!

Have i said i need a tip? Of course i don’t cause it is obvious, plZZZZ i said plzzzzzzz! understand what i wrote cause i see what you thought is completely misunderstand or somehow mistrack!

Tank! You hope a tank with 9 rifle skill can kill it right when it appears or you wish for luck? (Luck of course, this game is random)

Lucky shot of VOLKSTRUM i have already mentioned it! Dont repeat!

Bomb, bomb is the thing it gave us (from WESPE) i am not stupid to call a bomb to drop at my squad!

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I see what you’re trying to get at. But i’m just saying. You’re not gonna be happy when you see a German Nerbelwerfer.

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One thing I found that’s odd, is the person right beside the explosion only loses 2 life but the person a little further away dies from 100 life to -300, this has happened around five or eight times to me.

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@Bronze: true story, that what i wrote in there!

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Lmao. Bronze, I got my Sarge Heroism and he was shot with a sniper. -2 damage off of the original 200. Then a Waffen SS devastates him with his MP40 XD

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@Cloaked again! How many time i have to tell you to follow the line, We are talking about random radius of explosion and you start off with mp40

(It fits with title but not the conversation with Bronze)

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Actually, I didn’t start off with the MP40, because it’s in the last part of my post. Also, the Waffen SS usually take your troops out in a few shots. So reciving only 2 damage from one shot is a small accomplishment.

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God damn it Cloaked, explosions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Actually. The Topic is Really Annoying Stuff so… I think I completed that task.

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JESUS! IF you are talking with Bronze about Explosion so why don’t you do that and start off with Mp40 that is one!!
ok are you talking to comment on this topic about annoying or Mp40 or explosions or **** or anything just say it from the beginning: I want to show you guys or tell you guys …. (from that keep going, i happily accept it) not just

Bronze : Explosions
Me: Agreed explosions
you: Join the conversation by by @Bonze and talk about MP40 (what the???)

Actually, i did that sometimes So now i will always use the “I would like to share that…..” or “Hey, somebody, i think your comment….”

So could you do the same please, i will just messed up my topic with quarrel that what i don’t want to do, secondly people will say my topic is shi* and thirdly people will think i am crazy

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Sigh. You don’t get the action of transition but it’s okay. Just calm down and drop the topic because you’re only hurting yourself.

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Thanks, i was really to get angry easy, that why i never marry ,(24 now) still not like it, let drop this topic, who wants it keep filling it!

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Okay, onto a new topic. I had a Mobile Artillery Blitz last game on wave 79 with a 30 wave counter set back (got two detailed orders) I was obliterated, my Half Track destroyed, my Triple A gun was destroyed as well and we just sat there as the Nebelwerfers made lag and killed each other haha. I did get the Air Defense ribbon making anymore more Triple A’s 5% more lethal.

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What the, call CAS to kill few guys got that!

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CAS takes forever to call in. AAA Guns can fire at ground and air targets without the use of a Signaller, it saves room and TP (Ranger training for me) as well as less people for the enemy to try and kill. Triple A Guns with the Air Defense Badge can destroy light vehicles and the dreaded SKDFZ’s which spawn regularly after wave 100.

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Well, AAA is immobilised,
2nd : 300 hp
3rd: the gunner is totally exposed to the enemies, a Steilhandgranate can kills the guy for 7m away
4th: wait for 20tps
5th: deal sh*t with tanks
6th: infantry killer (enemies and friendly)
7th: crates destroyer
9th: Master FF
10th: extreme bad acc (not for GIs but for the shooting down plane part, if the guy has 3 rifle the chance of him shoot down a plane is 30%)

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… Number Ten isn’t correct. Because only Triple A guns can shoot down airplanes. And also. thats why you keep your troops back a bit so your Triple A provides slight Anti-Personnel and Anti-Tank sorties. And the gunner isn’t that exposed it’s behind a metal wall if you look at the platform he’s standing on. And if you hit directly on any vehicle with an explosion it will blow that vehicle up. And getting crates isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes it can save you if it’s detailed orders. :P

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Well duh, he compare to a half-track, the driver is behind a tone of metal and a greenade can kills both of the driver, now this dude gets the view of the sky, can he die by that, oh yes, when german changes tactics, a bunch of dudes with greenades come out and spam on him!

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I reply to you this cause the game is so annoying when it comes to epicness
I will never play this game again,
Tiger shot : right next to sherman, sherman did not die or loss armor but sherman shot at the same place, tiger dead (wtf)
Sherman shot again, the panzer II shot , both die (wat)
Pak shot bunker ( at the top rear, bunker busted, (but rear cannot rip off gunner so he lose hp) headshot -299
At shot: pak dead, a freaking brandenbourg appear right next, at shot again and kill it self and injure the dude, and he keeps spray death god at officials below and make everybody ran away.
wave 34: no at unit yet: Goliath blitz, and then wafen-ss blitz and after few waves Blitzkrieg ( Wow, what happens next?)
These are my epic moment: Also included officer 60 rifle sniper semi-automatic, got a headshot wat : do my germans enemy are headshoter.
Why are all of my men died by a headshot? Why?? Nobody got injured and Always ended up a headshot (if 200hp got disabled, call for medic? nah i don’t think so, a waste of TPs on an already dead guy, the medic comes out died , headshot of course, the dude still scream, another medic comes out, made it to him and a goliath finish them both)

Also, sniper is a stupid, they said
OFFICER > Volkstrum
But i see
OFFICER < Volkstrum with my sniper cause whenever Volkstrum comes out , my sniper dudes aimed at him while 3 others ger officers next to the volk

At gun, ho ho ho ho, FF is turned on

Gunner, a perfect solider but too stupid to deploy his gun

Standard solider, AVERage at everything, well is the best combat solider

Frenchies, wow, they are pretty good.


other thing not included mis 2-6

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To fix what you said. Standard Soldiers aren’t as good as Spec Ops. They can last much longer and deaths do not affect their morale. They will not retreat under any circumstance.